Give Me Love

Cassidy Lives with her grandma after her families tragic death. After making a new friend she met at school, she gets invited to a party meeting 5 boys from a Brittish/Irish boy band. She grows a close friendship with these boys, but soon she falls head over heels for one of the boys wanting more then just a friendship.


29. Come to visit?or to stay?

   ~Cassidy's P.O.V.~

   It has been a week since Chelsea called me, me and Niall made up, and I haven't got to see Liam, and the rest of the boys. Today was the day I get to see Chelsea, I was at the airport so exited. I saw a bleach blonde girl coming in from one of the planes exits. I could recognize her anywhere here in London, she is all tan and dressed like shes going to the beach, she is a pure California girl, while everyone around her is pale and dressed classy. Once she spotted me she dropped her suit cases and we ran to each other tightly.

  "YOU HAVEN'T CHANGED AT ALL!?!?" I yelled at her and she laughed and then glared me up and down.

  "You have!I hope you know I am not changing my look for London! I am keeping my California girl look!" we giggled and I just walked with her to get her stuff then we made our way to my car driving to my grandmas house.

  When we got there my grandma was in front of the house and she walked up to Chelsea hugging her. Chelsea had a good bond with my Grandma when we came up here in London to visit one winter. My brother put his arms out but she just cleared her throat then walked past him. My brother always flirted with her and I found out they might of had a little thing going on. But after the things he did she hated him, so that was pretty much over between them.

  "The house doesn't look that different, it is just more dirty now because Drake's stuff is all over the place." Chelsea gave him an annoyed look as he shook his head in pride but she just rooled her eyes and went up the stairs.

  I opened up a door into a bedroom right next to my bedroom. "Here is the guest bedroom, but feel free to treat it how you want, we don't need it, we never have guest stay the night." We giggled then she sat down on the bed plopping then crossed her arms.

  "Not even Liam?" I widened my eyes in shock then closed the door behind me stepping in.

 "You know about me and Liam?!?!" She laughed at me as if I was stupid and I just raised one eye brow at her.

 "Sweetie have you forgotten your boyfriend is famous, It's all over the news!" I felt a pinch of depression inside looking down.

 "Trust me I haven't forgotten." She noticed my depression and she stood up hugging me.

 "Whats wrong my lovely?" I shook her off me and helped her suit cases on the bed so she could unpack.

 "Nothing...It's just.. Like you said, hes famous..not only that he is in the worlds most FAMOUS band, and he is starting to have a busy schedule and before I know it he is going to be touring. And I WOULD turn to my best friends for help, but they are all in the band!" I giggled a little. "And my other friend Katie, she is always everywhere with Zayn, so I just..don't know.." I sat on the bed pushing my hair back from the stress after finishing those sentences.

 Chelsea sat down and put her arm around me. "Hun. that's tough. Just try to spend your last moments with Liam as much as possible, I am sure he is just as miserable as you, just including the work that makes it more stressful, and He probably feels guilty for dissing you for work. It is equal on his behalf, maybe even harder." I just wiped a tear falling upon my face and she wiped it then smiled in my face. "I wanted to see your face in person when I said this and I was waiting for the right moment..but..My mom and dad have been busy with work and they are going to be all over the place so they said I have permission to live here if it is ok with your grandma."

  I was shocked and stopped crying and turned into screaming with her. "SHE LOVES YOU SHE BETTER SAY YES! AND IF SHE DOESN'T ILL SNEAK YOU HERE IF I HAVE TOO!"

 "I hope so because if I can't stay here I am basically stuck with my parents because my family members don't want me, they dissed my parents when my mom got pregnant with me and they hate me, but it's ok I hate them too. haha" I jumped up and ran to my grandma who was making dinner then I pulled on a sweet face and smile, same as Chelsea and she looked over at us.

  "Oh-no, what does the little teen queen want?You only make that face when you want something!" My grandma stopped from cooking crossing her arms and me and both Chelsea explained to her about Chelsea's parents and the situation.

   "So you want me to let another teenager to live in my house?" She sighed then Drake was behind us.

 "OH-NO!! I am 21! I am no TEEN!" I rolled my eyes at him then Chelsea pushed him away.

 "Yea. your right. but you act like a undisciplined teen who was never disciplined as a child!" He just walked off then we puppy dogged face my grandma. "Well...Chelsea is a NORMAL acting girl for a teen, and Cassidy, you are a good Drake is the only handful." We looked at her waiting for an exact answer. "UGH yes SURE why nooott!!"

  We jumped for joy screaming and Drake yelled no running up the stairs into his bedroom. We were so happy and then decided to go shopping for new stuff to design her bedroom.

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