Keep Dreamin'

Kasey is 18 years old and has a big dream/plan ahead of her. She wants to get into Penn State University after she graduates and is thinking of being a doctor. So far ,she has kept her dream ahead of her and not behind. As times get hard will her dreams fade away? Or will she be able to stay strong, determined, and confident? Read to go with Kasey through her adventure.


6. He loves me,he loves me not.

I was at home sitting on a blanket in the grass. I was looking at the sunflowers. I picked one up and pulled it's petals. "He loves,me,he loves me not" I kept saying that until I got to the end. "He loves me" I whispered. I grabbed 5 more and each one was a "He loves me". Was this a sign from God? "Dear God,is this clues I need to find out to know if he loves me? Is this a sign? Please God,lead me to the direction you want to to head. And Jesus Name,Amen" I prayed silently. "Hey Kasey!" I heard a voice say. I opened my eyes and saw Ryan. This is the direction God has led me to. "Um hi." I said awkwardly. "Kasey,dinners ready!" I heard my mum yell from the window. "I have to go Ryan,I'm so sorry!" I said as i left. "Bye!" he called to me. "Bye!" I called back. I went inside and dug into our homemade pizza my mum made specially. Her pizzas were good. My phone vibrated. It was a text from Ryan. I opened it and gasped. It said "Kasey,I finally have the guts to say it,I love you!"

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