Sing Little Birdy Sing.

Running, Crashing through the greedy branches as they caressed my skin.

Chased, Pursued, Caught.

My name is Nightingale, like the bird

My sister's name is Mockingbird.

My brother is Jay, his twin is Cardinal.

My mother loved birds, but she's dead, and we're next.

We separated Jay with me, and Cardinal with Mockingbird.

We didn't know what our mother had been working on, but it had gotten her killed. Our father lone gone could not help us.


2. Horror House

I walked into the flat when the sun was going down. I left Dru back at the Lake, the lights were off, I found that extremely weird, mostly because mama was always home by this time. I decided to try calling out to her and my family, thinking maybe they were sleeping or something,

"Mama? You home yet? Jay? Card? Mock?" I turned on the lights and red met my eyes. The body of my mother laid at my feet. Her throat had been slashed with a blade, the weapon of choice I didn't know, her head had a bullet hole in it, they shot her too. I stomached a scream as I knelt down at what had been her side. Since they sliced that open as well. Had she been a drug mule? Had she wanted a way out, and they didn't like it? Or had she been a government spy and a foreign agent done this. Or was it a robbery gone wrong? I dialed Jay's number, and he instantly picked up.

"Where are you and Cardinal?"

"With Mockingbird at the Lake House why?"

"Its mom. Whatever she had been working on, got her killed." he was silent,

"Nightingale, get out of there. Meet us here and we'll run." 

"What about my stuff? Clothes? Food? Are you sure running is the best choice? Wouldn't that make us suspects?"

"Grab what you need, and what we'll need and run. Run or skate to the Lake alright? Don't question me. Mom told me this could happen."

"Alright. See you soon. Mom clued you in on what she was doing, I can not believe it."  I stepped over my now dead mother, not even shedding a tear. What was the point? She was dead, it was time to move on. She kept her secrets for so long that I didn't even know her anymore. None of us did, well except Jay apparently. Her secret keeping started even before my father died. The only thing we knew for certain about her was that she worked for the government.

I entered Cardinal's room first and put a picture of our parents in a duffel, and a picture of Penelope, then all the clothes that I thought he would need, including his winter coat. I did the same for everyone else, putting pictures of our significant others in our bags. I thought only having one picture of our parents would be enough. When I was finished, I grabbed my song book, and Mock's and said good bye to the only home I knew. I dropped my board outside and sped to the Lake. I kept my eyes open because I knew I looked odd, carrying four duffel bags, bulging out because of all the stuff. I came to a stop when the pavement ended and the dirt road began. I saw Jay's truck and went inside the Lake House. Jay saw me and gathered our 'Flock' as my mother would say. I dropped the bags at my feet, as he came up to embrace me.

"Nightingale, I'm so sorry you had to witness that!" I blinked quickly shedding any unnecessary tears.

"Jay I'm fine. Did you tell the others?"

"Yes. I switched my license plates. I always wondered why mom insisted I keep a pair registered in a different name on hand."

"Well now we know. Here take this. I need to find Dru." 

"He's by the bar with Rue." Cardinal said pointing to the under 21 bar.

"Thanks." I headed over to the direction Cardinal pointed out. I started to cry, because I was leaving my best friends behind, my boyfriend. God, Mock had to leave Rue. 

"Dru, can I talk to you?" I said softly. He looked into my eyes and took my hands.

"Gale, What's wrong? I thought you went home."

"My mom, she[s been murdered. I need to skip town, because I think the Flock will be next."

"Gale, come on let's take a walk." I followed him outside and we went down to the 'shore' the owners dug out a good chunk of the land they bought from the city to make the lake, it was used during the summer as a tourist trap and a place for the local teenagers to hang out and swim. Now it was where Dru and I were going to break up, or finally do it, and stay in touch until the coast was clear for me and my family to return home.

"Dru, I love you. You know that right?"

"Yes I know that. I love you as well."

"I came home after hanging out with you all day to find my mama dead on the floor."

"Oh my God Night, come here." I leaned into his chest before continuing my gruesome tale.

"Blood was everywhere, so I called Jay, and he told me to pack what we would need. I did so, and left. Then I came here." I reached up and kissed him, for what might be the last time. He held my head so that I couldn't break away. We fell from the log we had been talking on, and like at the Skate park I ended up on top, straddling him, but this time I kissed _him_. This time there would be no interruptions, this time I was in control. He deepened the kiss, and I started to get aroused. My hands ventured down south to his belt, and his ventured to my bra. 

When we finished doing what we wanted, I was naked, and so was he. 

"What do we do now Night? Do you want to go all the way?" I stopped what I was doing, which at that time was kissing his neck and chest. I straightened up and looked him in the eyes.

"Yes Dru, we're going all the way. Why else would we be naked?"

"I don't know."

"I'm leaving soon, no phone, no emails no nothing. This could be the last time we see each-other. Our last chance to be we each-other."

"Alright, God I love you Nightingale." He pulled me down and we continued where we left off, but going much much further.


15 minutes later

Dru and I held hands on our way back up to the Lake House, we said good bye at the truck bed, he leaned in for one last kiss, and he went over to his car, and sped away. In the window of the restaurant I saw Mock saying goodbye to Rue, she was crying, they both were. I got into the truck and got ready to leave Shreveport for good. To leave Louisiana for good, I didn't know where we were going and frankly I didn't care. I only cared that I was leaving the boy I loved. My mother was dead, and I was leaving my only reminder of my father behind. 

The rest of the Flock got into the truck and we were on our way. I waved goodbye to my city and rested my head against the window and began to sing.

"There's a girl out there,
Who see's the world as black and white.
She never comes out in the morning.
Says the sunlight burns her,

The only color she's ever seen
Was red,
As the blood ran down
The girl who only saw black and white
Who never shed a tear,
Will cry until
She's got no water left in her.

There's a girl out there
Who's only known sadness.
Who goes through life,
Not knowing,
Not caring.
Only seeing in black and white."

"Nightingale, are you alright? Do you need to talk?" Mockingbird said beside me.

"No, I'm fine Mock. Do you?"

"No I'm fine. Rue understands, or she doesn't and didn't want to tell me."

"Mock, are you going to be alright?"

"Yes. I'll be fine. What about you and Dru?"

"We said our goodbyes. He understands that I can't stay in touch. Even though we did a lot of touching during our good byes."

"You didn't!"

"We did!"

"How was it?"

"For our first time, it was amazing. Filled with love, and god it was the perfect goodbye."

"Please don't stop with the gory details. We're only your brothers." Cardinal said from the front seat.

"Like we haven't heard you talk about your sexual exploits! Or seen them!"

"Hey I wasn't expecting you to be in the kitchen until well past two!"

"Oh please. Penelope would've been in your bed again if I hadn't interfered."

"Enough you two. Since you're the only one's who've had it. Talk amongst yourselves when we find a motel 8 to stay at for the night." Jay said. Mock kept her head down. She's had it, just not in the sense that Jay was thinking. 

After two hours of driving Jay pulled into a motel, and parked the truck.

"Alright. Nightingale, your name is Nicole, Mockingbird, your  Megan, Cardinal, you're Corey, and I'm Jason."

"Alright Jason." I said climbing out and grabbing my bag. The rest of my family followed me and I went inside the motel, my board strapped to my back, Mock at my side. Our first night on the run coming to a close and to think that the night before I had stayed up watching Horror House and the next night my house became Horror House.

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