Sing Little Birdy Sing.

Running, Crashing through the greedy branches as they caressed my skin.

Chased, Pursued, Caught.

My name is Nightingale, like the bird

My sister's name is Mockingbird.

My brother is Jay, his twin is Cardinal.

My mother loved birds, but she's dead, and we're next.

We separated Jay with me, and Cardinal with Mockingbird.

We didn't know what our mother had been working on, but it had gotten her killed. Our father lone gone could not help us.


1. Tweet Goes the Bird.

I woke up to my sister's singing from the next room. Like the bird my sister sings only to please us. She never would harm a soul, not even a cat. The sun was shining, I hated morning. My name is Nightingale, my sister is Mockingbird we're twins. I heard the shower go off, that would be my brother Jay, we call him the early bird. Then there's Cardinal. Jay and Cardinal are my older twin brothers. I got up reluctantly and got dressed in a tank top and skinny jeans. They were black, and my black doc martens. My black hair cascaded down my back in dark waves and my shocking electric cobalt blue eyes shone bright under my black eyeliner eyes and artificially long eyelashes. I walked out of my room and was met by Jay. 

"Hey little sis." 

"Tweet" I replied sarcastically. I thought it was cool that our mom named us after birds, no one had my name so I got away with not putting my last name on my homework assignments. 

"Have you seen Card?"

"Nope. I just got up, since its Saturday."

"Right. Then see you later." My eighteen year old brother disappeared into his room. I found Cardinal downstairs in the kitchen. 

"Hey, Card Jay is looking for you." He turned around, and I saw a girl behind him. She looked somewhat familiar but I couldn't place her. "So Card, looks like you got lucky last night. What's your name sweetheart? Did my brother treat you right?" 

"Yes he did. My name is Penelope Mitchell. You must be Nightingale."

"Howdra know?"

"Your brother said you wore black, and your sister Mockingbird wears blue and purple most days. And I met Jay already in the bathroom. Nice family by the way."

"Glad someone thinks so." I said as I grabbed a pop tart and headed out the door, giving Card a kiss on the cheek as I went."Tell Mock that I'm at the skate park with Rue and Dru!"

"Alright see you later Night." I closed the door behind and passed an odd looking guy dressed all in black lounging outside Mrs. Gertrude's door. I nodded in acknowledgement and hurried down the stairs. I grabbed my board out of my locker and soared down the street of my city of Shreveport, Louisiana. Getting nasty glares from the older folks was normal and I would feel just plain pathetic if I didn't receive just one from old Mr. Greys the Gold Salesman.  

Finally the skate park. the last thing I had left of my father. He named it after me and my sister. On our thirteenth birthday, he opened Nightingale and Mockingbird's Skate Park. Then three days later he died in a car accident. I rolled into the Park coming to a stop. I found Rue, and Dru lounging by the giant Mockingbird fountain.

"Hey guys." I said.

"Where have you been girl?" Rue said. Rue is short for Ruby and she hates that name. Dru is short for Druzeke(Drew-Zeke) their both amazing people and friends. I heard another set of wheels behind me and turned. Zak came rolling to stop behind me and put his arm around my waist.

"Perv get off of me. You know I'm taken." Dru looked about ready to punch Zak in the face. I went over to Dru to calm him, Zak was my perverted cousin twice removed. He thought that since we lived close to Hill-billy country that it was alright to date your cousins. No it wasn't it was gross. I don't need to deal with his crap, I have that creepy dude in my building to worry about. "Let's skate." I said excited. I kissed Dru quickly and dove down into the Half pipe and started to skate. It was a sense of freedom to feel the wind through my hair, and when I fell, if I fell the feeling of the concrete ripping up my skin felt like a second life, a second home. Dru came flying past me, and I kicked off to catch up. My black as night hair whipping behind almost like a flag. I crashed into Dru, my wheel catching on a piece of metal. We went tumbling into the middle of the Crescent. When we landed I was on top and was straddling him. 

"I'm so sorry Dru." He had a dreamy look in his eyes that clued me in that he was really _liking_ this situation. I rolled my eyes and went to roll off to go search for my board. He grabbed my arms and pull me to him so that I was flat against his chest. I kissed him, and he kissed back. I heard a yell from the surface, and the familiar voice of my sister,

"Yo, Night get a room!"

"No, its my park I'll do what I want!" I smiled and got up careful not to hurt Dru. "Hey Mock! Did you meet Card's new girl?"

"I had the pleasure of meeting Miss. Penelope." Mock slid down the Pipe and came to a stop in front of me. Today she was wearing a purple Tee and short shorts with skater shoes. Her board was strapped to her back. My sister was identical to me, as were my brother's, identical to one another. Dru came up behind me with our boards. 

"Hey Mock, Night and I wanted to go get some food, do you and Rue want to join us?"

"Yes of course, just let me skate for a few and I'll join you guys." Rue and Mock were a couple, have been for a couple months but Dru and I just found out a couple weeks ago.

"Alright see you. If you don't find us at Jerry's go to the Lake."

"Alright." I strapped my board to my back, and Dru put his in a locker. I had no idea how he could part with it. He grabbed my hand and we walked to town. Mockingbirds sang in nearby trees and it was pretty, and reminded me of Mock's song she was singing this morning. It was sad, but almost happy;

There's a girl,
She spends everyday
A Wishing she was someone else
She wishes every night on a broken star.

But every morning a sister raises
And sings her the happy songs
But the girl who goes a wishing
On that Broken Star
Goes on like nothings wrong.

She's the bird no one notices
I'm the bird that sings all day,
She's the bird that sings all night.
She's my sister,
My best friend 
And Tweet Goes the Bird.

"That a new song Night?"

"Yea, my sister wrote it."

"I've never heard you sing during the day."

"I know, its odd. I saw this odd guy outside my door this morning coming to meet you and Rue, it was odd. I thought he was there for Mrs. Gertrude, but then I remembered she was out of town, because Jay volunteered to watch her cat Dutchmen."

"Weird. Do you think he works with your mom?"

"Its possible. Who knows, she's keeping more and more secrets lately."

"You don't think she's in trouble do you?"

"It wouldn't surprise me I guess. But what happens if it gets her killed? What will Jay, Card, Mock and I do without her? What if they go after us?"

"I don't know, but I think your spinning this out of control. Maybe he was a health inspector."


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