Give Me Love

Cassidy Lives with her grandma after her families tragic death. After making a new friend she met at school, she gets invited to a party meeting 5 boys from a Brittish/Irish boy band. She grows a close friendship with these boys, but soon she falls head over heels for one of the boys wanting more then just a friendship.


33. Love?

   ~Cassidy's P.O.V.~

  I sat there in silence. I know I over exaggerated a little but, I was just so hurt in the moment I spazzed out and lost it.

  "That was a bit harsh ya think?I mean I could see it in his eyes he was hurt." Chelsea sat there not even bothering to console me.

 "If he really cared why would he leave like that."I didn't make no eye contact. She finally shoot up close to me then lifted my chin with her hands.

  "Maybe because he cares enough to give you space. Or you hurt him enough to make him break and leave. You put a lot of pressure on someone who loves you." I just went in shock from the I am not sure if I am in love,Last time I fell in love I just got hurt.

  "I don't think he loves me..and even if he did, I don't love him, He would just break me, he already has hurt my feelings as you can tell!" I gave her a serious look but for some reason she was laughing.

 "I can see it in your eyes." I just titled my head at her frowning my eye brows."You Love just don't have it badly to were you express it, and give him love." She paused and then let out a sigh. "You need to give him love if you want it to be right, because hes already trying his best with you."

  I went to bed laying down thinking a lot about our conversation. Do I love Liam? And if I do should I express it? interrupting my thinking was the vibration of my phone.

   From: Liam: Goodnight Love, I am sorry I will make it up to you XOXO

 I put my phone down letting out a groan wanting him to get out of my head. I finally fell asleep and by my surprise did not dream about him. When I woke up I got a notification from twitter, that got me thinking.

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