Sing Little Birdy Sing.

Running, Crashing through the greedy branches as they caressed my skin.

Chased, Pursued, Caught.

My name is Nightingale, like the bird

My sister's name is Mockingbird.

My brother is Jay, his twin is Cardinal.

My mother loved birds, but she's dead, and we're next.

We separated Jay with me, and Cardinal with Mockingbird.

We didn't know what our mother had been working on, but it had gotten her killed. Our father lone gone could not help us.


3. New Identity, and Dead Goons

Last night I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. I woke up to feel Jay, or Jason now I guess was sitting up watching the news. I could hear everything. I could feel the sun coming up. Mockingbird sat at the window, singing her usual morning song, and Cardinal was looking at a picture of Penelope. I figured I should get up and shower. 

"Morning all." I said sleepily.

"Good morning Nicole." I stopped dead. My name wasn't Nicole, it was Nightingale. Then I remembered last night, and my new identity. I was now Nicole McCord age sixteen. Jason McCord and Corey McCord were my brothers, and  Megan McCord was my sister.

"Good morning Jason. I am going to take a shower."

"Alright." I looked at ground where I left my stuff. My board was gone.

"Who the hell took my board?"

"It had your real name on it, I had to chuck it." Jason said calmly. I turned in a rage and Mock said in sing song voice.

"I told you just to sharpie it off. But no don't listen to her twin."

"Where is it Blue Jay Clark?!"

"Calm yourself, its in the closet." he said.

"Don't ever mess with my board again. Got that?"

"Sure Nikki."

"Don't call me that! My name is Nightingale Natalia Clark. You're Jay Clark, Mockingbird Clark, and Cardinal Clark! We're not changing our names! The last name Clark, and the skate park, and my board are the last things I have of dad. I already left one. I left my boyfriend, I left my friends. What the hell else do you want? My heart?" I was huffing out my breath waiting for his answer.

"I understand that Night, I do. But this is what mom wanted alright? She laid out the names and the safe locations."

"Yeah? Why should we do what she wanted? She kept secrets from her own family! She lived a double life! I hardly knew my own mother! At least you can say you knew her somewhat while the rest of us were in the dark."

"You don't understand Nightingale! She was protecting us! She made the mistake of telling dad, and the people she worked for drove him off the road. They are bad people Nightingale and each time she tried to get away, they threatened us. If she would've told anyone the whole story we would be the dead bodies on the floor, not mom."

"I'd rather be dead then not knowing." I spat and slammed the bathroom door.
There came a loud bang on the door, which could only belong to Jay. He had a volatile temper and I had crossed his last nerve.


"I can't I'm naked." I spat back through the door. I turned on the water and drowned him out. I could still hear Mockingbird telling Jay to leave me alone, and that he didn't know what I had seen. I stepped into the shower and let the hot water caress my skin, it hugged my body as it slid down, cleansing me of all the evil things I had seen, heard, and said. My mother kept so many secrets and in the end it had gotten her killed. She had told Jay and now he's in danger. That put us in danger. I heard a scream, and the door collapsing. What the hell? I turned the water off and hurried to get dressed. I strapped my board to my back and slipped my doc martens on my feet. The knife my brother gave me in my hand, I opened the door. Three men identical to the man I saw outside Mrs. Gertrude's were closing in on my family. I jumped on the closet one's back and plunged my knife into his neck.

"Stay away from my family!" Jay jumped up and smacked the other one in the face, knocking him out. The third one had grabbed Mock and I let go of goon I was on, and raced over to my twin. Cardinal laid on the ground unconscious. I jumped onto the third goon and plunged the knife into his eye socket. "I said keep away from my family!" I yelled. He was bleeding heavily.

"Jesus Nightingale, how did you learn to do that?"

"What stab people?" I said.

"No kill without remorse." Jay said.

"They were going to hurt my family. I did what I would've done if I had been home with mom. I just saved your ass. All of you. Now that we can agree to disagree, changing our names will not help. But we can't leave a trail of corpses wherever we go." I continued to the bathroom and cleaned the blade of my pocket knife. Mockingbird came in,

"Hey, thanks for saving my life."

"Hey what are twins for?" I walked back out and found that Jay had put Cardinal in a sitting position and he was coming to. 

"Don't wave your dirty sock under his nose, Jay you'll put him in a coma." I said trying to be funny. Cardinal woke up and fell backwards away from the ghastly smelling sock that could only belong to Jay's foot.

"God I am so embarrassed." Cardinal said, as he righted the chair and himself. He then looked around and saw all the corpses. "Who killed em?"

"Nightingale did. She was amazing!" Jay said. "You'll get em next time Card."

"Seriously? Jesus Night! I sure don't want to make you angry. Jay if I were you I'd stay on her good side."

"Yea yea Card. She could whip you ass any day too. One punch in the head and you were down."

"Shut up Jay." Jay turned to me, I was sitting in a chair examining my knife for damage when he asked.

"Train us? To fight I mean." I looked around the room at my siblings, the Flock. 

"Sure. But you gotta learn to fly."

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