Keep Dreamin'

Kasey is 18 years old and has a big dream/plan ahead of her. She wants to get into Penn State University after she graduates and is thinking of being a doctor. So far ,she has kept her dream ahead of her and not behind. As times get hard will her dreams fade away? Or will she be able to stay strong, determined, and confident? Read to go with Kasey through her adventure.


2. Not Suprised

  Today was the day that report cards came out. I wasn't anxious to see what grades i got because I have been a 'Straight A' honor roll student all of my life. As our English teacher, Mrs.Rae, was passing the report cards out, Ryan Hernandez,my crush,was staring at me. i saw it through the corner of my eye. When I looked at him,he looked away. I blushed. "Kasey,here's yours!" Mrs.Rae said as she smiled. "Thanks" I said softly. I opened my report card. Hmm,let's see,English,A,Math,A, Athletics,A.All A's! I smiled. I looked up and caught Ryan staring at me,he blushed and turned around. I smiled. "Psst,Ryan,hey!" I whispered. He looked at me shy looking. "I don't mind the staring! Stare all you want!" i smiled. He smiled wide and turned around in his seat. I slouched in my chair. 5,...4,...3,...2,...1... RING! I smiled and quickly walked out the door towards my locker. Gym with Mr.Hastings! The nicest gym teacher alive! I quickly put everything in my locker and headed towards the gym. As soon as I got in,I went straight for the girls locker room. No one in here? Perfect. I can get dressed quickly before anyone comes in! I quickly changed and waited for Mr.Hastings to blow the whistle for us to come out.

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