20 Days *1 Day Left*

"You want me. Every inch of your body wants me," he hissed, "You want me to touch you. You want me to fuck you". "You have twenty days left, Styles," I whispered looking at his delicious lips. "But you don't", he smirked and pushed me to his bed.


13. Day 10: A Talk

I hate how Harry makes me feel. And how guilty Niall makes me feel. I despise this feeling. It’s 7:30. Just ten days more to go… Will Harry win? I don’t want to be his slave.

Knock knock

“Kei, it’s Niall,” Niall said from outside the door. “Can we talk?”

I got up from my bed and had a quick glance over at the mirror. I looked decent enough. Like he would notice. Well, he would. Definitely would.

I unlocked the door and stood there with my hand still on the knob, my head peering out of the door.

“Can I come inside?” he asked as if I didn’t get what he was trying to say. Which I guess, I wasn’t.

“Oh sure,” I agreed and let him in. He made himself comfortable and then motioned me to sit next to him.

“I’m fine,” I shook him off. “Like this.” I wasn’t. I was leaning against the door, my feet and hands trembling with nervousness wondering what he would say. To ease that off, I crossed my arm and feet. It looked as if whatever he would say would be immediately dismissed by me, which was kind of what I would actually do.

“So,” I began, “Let’s talk.”

Knowing completely well that this would be more than just 'a talk'.

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Sorry for the short chapter, the next one won't be. 

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