Give Me Love

Cassidy Lives with her grandma after her families tragic death. After making a new friend she met at school, she gets invited to a party meeting 5 boys from a Brittish/Irish boy band. She grows a close friendship with these boys, but soon she falls head over heels for one of the boys wanting more then just a friendship.


15. Nights full of "Yes!"

     ~Liam's P.O.V.~

      Me and Cassidy got into the car, and I was really nervous. we got out the car in front of her house and walked in. We sat on the couch both sitting there silently. I took a deep breathe and spoke to my self in my head :Come One Liam, You can do this: I scooted close to her and she looked into my eyes. I took a deep breathe and spoke.

    "Cassidy..." She looked at me and smiled slightly, Which made it harder to tell her. She nodded waiting for me to speak. "Will you be my girlfriend?"

    ~Cassidy's P.O.V.~

     I tried not to smile but I know I was blushing. I hugged him tightly and said lightly in his ear. 

     "Of course." He smiled big and hugged me back tightly. i could feel the joy in him and his heart racing of probably nervousness and being exited.

   ~Katie's P.O.V.~

   I was at Zayn and Liam's house after the party and Zayn was getting us Coffee just when my phone buzzed

Text from Cassidy.

       Cassidy: Liam asked me out, and I said yes :D

       Me: :) im happy for you, talk to you later love I am spending time with Zayn.

       Cassidy: WOOO USE PROTECTION!

    I just giggled and rooled my eyes putting my phone away.

   "Whats so funny?" Zayn was walking in from the kitchengiving me coffee then sitting down sipping his own.

    "O nothing, Liam and Cassidy are going out!" He almost choked on his coffee by shock then laughed. 

      "He finally asked the girl out! or did she have to do it?" We both giggled then he looked at me and I just smiled back.

         "Whats up babe?" I asked him and he just put his hand on my thigh.

       "So I was wondering, to make it official..are we..boyfriend, girlfriend?..."I smiled and then kissed his cheek.

        "Yes!" He bit his lip smiling and then he leaned in kissing me.we were making out for about a minute and he begin kissing my neck and bit my lip! He tried to pull my shirt up but I topped him, I wanted him badly but, I didn't want to be easy."Sorry pretty boy, your gonna have to wait" I pecked his lips getting up trying to be hard to get leaving him speechless on the couch. He finally got up walking over to me hugging me tightly goodbye as I threw my sweater on. I kissed him goodbye closing the door behind me then getting in the car. I sat down then lightly screamed feeling like the luckiest girl ever!

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