Sing Little Birdy Sing.

Running, Crashing through the greedy branches as they caressed my skin.

Chased, Pursued, Caught.

My name is Nightingale, like the bird

My sister's name is Mockingbird.

My brother is Jay, his twin is Cardinal.

My mother loved birds, but she's dead, and we're next.

We separated Jay with me, and Cardinal with Mockingbird.

We didn't know what our mother had been working on, but it had gotten her killed. Our father lone gone could not help us.


4. You're Dead

"What the hell do you mean by 'learn to fly'?" Jay asked perplexed by my meaning, I rolled my eyes.

"You must learn grace. How to fly about, quickly on your feet. Quick reflexes, you get those by skating."


"We'll start tomorrow. You three need knives."

"Where do you suppose we get those?" Cardinal said. I eyed him with my legendary death glare, and he shrank back into his chair. I continued explaining how they would already have the knives, being that I had collected a few over the years, well since I was thirteen. I brought all of my knives but I gave the ones I least liked to my siblings.

"Check your bags. I had spares so I gave one to each of you."

"How did you learn to fight and kill like that?" Mockingbird asked. I stood silently, knowing I was the only night owl in the family. When you can't sleep and the only thing your mother would let you do was write and sing songs, you learned how to entertain yourself. I chose to fight like bad a$$ ninja/skater star. I could be an assassin, for like secret services, like in the T.V show Nikita  that would be super cool. Its so secret that they fact your death before you can join.


"When you're me, you don't sleep, when the moon is up I'm restless, so I taught myself on mom's old sewing forms." I said, suddenly very tired. It was noon, and I was nocturnal. "I need some sleep." I crawled into the closet bed and fell asleep. I dreamt of being chased.Holding onto Mock's hand for the longest time, and then as we were chased, further and further into the woods, as the branches tugged and pulled at my hair and face.I let her go, I didn't mean to, she slipped from my hold, and I heard her screams as the fire engulfed her. I couldn't look back, I had to survive, and to find the answers I so desperately sought. I could hear my siblings screaming, dying. Warmth hit my back, as the fire that chased me got closer, pursuing me until I had no escape. I hit a rock formation, and I was caught between falling to my death, or burning alive like a Salem witch. I decided to climb, I didn't want to become a roast turkey. I remember in the dream that the rock kept getting bigger and bigger like one of those stimulations at an army base. I was getting thirsty and the monster of fire kept getting closer, closer until the soles of my doc martens were melted. Just like that, like being born I turned into a bird, not just any bird. My namesake...a Nightingale.


"NIGHTINGALE! NIGHTINGALE WAKE UP!" I heard the familiar jingle of bells that belonged to the concerned voice of my sister. I opened my eyes and looked around, the bodies were now piles of ash in trash bins. No wonder I dreamt of being chased by fire. But why did I transform into a bird? Had this had something to do with what mom had been working on? Had she transmitted bird genes into our DNA? Is that why I was so fast? Nocturnal even? Is my name really an experiment label? What of  Jay, Cardinal and Mockingbird. Mock and I are the only song birds, is there a reason for that? Is the woman who laid dead back at the flat really our mother? Or are we just creations out of a petri dish?

"Alright everyone time to train." I said, more intent than ever to protect my family.

"Night, its well night." Cardinal complained.

"You're dead."


"First, do you think the goons in black are going to stick to your preferred sleep schedule? NO! Are they going to reschedule trying to kill you because you complained that its night time? NO! So get up off your sorry lazy ass and train with the rest of us. Anyone else going to complain?"

"No." Mockingbird whispered.

"No." Jay muttered.

"Jesus, what crawled up your ass and died?" Cardinal said. I lunged at him and held the knife perfectly still, exactly three inches from his major artery in his neck.

"Do you really want to mess with me Card? Do you?" I snarled. 

"No ma'am."

"Ma'am? No, I'm not middle aged. I am a sixteen year old girl who happens to know how to kill people with little or no blood."

"Yes, sister." 

"I am not a nun either."

"What do I call you then?"

"Nightingale, The Protector of your ass." snickers erupted throughout the room from Jay and Mockingbird. Finally Jay managed to say,

"Cardinal, what happened to staying on her 'good side'?"

"Shut up Jay." I led them outside to a secluded part of the back lot of the motel, it was dark and I knew they were scared. But I was here, and I would protect them. I would train them, and then we would break into where our 'mother' worked to find the answers I needed.

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