20 Days *1 Day Left*

"You want me. Every inch of your body wants me," he hissed, "You want me to touch you. You want me to fuck you". "You have twenty days left, Styles," I whispered looking at his delicious lips. "But you don't", he smirked and pushed me to his bed.


11. Day Eight: Niall's Kiss

It’s been three days since I’ve been camping out in my library. I couldn’t go back to One Direction’s house. I couldn’t go back there. Never. Harry Styles was hell bent on making me lose. Did he want to win so bad? Why would he want to win anyway? What could he possibly want to do with me? Apart from sex, that is. It was dark outside and raining heavily like a sack of potatoes being thrown towards the ground, and here I was inside the huge library that my grandparents left me, burning the midnight oil. Literally.

Knock knock

I turned my head towards the door and saw a blond haired guy. Niall, I recognized. I walked towards the glass door and opened it for him. He was completely wet. I could see his skin through his wet and see-through white shirt.

“Why are you here?” I asked him as I let him enter and walk over to the warmest place (the place of the midnight oil, as I started to call it)

“Why are you here?” he questioned back. He was angry and worried for me I could see that from his face and feel the hidden anger and worry in his voice. “And why haven’t you come back? It’s been three days! You know that it’s not safe for a girl to be out alone! That too in a library! What would have happened if someone tried to do something to you? Don’t you care about your life?” His voice was rising. He was becoming angrier and agitated than worried about me.

He let out a sigh, and took my hand to place my palm over his heart. The soft wet touch of his shirt and the softness of his torso made me shiver. I could feel the soft, but yet fast and fascinating thudding of his heart. My gaze fell on my palm and the body it was touching. He may be known as ‘The Kid’ of One Direction, but right now I wasn’t viewing him as a kid. Right now he was a man in my eyes.

“Can you feel it?” he rasped. “Can you feel my worry?”

I nodded and looked into his eyes. His eyes were already pleading me to come back to live with them.

“Niall, I ca-” I began but he placed his lips on mine. His kiss wasn’t like Harry. It was nothing like Harry. It was calm and in control. But it made me feel loved and not like some stupid prostitute that Harry made me feel.

He slid in his tongue in front of my lips, as if asking me for permission. When I flicked my tongue at his, he considered ‘permission granted’. I could feel the smile on his face. He picked me up and made me sit on the desk beside the midnight oil. His kiss was unsure, not because he was inexperienced. But because he wanted to know if I was comfortable. Which I completely was. He brought me closer to him, his palm against my cheek and the other palm on my back, tracing my spine. I shuddered.

His body was soft, but covered me entirely. His heartbeat rapidly out-of-control now. I clutched his shirt and put my legs around his hip. This could go on and- I broke away from him. Memories of Harry touching me entered my mind, like I had granted them permission along with Niall’s kiss.

“I’m sorry, Kei,” he breathed, clearly due to lack of air. “I didn’t think that my inherent male drive could be this uncontrollable.” Think again, Niall. Harry’s the one who needs to learn how to control.

“It’s okay, I guess,” I panted. He looked up at me and traced his thumb on my cheek. His eyes were telling me that he enjoyed it, but was unsure what I felt about it. “It was…”

“Unexpected?” he finished for me. He smiled sheepishly. “I’m not usually like this. But you…”

“Me what?”

“Never mind,” he dismissed my question then asked me, “Can I take you home now?”

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Chapter posted due to many demands for an update (Courtsey: Niksy, Margery, zaynsgirl123, Lekeisha, harry.styles.1<3u, Mrs. Harry Styles and _BooBear17)- <You guys make me want to update faster> And thank you favoriters for favoriting and likers for liking. You guys make me feel that joining movellas and publishing this movella was a very good move on my part. Thank you. 

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