Keep Dreamin'

Kasey is 18 years old and has a big dream/plan ahead of her. She wants to get into Penn State University after she graduates and is thinking of being a doctor. So far ,she has kept her dream ahead of her and not behind. As times get hard will her dreams fade away? Or will she be able to stay strong, determined, and confident? Read to go with Kasey through her adventure.


7. Snap out of it

    I woke up to the sound of my mum saying," Kasey, Honey, wake up." I rubbed my eyes and sky rocketed out of my bed. "What is it?" I asked. "I just thought you would want to go to the mall," She replied." Sure," I said excitedly. She smiled and walked out.


   *6 hours later* 

I had a Great time at the mall. I bought a lot of clothes and trinkets. My phone vibrated and i saw it was from ryan. I opened it and it read," How was your day beautiful?" It made me all warm and fuzzy inside. I am not going to be a chicken anymore. I have to do what my instincts tell me. It is time to ask him out. " Good," I replied," And I have a question, Will you go out with me?" I waited and waited for a reply. SNAP OUT OF IT KASEY! I have been so caught up in this that i haven't done my homework in the past two days!! Oh MY GOSH! Snap out of it , i told myself. I quickly got my last few homework assignments out of my backpack and got straight to work. JUST. SNAP. OUT .OF .IT!! 

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