The Kolarin Cycle, Book One: Wildfire

(Haven't edited yet, there may be a few mistakes)
I came up with the idea for Wildfire a while ago but i was busy at the time and i never got around to it, but now i've finally started so here it goes. Wildfire is about a boy named Castir who was abandoned by his mother when he was little, she had given him into the care of a travelling circus of thieves, he quickly learns the skills of an acrobat and starts being sent on more dangerous missions, but the death of a loved one followed by the biggest heist of his life could ruin his.


10. Chapter 9 Escape

The backdoor Sage had spoken about lead into a narrow alleyway on the left side of the building. Garbage bins filled with trash sat at irregular intervals and rats darted back and forth between them.

'I'll go and get Emelra and Thyme you guys head for the north exit.' Castir instructed. That was the closed exit and isn't used often. So they only post newbie guards there. Night had fallen as well, so it would be even easier.

Castir then began scaling the side of the building. Castir wasn't afraid of heights, he was afraid of falling, he had fallen during a performance once. So he had become as good as he could so he didn't fall again. He hadn't fallen since.

He continued scaling the wall, using cracks in the stone and short beams from the buildings original frame as hand and foot holds. He got to the top fairly quickly and started to run across the rooftops, just like when he had stolen the key. Except this time he was alone.

The Inn Emelra and Thyme were in was easy enough to find, it wasn't the tallest building, but it was certainly the most original. It was bright orange in contrast to the dull grey of the rest of the city, so it was fairly easy to spot, atop a tall watch tower turret. There was no real hurry, Rosemary and the others wouldn't get to the north gate for another twenty minutes. So he decided to have a little fun with the guards in the watch tower, he was perched upon. He slipped his hood up on his head, covering his flaming red hair and he swung himself through the open window in one swift movement. Landing on the floor inside silently. One of the men looked up from his cards, but went back to concentrating on winning.

Castir slowly crept over to the swords, he picked them both up and slowly started to move them to the centre of the room.

One of the guards saw the movement and gasped. The other guards looked up and spun around and stared at what had caused the interruption in their game. They stared in amazement as the two swords fought each other back and forth, no sword gaining the upper hand. One sword made a swinging movement as if it was loping off the others swords wielders head. Castir dropped the other sword then holding the victorious sword up high. He then imitated sheathing it, then he dropped it and slipped out the window.

Castir was climbing down the tower when the alarm went off. A bell was being shaken in a rhythm. They were calling the Conjurers.

Conjurers are spell caster's that summon spirits to do their bidding, they can also see spirits and kill them. They would discover there was no spirit then the alarm would be raised. Castir slipped through the window, startling Emelra and Thyme in the process.

'Took you long enough, now…' Emelra was interrupted by the sound of a bell, awakening everybody from sleep. She rolled her eyes and added:

'Now we have to get out of here. Why do we always have to leave a city in a hurry.' Castir shrugged, and Emelra rolled her eyes in return.

'You two argue like an old couple.' Thyme observed.

'WE DO NOT!' Emelra yelled back. Thyme's face kept the same expression of mischief when she said;

'What do we do with these two?' She jerked her thumb over at the two captives, the real Levan and Duro, two balding middle aged men.

'I say we leave them, the inn keepers will come up here eventually. I've left the money on the couch that paid for our stay.' Thyme answered. Both Castir and Emelra rolled their eyes.

'Amateur.' Castir whispered as the trio slipped out of the window and into the cool night.

They climbed down the side of the building and Emelra snuck into the stables to get the horses. Naran had bought a horse earlier that day for Thyme so she didn't have to double with somebody. Castir had learnt how to take other people with him when he teleported, he held his palm out in front of him and pictured the north gate. A magic circle appeared in front of his palm and each horse disappeared, then Emelra then Thyme and finally Castir disappeared in a swirl of blue smoke. Rosemary, Naran, Sage and the still unconscious Aine were already waiting out the front of the gate, Rosemary tapping her foot impatiently.

'About time.' She said.

'If I had a gold coin for every time somebody said that too me.' Castir mumbled.

The group mounted up and galloped away from the search patrols of TaRin. Aine still floating behind tied to a rope, which was attached to Aine's horse.

'Would somebody like to tell me, what all those alarms were about?' Rosemary asked. Emelra and Thyme shrugged their shoulders looking between each other.

'I have no idea.' Castir lied.

'I'm sure you don't.' Sage replied sarcastically.

* * *

The group stopped about half way to TaMor, they moved off the road and found a small covered clearing, not to far away from the road.

Camp set up was easy, and a stack of wood was collected quickly. Emelra didn't fail to disappoint with the cooking. Rosemary and Naran trained together.

'Oi, Castir, do you want to fight her. I'm exhausted, she is good.' Naran pleaded. Castir sighed and silently agreed. He took of his bow and set it on the ground, this would be a melee fight. Otherwise Castir would have an unfair advantage.

'You can use magic.' Castir said.

'very well, but don't expect me to hit you with full power, I will go easy on the magic.' Rosemary answered.

'ARE YOU CRAZY?' Naran screamed, but Castir just ignored him and drew both of his long knives. A magic circle appeared in Rosemary's palm and moved in path in front of her, her lance coning out of the end. She caught it and twirled it above her head.

'Ready?' She asked and Castir nodded in answer.

'Begin!' She shouted. Castir wasted no time running at her. Lunging towards her gut, she easily deflected his blow and went to bring the lance down, but Castir leapt back landing on his hands he pushed off and landed in a crouch.

'You are fast.' Rosemary observed. Castir replied by jumping up and bringing his knife down like an axe, but again she blocked with the shaft of her lance.

'Fevor, Aestus!' Rosemary shouted, a blast of lava shot out of a magic circle that appeared at the tip of her lance, which was pointed right at Castir's face.

'Hevari.' Castir whispered and teleported to a spot behind her.

He brought his knife in to give her a knick on the shoulder, but some how Rosemary blocked it again.

'WAIT!' Emelra shouted. The sparring partners paused and looked over at her.

'If Castir had of landed that, Rosemary would be seriously injured.' She explained.

'You doubt my abilities?' Rosemary asked. Emelra backed away a bit.

'And Castir if you hadn't had teleported away from that spell, you would be dead.' Emelra added quickly. Castir considered this like he hadn't thought of that before.

'How about you fight us?' An unknown voice said from behind them. Rosemary and Castir spun around to face two cloaked people. One was obviously a girl the other a heavily muscled man.

'Who are you?' Rosemary asked.

'That would be the obvious question wouldn't it?' The girl answered, her face hidden by the cowl of her hood.

'Answer my question.' Rosemary ordered, she was frowning and she was gripping her lance tightly.

Castir slowly moved his hand to his belt, a casual movement.

'I wouldn't if I were you.' The girl said.

'It wouldn't be wise to throw a knife right now would it? Thief.' The man added.

'Tell me who you are.' Rosemary ordered.

'Beat us, then maybe we'll tell you.' The man said.

Naran went to draw his sword when the girl stopped him.

'Only these two, that way it's fair, see?' She said, and Naran reluctantly sheathed his sword.

'Very well, prepare yourself, you will now witness the full force of an Elementalist.

'And me…' Castir added feebly.

In one motion they both threw off their cloaks. The woman was wearing a flowing white dress that reached her knees A red bow sat on her chest, and a long wavy yellow strip was sown into the front, reaching from the middle of the hem and going up behind the bow, it split in two and made up the collar. Feathers were stuck to the shoulders and the sides of the end of the dress. Her wavy, long blonde hair reached down to the end of her dress. Two feathers at each side of her head. She had huge blue eyes, pale skin and short pointed nose.

The man wore something similar except he wore pants that covered his boots, with two long feathers at the end of each pant leg. His long, straight hair was tied up at the back with a peacock feather sticking out the top. His tunic  matched his pants, dark in colour and two long feather at the shoulder.

He had dark brown eyes and dark skin, not as dark as Erman's but still very dark.

An axe appeared in the mans hand and a short katana in the girls hand.

'Ready Castir.' Rosemary whispered. Castir nodded his head nervously and sheathed his two long knives, drawing out three shorter, throwing knives.

'I will take the girl, do you think you an handle the man's axe?' She whispered.

Castir nodded again and got into a fighting stance.

'Are you ready?' The man asked.

'We are ready.' Rosemary answered.

'BEGIN!' He shouted and rushed at Castir, panicking Castir through all three of the knives and they sailed past him harmlessly. Castir gritted his teeth and teleported to his bow, scooping it and the quiver up and teleporting to the safety of a nearby tree, Castir let loose three arrows in rapid fire succession, a shield suddenly appeared strapped to his arm, and it absorbed the impact.

'I can choose any weapon, or shield I want to appear on whichever body part I want.' The man explained.

Castir teleported some distance behind the man and let loose another arrow, the same shield sprung up on his back.

Rosemary was having a similarly difficult fight, every strike she brought down missed, it didn't even scratch the nimble fighter.

'Igneus...ATARA!' Rosemary shouted and long missiles of magma shot out of the tip of Rosemary's spear and shot straight at the girl. She didn't move she just looked at it, while it came crashing all around her. Smoke billowed around the clearing, stopping anybody from seeing anything.

Suddenly, the girl appeared out of no where swinging her katana upwards. Rosemary easily blocked it and whacked the girl over the head with the shaft.

The girl did the most unexpected thing, she collapsed to the ground, dropping her katana, and began to cry.

Glistening tears streamed down her face. Rosemary looked at her, unsure what was going on, whether it was a trick or not.

Castir was still struggling with the man, his arm mid swing, about to stab the man in the armpit, when suddenly he dropped his axe and ran over to the girl.

'Who did this to you, Luic?' He asked, and still sobbing, Luic pointed to Rosemary.

'Why do you have to be so mean?' He asked her. Rosemary just stood there with her mouth gaping open.

The man picked her up and she cried into his shoulder.

'Next time.' He said as he picked up their cloaks and walked away.

'Well that was a weird pointless day.' Naran observed, as he sat back down and began devouring his stew.

'It wasn't pointless, those two were members of the Cut Throats, a large gang of Magic users that prowl the country side looking for people to fight. They see it as some kind of sport. We haven't heard from them for ages.' Rosemary explained.

'Ok, so we know who they are, but if their all like that, they won't be much of a threat.' Naran joked, he was drawing a sword in the dirt with a stick.

'Those are probably the weaker of the gang, now we know that they are once again active.' Rosemary answered, they talked for a little bit longer and eventually, Thyme and Emelra drifted off to bed, leaving Sage, Rosemary, Castir and Naran talking about different kinds of magic.

'There are all kinds of magic, different styles and effects. Some magic makes you faster, some stronger, some produce powerful beams, some small orbs. There is even one I've seen which lights up your entire body, like a human lantern.' Sage explained, she was sitting fiddling with a stick, by the fire.

'Elementalists are examples of a kind of magic user, we harness a certain element to do our bidding, like water, air, earth, fire the basic ones, then there is metal, ice, plants, weather, sound, light there is even an Elementalist that controls time and space.' Rosemary explained.

'I thought you didn't know any of the other Elementalists.' Naran asked, as he sharpened his sword with a whetstone, making a rasping noise every time he swiped across the edge.

'I lied, I wasn't entirely sure I could trust you yet.' Rosemary stated. She then stood up and without a word walked off into her tent.

'Don't worry about her, she is just anxious to get back.' Sage explained.

They sat in silence for a little while, the metallic rasping of rock on steel the only thing breaking the silence. Then a soft tapping on the ground. Castir frowned and pressed his ear to the ground. The sound got louder and he could identify the sound as hoof beats.

'Someone's coming, quick douse the fire.' Castir hissed, and Emelra obeyed, tossing some left over water on the fire. It hissed as steam rose into the air, all warmth was gone, it was pitch black, and Castir had to rely on his hearing to sense where the rider was. No riders, Castir could now distinguish eight legs, rather then four.

'Stay quiet.' Castir ordered, he still had his ear to the ground.

'That is strange, I only sense three body's, two horses and one person, male.' Sage whispered.

'And a large amount of water.' She added. Castir frowned at that, wondering who the rider was.

'What's going on?' Rosemary asked, as she walked out of her tent, rubbing the sleep from her eyes and yawning.

'Get down.' Castir hissed, but it was too late.

'Whose there?' A female voice called out from ahead, nobody answered, suddenly Castir saw green coloured powder all around him, he realised it was pollen. He suddenly had the urge to stand up and shout his name, he was about to follow through with that urge but Naran beat him to it.

'My name is Naran!' He called, he stood up and looked out toward where the voice had come from dreamily.

The green pollen was slowly replaced by blue pollen. Castir's vision clouded and his eyelids began to droop, just before he closed his eyes he heard the word;


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