20 Days *1 Day Left*

"You want me. Every inch of your body wants me," he hissed, "You want me to touch you. You want me to fuck you". "You have twenty days left, Styles," I whispered looking at his delicious lips. "But you don't", he smirked and pushed me to his bed.


14. Day 10: Crazy

“I wanted to talk to you,” Niall stammered. “About the kiss.” He looked nervous and wasn’t doing a well job of hiding it, unlike me. He looked earnestly into my eyes and asked, “Does that change something?”

I hadn’t thought of that. My entire day goes in obsessing and hating Harry that I don’t have time to think about anything else, including that kiss and the consequences it had brought or will bring.

“I don’t know Niall,” I said softly. “There’s a lot going on my mind right now.” His face fell. I felt so bad seeing Niall like this. Niall had been nothing but nice and sweet to me ever since I came here. He was the closest to a friend in this hellhole. If there’s anything I would do, I would do for him. But that kiss…

“Kei, I like you,” he confessed. “Maybe we could do something about it. There might be a lot going on for you. But I’ll wait it out, Kei. I really like you.” He had got up and was walking over to me. I took in his beautiful blond hair, his amazing body and his earnest pleading, yet pleasing baby blues.

“Keira, that day when I kissed you,” he continued a smile forming in his cute face. “You kissed me back. I know that you like me, only a little perhaps. But you like me nevertheless. And even a teeny bit of interest from you is enough to make me go crazy.” My heart fluttered at his words. If Harry said those words, I would have thought that those words were only being said to get me into his bed. But Niall had said those words and it sounded true without any ulterior motive behind it. He was so unlike Harry.

“I did kiss you back,” I admitted and unknowingly a smile formed my face too. He was now right in front of me. Our bodies barely touching. He tilted his head towards mine, his breath on my cheeks making it flush. Maybe I really do need a guy, like Tanya kept reminding me. Maybe Niall could be that guy. He was perfect. Just the guy I had envisioned to be with.

I leaned in to him making his soft plush lips meet mine. Without a moment passing, he picked me up and my legs crossed over at his hips. His tongue smooth and gentle against mine. Not rough. Just pure passion. He gently thrusted his body against mine as I hugged his head tighter.

“I’ve been meaning to do this since that day,” he breathed against my lips. I gave him a smile in return. He pushed my body towards him with his arm around my waist and the palm just over my bra strap. If it had been Harry, he would have opened it by now and pushed me to his bed. But it was Niall. Sweet loving Niall. Taking it slow so I could be comfortable. He was a true gentleman. Unlike a certain curly-haired egoistical-narcissist-arrogant jerk I know who has a deep rich voice with an accent that could make you fall to your knees and beg to hear it again and again. Shaking off that jerk’s thought I deepened our kiss.

He slid his hand over to my breast and began pressing it softly. Gently. I moaned against his lips. Niall made me feel loved and wanted. And that’s what I always wanted to feel. Loved. Wanted.

He abruptly ended our kiss. His eyes looking side-ways and avoiding my gaze.

“What’s wrong?” I panted. His kiss took the air out of me. But why suddenly breaking it off?

“I-I-I” he stammered. Then I felt something hard just below my legs barely touching it. Oh, he…

“I’m sorry,” he said looking ashamed. “I just go crazy when I’m with you.”

I smiled. “Did I just make you feel,” I paused, “Aroused?”

He nodded sheepishly. “Niall, you are so cute!” I exclaimed pinching his cheeks.

He looked shocked at first, and then he smiled. “And you’re completely beautiful,” he murmured.

He let me stand on the ground and leaned in to look deep into my eyes. I felt like swimming inside those baby blues.

“I want you so much,” he breathed almost sounding like a moan. “Keira, I’m completely crazy about you.”

I smiled. But somewhere in the back of mind, I felt as if something was amiss. It wasn’t right. But I shook away that thought and looked into those baby blues.

“Let’s keep it that way, Niall,” I murmured against his lips and kissed his cute smile. 

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Note- I won't be able to update for a while. I'm going over to my Granny's and she's really sick. So I want to spend some quality time with her. I hope you guys understand. 
But, I may update occasionally, but not regularly. I promise to update regularly as soon as I return. Please be patient. Thank you. You guys are the best :)

P.S.- I wrote a long chapter just for you guys. And it's still a Harry FanFic, and I promise that the next chapter will be about him.

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