20 Days *1 Day Left*

"You want me. Every inch of your body wants me," he hissed, "You want me to touch you. You want me to fuck you". "You have twenty days left, Styles," I whispered looking at his delicious lips. "But you don't", he smirked and pushed me to his bed.


5. The Countdown Begins Part Two

“The dinner was amazing!” I told Louis and Niall. “Definitely better than any restaurant out here!” Who would have thought that they could cook so well? Not me.

“Now hurry to your bed,” Louis said. “Harry doesn’t like people roaming around the house without any reason after dinner.”

“There are many things Harry doesn’t like,” I commented to Louis and Niall, which made them chuckle.

“You’re right about that, Kei,” Louis snickered. I went to my room. This place was the only place that made me feel safe in this entire house. But the room adjacent to it was the room that made me feel the most unsafe in this entire world.

“Okay!” I exclaimed. “Time to sleep!”

I quickly changed into my vest and shorts. I never had a set of PJ’s. It was too girly for me. When I was combing my hair near the closet, I felt two hands grab my waist from behind.

“Who-”, I began. I was cut short by turning around and looking into those cold deadly yet alluring and seductive green eyes.

“Harry?” I breathed. “What are you doing here?”

Without a word he pressed me up against the wall and slid his delicious chocolate tasting tongue inside. His entire body was pressed up against mine. I could feel his body jostling towards mine. He grabbed my head with one hand to bring my face closer to his, like they could get any closer. The other hand went up inside my vest towards my breast. With one quick movement, he unlatched my bra and I felt his hand on my bare skin. His hand squeezing and massaging a very sensitive spot on my body.

But that wasn’t the problem. The problem was.  

When his tongue went inside my mouth, my tongue fought hard against it. Sucking and almost biting his. When his body was pressed up against mine, my legs went around his waist. Pushing myself hard against him, so I could feel more of him. When he grabbed my head to bring it closer, my hand was already around his neck and I was bringing him closer. Trying to close of any distance between us. When he unlatched my bra and his hands started squeezing my breast, I adjusted myself so that he could do it better. I moaned in delight.

I wanted him.

He made me lie down on the bed and pulled out the vest over my head. His lips found a better place to kiss. Or should I say suck. He started kissing and sucking my right breast. I moaned in this newfound pleasure. He licked my collarbone, almost biting it like a vampire. He pulled down my shorts along with my panties. He came back to kissing my breasts, then my stomach. I could hear his hungry grunts craving for more.

Then I remembered. Twenty days.

“Please stop,” I said softly.

“I don’t want to,” he growled.

“You have twenty days, Harry.”

He stopped. He looked over at the clock. It was 12:15. “Fuck!” He got up and looked over at me.

“You are really into me, Kina,” he smirked.

“I’m not!” I yelled as he shut the door. “And it’s Keira!”

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