20 Days *1 Day Left*

"You want me. Every inch of your body wants me," he hissed, "You want me to touch you. You want me to fuck you". "You have twenty days left, Styles," I whispered looking at his delicious lips. "But you don't", he smirked and pushed me to his bed.


7. Day Two: The Smirk

It had been six hours since that kiss, but my lips were still tingling. My heart was still beating rapidly. And my body was still craving for more. Just two hours left before Harry took me to some stupid party. I really didn’t want to go. But I needed the money. I was in my room and I didn’t know what the guys were up to. But I knew Harry was in his room. He rarely ever left his room ever since I got here. Has he always been like this? My lips were dry and my tongue automatically licked my lips. I could still taste that kiss. I could still taste his tongue. His delicious tongue.

“Why are you kissing me again?” I panted taking my lips away from his. He smirked and put his lips back on mine, his tongue inside my mouth exploring everything inside. He locked the door behind me and raised me up, taking me to the chair he was sitting. His hand sliding down to my butt as he pulled it towards him.

“Harry,” I panted. “Why are you doing this?”

He smirked again. He had no reason to tell me.

He pulled down my jeans faster than I have ever done.

“What are you going to do, Harry?” I whispered.

Knock Knock

“Harry, are you in there?” Niall asked in his Irish accent. “Come out now. Time’s up! Simon will be furious.”

Immediately he let me go. I pulled up my pants, smoothed my hair and prepared for some serious questioning by Niall.

Harry looked at me and smirked. Sweet Jesus, I am going to tear that smirk from his face one day! He opened the door and Niall welcomed himself in.

“Hey, Kei,” he beamed, “What are you doing here?” How do I answer Niall? What do I say?

“I was here-,” I began.

“-to check up on me. You know, how I become after a photo-shoot, don’t you Niall?” Harry said.

Niall shuddered, “Don’t remind me!”

He walked out the door with Niall, but looked back at me to give me a smirk that I was beginning to hate.

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