Give Me Love

Cassidy Lives with her grandma after her families tragic death. After making a new friend she met at school, she gets invited to a party meeting 5 boys from a Brittish/Irish boy band. She grows a close friendship with these boys, but soon she falls head over heels for one of the boys wanting more then just a friendship.


44. At Cassidy's house

~Cassidy's P.O.V.~

 I was sitting on the couch thinking, should I believe Drake. As I was thinking the front door opened and Chelsea and Niall walked in. I looked over at Chelsea and glared to Drake who was looking at her too.

 "Oh Crap." He whispered under his breathe.

 "So before I explain myself, let me guess Drake said I came onto him and hurt Niall and a bunch of crap making me look bad, right?" I nodded my head at her and Liam had his arm around me and he rubbed my shoulder comforting me.

 "Because it is true!" Drake stood up shouting.

 "It is not true! You blackmailed me! Yes I went to go see Niall behind Cassidy's back! That I will admit was stupid and she can hate me for that! But I did not want to hurt Niall! Or see you behind Cassidy's back Drake.." She was breathing heavy. "Not again.Ever." I got up walking over to her and I hugged her tightly. I can tell when Chelsea is lying and when she is seriously telling the trust, and she was telling the truth, She also would not lie to me.

 "DRAKE!" I turned to him. "I am telling grandma you need to leave and move out, ya you have changed, YOU GOT WORSE you went from hating me to being rude to everyone else and hating the important people around me!" He rolled his eyes and went up the stairs. "Gladly I will go pack my stuff!" I turned around hugging Niall and he slowly put his arms around me.

 I pulled away and took Liam hand dragging him to the couch with me. We sat down and I cuddled in his arms.Someone knocked on the door and Niall let them in. It was Katie.

 "O MY GOD KATIE!" I got up and ran to her. I have not seen Katie in a long time. I hugged her tightly and pulled away and saw her eyes watery."Whats wrong?" 

 "I made a mistake. I dumped Zayn. I miss him, Cassidy I loved him." I turned around seeing Niall,Liam,and Chelsea sitting there eyes on us and I gave Liam a look and he took them up to my room.

 I turned back to Katie and gave her a hug. "It is ok Katie you and Zayn love each other , you just have to go fix things!" She pulled away and looked at the ground.

 "But I hate lying about how I feel about things, which is why we argued. He was defending Chelsea for hurting Niall!" I looked at her dropping my mouth.

 "REALLY!?!about that..My brother blackmailed her into doing that to him. Long story!just know Chelsea is not bad." Her eyes got more watery as she shaked her head and let out a sigh.

 "I have to go fix things!" She opened the door and froze from what she saw.

~Katie's P.O.V.~

 I opened the door and froze. I literally had no air going through my mouth.

 "wow. Are you ok? breath!" Zayn said standing there.

"Ermm..You too talk this out while I go...and give you your space." Cassidy said and she ran up the stairs into her bedroom with the others.

 "Zayn..I" He came in to me and put his finger on my mouth shushing me.

"Really Zayn? Use the classic bad boy move on me?" We gigled and he closed the door and snatched me in for a hug.

 "I do not want to fight. I am sorry, no matter what the matter is you are always right. I love you" I blushed and hugged him back and pulled my head out his chest looking up at him, seeing he was already looking down at me. I starred into his eyes and we both leaned in for a passionate kiss.

 He pulled away with a huge grin on his face. "Does this mean you are still going on tour with me?" I smiled big at him nodding my head quickly and he went in for another kiss.

~Liam's P.O.V.~

 We went into Cassidy's bedroom and I closed the door after Niall and Chelsea.

 "Why didn't we just go in my bedroom?" Chelsea asked and Niall walked over to Cassidy's drawer.

 "Because in here there is no girl to stop us from playing with her under clothing." They both giggled but I held a straight face walking over to Niall.

 "Sorry but the only guy who gets to mess with the under clothing of Cassidy, I would kiss any other guy who ever touched the. Shes mine." Niall put his hands up in defense.

 "OO Jealous Liam is kicking in!" We all laughed and I held a straight face and patted Niall's shoulder.

 "Lad I am just kidding!" I opened her drawer. "Now your plan was?.." Niall took out a bra and put it over his shirt and we all laughed.

 "O look at me Liam! I am Cassidy and I have a pink neon bra." Me and Chelsea laughed at his impersonation of Cassidy.

 "Hah cute Niall, you think I have never seen her in that bra." Niall almost chocked on air and Chelsea opened her mouth.

 "OOOO Burn! What you two be doing in here at night?" I looked over at her raising one eye brow.

 "Something I can't say around Niall, he is too young." He almost chocked on air again and Chelsea put her fingers in her ears yelling "LALALALALA"

 "Liam! I don't like this naughty side of you! You are suppose to be daddy direction!" I laughed at him.

 "Well maybe Cassidy could not resist that 10 inch payne train." me and Niall both snapped our heads at her looking a bit frightened."Um....pretend you did not hear that."

"Agreed." Me and Niall both said at the same time and it was quite. A soft voice from behind us spoke up.

 "Well actuallly it might be a 10.2" I turned seeing Cassidy, Damn she is sneaky we did not even see or hear her come in.

 "Well you would know, after all he has seen yo in your bra." Niall teased while playing with the bra that was still on him.

 "Niall! Put my bra away! This is why he is like a brother!" She laughed throwing it in the drawer. I was just watching her every move and she closed her drawer.

 "Liam. I love you dearly but you stare at me way too much." I blinked a bunch of times the looked up at her and began to blush.

 "Well when you see someone as beautiful as you.." She rolled her eyes.

"Beautiful? You are halarious!" I frowned my eye brows at her looking at her angry.

"Babe. You know I hate it when you do that." She shrugged her shoulders at me and I walked over to her pulling her down with me into her bed. We cuddled up in her bed while Niall and Chelsea sat on the couch.

 We just all talked until Zayn came in."Zayn?" Niall said confused.

"Hey lads come down stairs and watch a movie with me and Katie!" He waked off and Chelsea and Niall got up following after. Cassidy tried to get up but I held her down.

 "Wait. I have to talk to you." I looked at her concerned and she lyed back down resting her head on my arm.

"Whats up Liam?" I stroked her hair.

 "So You know the tour starts next Friday right. I saw her take a deep breathe.

 "About that. because Chelsea is here, I just. I don't think I am going." I stopped stroking her hair and got up quickly feeling panic and I just starred at the ground.

 "What do you mean your not going!" I had heavy breathing and she got on her knees crawling over to me and wrapped her arms around my neck.

 "Liam I just don't know if I can handle touring with you, Your fans don't want to see their celebrity crush girlfriend!" I stood up angry I did not know what to say.

 "I do not care what they think. If I can't have you on tour with me then-" I was cut off by her looking at me with her arms crossed.

 "Then we should break up." I felt my eyes get watery. I could not loose her again.

 " I just. I do not know what to do I can't leave without you and I can't be without you!" I saw a tear roll down her knees and I kneeled down in front of her wiping her tears."Cassidy. please. A million times please." I was crying by now more then her.

 "I knew this day would come. I just did not know it would come this quick. We both know you are too busy for a relationship." He looked down nodding.

 "But we can make it work if you come with me." I was about to speak but I saw Chelsea at the door.

 "Cassidy! Go! I just got off the phone with my parents, they said I have to go with them. I want you to go. for me please." I turned away from Chelsea back at Cassidy who was starring at her then she looked at me. She smiled slightly and wiped my tears.

 "Yes Liam I will go with you." I smiled big I felt so happy, I never feel this happy unless it is around her. I hugged her tightly then kissed her passionately.

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