Give Me Love

Cassidy Lives with her grandma after her families tragic death. After making a new friend she met at school, she gets invited to a party meeting 5 boys from a Brittish/Irish boy band. She grows a close friendship with these boys, but soon she falls head over heels for one of the boys wanting more then just a friendship.


10. Another party

     ~Caissy's P.O.V.~

        I woke up turning around seeing Liam asleep with his arms around me. I giggled at him trying not to wake him up mostly because I loved his company. I tried to reach over for my phone and got a text from Katie.

          Katie: OMG! I kissed Zayn! HE kissed me! UGH we KISSED!!!! I AM STILL FANGIRLING! I had to hold it in when it happened but now I am letting it out!!!!!!^-^ ..SO what happened with you and Liam, I KNOW HE WAS WITH YOU!

           I laughed rooling my eyes because I hate how she knows me so well, we know eachother well because we are A LOT alike.

          me: thats wonderful! you guys are so cuute <3 And nothing me and Liam just talked about, stuff and we cuddled and fell asleep.

            After a while I felt my phone vibrate but before I could pick it up I heard a tired voice in my ear.

         "Morning Love" Liam was awake but tired as I could tell hearing it in his voice. I smiled and turned to him rapping my arms under his around him and he put his arm over me holding me tight. I loved cuddling with him!

            We finally got up and Liam made breakfast. After eating he came over with his phone in his hand and he stood there. "My Lad Louis is having a party tonight, he couldn't make it to Zayn's party the other night but you can meet him tonight, wanna come?"

           I smiled back at him then I raised on eye brow at him "As like, Your date?" He looked at me shocked then smiled at me.

               "If you want." He chuckled. I laughed then turned around picking up my plate placing it in the sink.

                   "Sure Liam, I will go to the party, as your date" We both laughed and I just went into my room picking out what I should wear.

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