Give Me Love

Cassidy Lives with her grandma after her families tragic death. After making a new friend she met at school, she gets invited to a party meeting 5 boys from a Brittish/Irish boy band. She grows a close friendship with these boys, but soon she falls head over heels for one of the boys wanting more then just a friendship.


43. Let Me Explain

 ~Cassidy's P.O.V.~

 I woke up in Liam's arms and he was still sound asleep. I tried to wiggle myself out his arms but I felt him pull me back in. He must of been awake because he would not let go.

 "Liam. we slept in let me get up." He still had his eyes closed and he just pulled me closer.

 "There is no time with I am with you I love having you in my arms, or I feel I am loosing you." I pecked his lips then tickled him and he let go of me falling off the bed.

 "Yah, if I want to be let go of you let me go or I will get you some how!" I grabbed my clothes going into the bathroom to change. When I came out Liam was barely putting on his pants and shirt.

 I went over to grab my makeup bag but Liam snatched it before me putting it behind his back. "No jokes Liam, I have to get ready." He smiled big at me and kept backing up every time I got close.

 "I know, you look done to me. You do not need makeup, the only person you need to look good for is me and you look good no matter what." I crossed my arms at him starring him down.

 "I hate that you have a point..."He smiled then put my makeup bag up were I could no reach it then he kissed my forehead.

 "Lets go get some breakfast love." I followed him out my bedroom door seeing my brother sitting on the couch with a bag of ice on his cheek.

 "Finally your awake troll! Ew. who gave you the idea of wearing no makeup?" I looked down because he reminded me of exactly why I wear makeup.

 "That person would be me!" Liam started walking angrily up to him but I held him back.

 "Liam it is ok, remember I only need your opinion." I smiled at him so that he could calm down but I know he did not buy it.

 Drake got up and he stood there. "I have to tell you something." He explained to me and Liam all about Chelsea seeing Niall and how she broke his heart and played him for no reason. Why would she do that, she is my best friend, like my sister and Niall is important to me and she hurt him.

 "Wh-why would she do something like that.."I put my head in Liams chest but he kept starring at Drake dirty.

 "He is lying I do not believe half of that he is saying...Where is Chelsea even way?"

 ~Chelsea's P.O.V.~

 I pulled up in front of the address Cassidy had in her book. It was Zayn and Liam's flat, I was going to check here first out of the other addresses. I saw a girl get into her car and a tall thin guy standing there watching her drive away slowly. He had black hair and a quiff. I got out and he looked upset.

 "Is, Niall here?" He had watery eyes but he tried to wipe them as I got closer.

 "Um ya, and you are?" I thought about if he told him or not because if he did he would probably hate me, but I did not know what else to say.

 "I am..Chelsea.." His eyes widened in shock looking me up and down. "Never seen a California girl before?" I was trying to be my normal humorous self but I know the real reason why he looked me up and down.

 "I do not think it is best you come around me and my friends, thanks to you somehow I lost my girlfriend! Yes because of YOU!" My heart dropped. ouch that stung.

 "I am sorry if I could talk to you and Niall and exp-" He cut me off rudely he obviously does not like me.

 "Just go away! There can be no good excuse to why you did what you did to Niall!" He walked off going inside and I turned around getting in the car sitting down thinking. After not even a minute I got out and walked to the door, who cares If he does not forgive me I just think he deserves to know the truth.

 Niall opened the door seeing me and he froze and tried to close it but I stopped it with my foot.

 "NIALL! let me explain!PLEASE!!I do not care if you never talk to me again after I just need to explain this to you!" He hesitated then let me in.

 We sat down and I explained to him all about what Drake did.

 "WHAT?!?!No..your lying." Niall bowed his head but I got up sitting next to him then wrapped my arm around him.

 "Niall, I would never mean those words after all that you helped me with in not even an hour. That day I met you. You are a great guy and I said those things to protect my friendship with Cassidy, but Now I have to heal our friendship..but I came here ASAP.I really have feelings for you." He looked over at me and I could see his watery eyes.

 "Really?" I smiled at him then leaned in giving him a kiss on the lips.

 "No doubt about it." He blushed and turned away and I got up.

 "So what do you say? can we start all over again?" He got up and smiled.

 "I gueeess.." I hugged him tight.

 "Well I have to get back to Cassidy's place and talk to her.

 "I will come with you." Niall followed behind me and we got to my car and drove back to the house.

A/N: Hey gGUIISE! What ddi you think? Do you guys think Chelsea deserved another chance? and do you think Cassidy should forgive Chelsea,..and what about Drake? anybody hate him?haha well I am planning on taking this Fan fiction to an end soon :( BUT I MIIGHHT make a sequel IF you guys want, so let me know if you want me too! make sure to go read my other fanfiction Torn(not famous) and read my friends fanfiction One Way or Another I co-author it, AND go read I know what you did last summer. I co-author that too and it is GREAT AMAZAYN! so ya favourite and like :P


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