20 Days *1 Day Left*

"You want me. Every inch of your body wants me," he hissed, "You want me to touch you. You want me to fuck you". "You have twenty days left, Styles," I whispered looking at his delicious lips. "But you don't", he smirked and pushed me to his bed.


2. The Bet

“Keira,” Tanya grumbled for the last time. “At least pretend that you’re having fun.”

We were at a club, Club Addikted, and I was bored. Tanya dragged me here so she could do guy-picking, which is find a hot guy and you-know-the-rest. I wasn’t the least bit interested. I was tired. Bored. Everyone looked the same. Everyone danced. Everyone made out. It was so monotonous.

“This is the best pretending act I have ever done,” I grumbled back.

“Just go and have a drink,” she said. “It’ll loosen you up.”

“I don’t want to lose my v-card to a sweaty stranger,” I retorted. “No drinks for me.”

“You are the most annoying guy-picking partner ever,” she whined.

“Thank you,” I rolled my eyes. She noticed a hot guy somewhere and she started to hyper-ventilate.

“Oh My God! That guy is HOT! Be right back!” She winked.

I waited for what felt like thirty minutes for Tanya, when I heard a girl shriek, “One Direction!”

What the hell? That stupid band is here? I picked up my purse and thought of ditching Tanya. She coul get a ride home. To whose ever home she may go to. I just need to go back to my home. I mean, hotel.


“I’m sorry!” a girl exclaimed. She just spilled her drink over me. My blue dress became green in the middle. Drat! I went to search for a bathroom, where I could lessen the damage of this dress.

I tried to open the door of the bathroom, but it was locked from the inside. I knocked. No sound. Then, I heard the sound of the door opening. I raise my heads to see Harry Styles standing there.

“Couldn’t you have said that you were in there when I knocked?” I asked. That’s what everyone does. He smirked.

“Are you mute?” I asked, my voice rising.

“You think I’m mute?” he asked back. His voice was husky yet rich, was smoky yet clear and definitely accented. “I sing for a living.”

“Apparently that’s not the only thing you do,” I retorted. Everyone knows about his womanizing tendencies. “Or do you not know yourself?”

“I do know myself. I know myself very well, for that matter.”

“Oh really? I find that hard to believe considering your reputation.”

“My reputation?” he smirked.

“You’re well known, or have you forgotten that?”

“So… this is one of those acts that girls play to act that they hate the star, when they secretly want to get into bed with them. Am I right?” he said changing the topic.

Was he crazy? I hated that band. It’s a stupid sugar-coated pop boy group. It’s not even worth considering a band.

“Right on target, aren’t I?” he smirked again, tilting his head.

“Don’t flatter yourself,” I said flatly. “I wouldn’t sleep with you, even if you paid me. I would rather pay you so I didn’t have to sleep with you.”

“I never mentioned you sleeping with me,” he said in his deep voice. “But it seems that’s what you intend to do.”

“As if. Like I said-”

“Let me make it easier, I’ll sleep with you. No worries!” he smirked showing a bit of his teeth.

“Apparently, I don’t want to. I wouldn’t ever want to. You know why? Because you’re disgusting,” I snapped. “Don’t make me look desperate, ’cause I’m not.”

“So that means I’m desperate?” he asked his eyebrows raising up in surprise.

“Isn’t that obvious?” I asked back. “I bet you can’t live without sex for a month. Nope, I bet you can’t even live without sex for twenty days.”

He smirked, “Of course I can.”

“Who are you trying to kid?" I asked.

"No one," he said. "I simply accepted your challenge. I won't sleep with anyone for twenty days."

His statement shocked me. That wasn't even a challenge. But I decided to play along. 

"Who's going to keep a check on that?" I asked. "Everybody will lie for you."

"But you won't," he smirked. "You're going to keep a check on that."


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