Give Me Love

Cassidy Lives with her grandma after her families tragic death. After making a new friend she met at school, she gets invited to a party meeting 5 boys from a Brittish/Irish boy band. She grows a close friendship with these boys, but soon she falls head over heels for one of the boys wanting more then just a friendship.


31. Meet Chelsea.

 ~Liam's P.O.V.~

 I was on the phone with my sister Nichola, she wanted me to go with her to Hawaii for a 2 weeks.

 "Ugh, I don't know Nichola, It would be my only 2 weeks then I will be busy then, Tour." She kept trying to convince me over the phone but I was just blocking it out thinking. I saw the picture of Cassidy and I on my nightstand and she was on my mind,I haven't seen her in about 2 weeks now.

  "Sorry Nichola but, I have something else to do, sorry sis, love ya." I hung up before she could jump on me. I ran down stairs and Niall was in the kitchen eating Nandos.

  "You didn't get me none?" He jumped because I he didn't realize I was standing there. "It's ok I am not hungry, want to come with me to Cassidy's? I am surprising her, want to come I think she would like to see you too." He nodded happily at me and he finished his food VERY fast, then we were on our way.

 ~Cassidy's P.O.V.~

  We finished Chelsea's room and I was impressed.

 "WOW, it looks good..mind switching rooms with me?" we laughed together as she layed onto her bed and I sat down on the couch in her room. 

   In the middle of our conversation we heard someone knock on the door.

 "Come in!" I was thinking it was my grandma or Drake but then I saw Liam walk in and he smiled over at me. I jumped up and I ran over to him leaping into his hug. I rapped my legs around him and he was basically just holding me while I hugged him.

 He passionately kissed me and I pulled away smiling. "I missed you so much." He whispered to me still close to my lips.

 "I missed you too!" He smirked and then bit his lip looking into my eyes. He was killing me but I tried to hold it in. I heard someone behind him clear their throat and Liam let me down. I saw Niall there and I ran to him hugging him tight.

 "My SNOWFLAKE! MY little leprechaun!" He laughed then I gave him a huge kiss on the cheek.

 "Ok make me sit here like I don't exist." Chelsea said from her bed. I turned to her laughing.

 "Sorry Chels. Liam, Niall, this is my best friend who I basically look at as a sister, Chelsea, she is living with me now. Chelsea this is Liam my boy friend and Niall my best friened like a brother.:"She laughed and I looked at her confused.

 "Ya I bet he would be a better brother then Drake any day!" Niall giggled but I gave Chelsea a piercing look. "And I know who they are, They are from One Direction, DUH, and I know Liam is your boyfriend and I know Niall is your friends but I had no idea you guys were THAT close!

 "Ya, well..he IS like my brother but to him I am his friend that friend zoned him." Me and Chelsea laughed but Liam and Niall kept a straight face. 

 "Why do guys take Friend zone so serious?" Chelsea looked at them puzzled and I just shrugged my shoulders.

 I heard my grandma call me and I sighed "COMING!" I walked out grabbing Liam's hand pulling him with me. "Stay here and make friends with Chelsea why don't you Niall." I patted his back then left.

 ~Niall's P.O.V.~

  I walked slowly making my way into the room. "Just sit here Niall." I looked at Chelsea pointing at the couch and I sat down smiling up at her.

 "Thank you." She nodded and then sat next to me."So how long have you and Cassidy known eachother?" She smiled big and got a picture frame from her dresser and showed me a picture of too little girls who looked about 6. Cassidy looked so adorable and I just kept looking at the picture.

 "You really like her don't you?" I moved my eyes from the picture and Looked up at her wall with pictures of One Direction, she must be a fan of us. a picture of Cassidy and Chelsea caught my eye and I smiled at the picture.

 "I love her." I looked down. "But I think she is most happy with Liam, and I love Liam,brotherly love. And I want them happy together. Being her friend is good enough. Friends stick to the end." She put her hand on my shoulder I could tell she was trying to comfort me.

 "I can tell she really cares about you, She just wants you close as a best friend, like the brother she never had." I looked at her in the eye. She was actually really beautiful, I almost got the same feeling I got when I first saw Cassidy. "Drake is a douche, I was seeing him when I was 15 and he was 18. Cassidy found out and she went off on him, he took blame for it. I was a total bitch to him after. When he started treating Cassidy like crap I thought he was doing it because he was mad at me for letting him take the fall, or mad at her for yelling at him. I hated him after. But she loves you enough to want you to be the brother she never had. Drake is just a tool."

  I nodded at her. She really touched me. "Thanks Chelsea." she had good advice, and I was surprised about her and Drake, he sounds like a complete douche. maybe he was better before, but she could do better. When she said that I could tell she still partly loved Drake for how he use to be. I stroked her hair back and looked her in the eye. "Chelsea, it's ok. You still love Drake don't you?" She looked me in the eye then a tear shed form her eye and she burried her head in my arms and I rapped my arms around her.

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