Keep Dreamin'

Kasey is 18 years old and has a big dream/plan ahead of her. She wants to get into Penn State University after she graduates and is thinking of being a doctor. So far ,she has kept her dream ahead of her and not behind. As times get hard will her dreams fade away? Or will she be able to stay strong, determined, and confident? Read to go with Kasey through her adventure.


5. Stuck in the moment

Thankfully im not late to school today. I would be in trouble if I was. I Can't stop thinking about Ryan! I know i am not obsessed but really, what is happening. Graduation is in a few weeks and i need to find out before then. Why am i so caught up in this? Every time he looks at me, talks to me, or anything in that nature, i get stuck in the moment. Nothing seems real. But when he looks at me, I get this feeling that I've never felt before! Like, butterflies, and flowers, and happiness feels up inside of me! I was daydreaming that I accidentally drew "Ryan + Kasey To ∞ and beyond!". And again, caught up in the moment. I wasn't even paying attention to Mr.Charles. All I saw was him moving his mouth. Oh, Ryan looks SO cute writing in his composition book. Caught up in the moment. Again. "Earth to Kasey, come in Kasey." I heard. I snapped my head in Mr. Charles direction. "What?" I questioned. "Square root of 9" he asked. "3" I answered. "Correct" he sighed. "Now the sq-" RING! Ha, yes! Gym! FINALLY! I walked out the classroom and put my things in my locker. I headed to the gymnasium. I went in the locker room and hurried getting dressed. More girls piled up in the room. I couldn't stop thinking about Ryan. I slipped out if my thoughts when I heard the whistle. Time for gym.

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