Give Me Love

Cassidy Lives with her grandma after her families tragic death. After making a new friend she met at school, she gets invited to a party meeting 5 boys from a Brittish/Irish boy band. She grows a close friendship with these boys, but soon she falls head over heels for one of the boys wanting more then just a friendship.


13. Unexpected

        ~Liam's P.O.V.~

       Cassidy went to go use the bathroom and I smiled at her as she smiled back on her way up. I could tell Zayn noticed I was alone because I saw him looking my way then he kissed Katie's cheek telling her something and came my way.

                "Hey Liam." He hugged me. Zayn is one of the closest I am too out of all the guys we get along a lot and he can tell me the most and I can tell him the most as well. "I am guessing your here with Cassidy heh?" He raised his eye brows at me and I blushed just hearing her name.

                 "Uh yeeaah, but your here with Katie so don't tease me!" I Sounded a but offended in my defense but I was not,

                "THAT'S different! me and Katie are basically dating, unlike you and Cass who are playing it cool hiding your feelings" As he said it I could tell he was trying to tease me but it just got me thinking..should I tell her how I feel, what if it ruins everything and she never talks to me again. I would rather be friends with her forever then never speak to her.

               "DUDE! just ask her out, and if you do, let me know maybe we can go on a double date haw?" I looked at him confused then just laughed and began a normal conversation with him.

   ~Cassidy's P.O.V.~

         I saw Liam and Zayn talking and I started making my way down the stairs then I heard a familiar Voice call my name. I turned seeing blonde hair. It was Niall.

         "Hey Niall!" I hugged him tight. Niall is like a brother to me already. I loved him and his laughter dorky self.

        "Hey Cass, I heard your here with Liam, you finally decided you like him more then a friend???" He looked at me waiting for an answer and I just rolled my eyes laughing at him.

        "Me and him just came together AS FRIENDS! And.." I came in close looking around to make sure nobody would hear me. "Yes, after that day we talked I spent time with Liam later and I realized I am falling for him!" He looked at me and then smirked,he was close to my face and he looked down at my lips. I felt a small spark but, I like Liam! and Niall and I are best off as friends.

       "Cassidy I think I like you." ...I froze...It was unexpected.

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