The Kolarin Cycle, Book One: Wildfire

(Haven't edited yet, there may be a few mistakes)
I came up with the idea for Wildfire a while ago but i was busy at the time and i never got around to it, but now i've finally started so here it goes. Wildfire is about a boy named Castir who was abandoned by his mother when he was little, she had given him into the care of a travelling circus of thieves, he quickly learns the skills of an acrobat and starts being sent on more dangerous missions, but the death of a loved one followed by the biggest heist of his life could ruin his.


8. Chapter 7 The Forever Growing City

The group galloped away from the city, Sage had regained consciousness, but still was too weak too talk.

'How did you do that back there Thyme?' Emelra asked. They had stopped to rest the horses, now that they were a goodly distance away from the city. '

Thyme is a Necromancer, just like father was.' Rosemary explained. 'I inherited his powers.' Thyme added.

'What about Sage, what did she do to kill those mudmen.' Naran asked.

'I can answer that one, she drew out all the moisture from there bodies, so the mud that makes up their bodies dried up.' Emelra explained.

'That act cost her a large amount of her magical power, so in order too survive her mind shut her body down, too conserve magical energy.' Rosemary added. Naran nodded thoughtfully. As if he understood the complexities of magic.

'I think we should set up camp here tonight.' Emelra suggested.

'Agreed.' Naran answered, lately he had seemed very concerned about Sage's health.

The tents were pitched and Emelra was getting the food ready when she asked Naran and Castir to fetch some more firewood.

'So how's the Emelra front going?' Naran asked cheekily, as they both walked away from the camp.

'How's it going with Sage.' Castir shot back.

'Ok, I give,' Naran answered.

'But in all seriousness, have you even tried?' Naran asked.

'What is that supposed to mean.' Castir replied, picking up a log.

'What I mean is have you told her anything?' Naran asked. 'I don't ask you for every little detail about Sage.' Castir argued.

'I don't like Sage.' Naran lied. Castir raised a single eyebrow. Naran looked stumped.

'Very well, I'll lay off, for now that is.' Naran finished. He then went to lean against the tree, but missed and fell to the ground. Castir burst out laughing. Naran went to get up but fell back down with a yelp. Suddenly concerned Castir rushed to his side.

'What's wrong? He asked.

 'My leg, remember when I got hit in the leg with that spear? Well a lady on the healing team attempted to heal it, she removed the pain and closed most of the wound up. I got hit in the leg by a sword when me and Emelra were captured and the wound opened up again.' Naran explained.

'Let's get you too Rosemary.' Castir replied. Naran grunted and let Castir pick him up and carry him back to camp.

'What's wrong?' Emelra asked, seeing Naran in Castir's arms. 'He collapsed and the spear wound opened up again.  'Thyme get me the green bag in my tent.' Rosemary ordered. Thyme retrieved the bag and set it on the ground next to Naran.

Rosemary kneeled next to a sweating Naran and rolled up his pants to reveal a recently opened wound in his left calf. Blood was pouring from it and had all ready covered his pant leg.

'How are we all?' Sage asked as she limped out of tent. She seemed to be able to walk, but when she saw Naran she collapsed to the ground. Emelra and Thyme rushed to her while Castir stayed by Naran's side.

'You are in no state to be walking around.' Emelra chided.

'It doesn't matter right now, I have to heal Naran!' Sage exclaimed.

'Rosemary is taking care of him, now get back to bed and rest.' Thyme explained.

'But-' She started but Rosemary cut her off, 'Go back to bed Sage, I have this under control.' Sage obeyed her, but only grudgingly.

Rosemary, cleaned the wound and pored some sterilizer over it. It didn't look as bad without all the blood, Thyme helped Rosemary wrap the bandage around Naran's thigh, who was silent the entire time.

'Done.' Rosemary exclaimed.

'Thanks Rosemary.' Naran replied.

'Now that your all better. Castir go get some firewood!' Emelra yelled.

Castir bolted off into the trees to retrieve the pile of wood he dropped.


* * *


'TaRin, the biggest city in Tanania.' Emelra exclaimed. The group stood at the entrance to the town.

'Where are the walls?' Naran asked.

'The city is always being made bigger, they think having a big, unmanageable city is something to be proud of. But this city will be next to useless when the war comes. Because there will be a war.' Rosemary explained. The group walked around the city, asking for any news on Aine's whereabouts. Almost every young man in the market place had some idea of where Aine could be located.  Rosemary and Naran decided to stock up on some supplies, in case they need to leave quickly so the rest of the group went and booked a room at an inn called "The Roaring Lion".

'So what do you think of this Aine lady?' Sage asked.

'I think all the men of this town have a very high opinion of her.' Thyme replied.

'Thyme!' Sage exclaimed.

'I'm just saying…' Thyme trailed off.

Sage rolled her eyes and continued talking. 'I think we should prepare a plan.' At that moment Rosemary and Naran arrived.

'How are we all then?' Naran called as he sat himself down on a stool.

'Did you find anything new?' Emelra asked.

'Yes, we found out Aine has been indulging in male trafficking.' Rosemary explained.

'Oh, we're doing fine Naran, how are you doing. Oh I'm doing great thank you for asking.' Naran .

'Naran.' Castir .

'Yes, my good friend?' Naran asked.

'Stop talking.' Castir replied shortly. Naran opened his mouth to speak but stopped and slumped his shoulders.

'I have a plan.' Rosemary explained. She dropped the sack she carried at Naran and Castir's feet and said;

'but first you two get changed into this.' She added.

* * *

He was cold, embarrassed and feeling all around unhappy. Castir walked through the streets in the most revealing costume he has ever had the unfortunate opportunity of wearing. He was wearing a tight, green vest that was two small and was opened at the front, accompanied by a pair of uncomfortably tight black pants, that reached just below his knee.

Thankfully Castir had his hood, so he could easily turn invisible, Naran however wasn't as lucky. He wore an exact replica of Castir's outfit, but he didn't have the luxury of being invisible and Castir hadn't quite worked out how to make other's invisible, though he had suspicions it had something to do with the mark on his wrist.

Rosemary had found out where Aine lived and was too follow in after Naran and Castir under the latter's hood. Rosemary led them too a large townhouse in the western district

'Levan and Duro for Aine.' Castir said to the balding man in the front room. He jerked a thumb towards a open door. Those were the names of the two men who were supposed to be seeing Aine, but Naran had caught them and knocked them unconscious. They were now back at the inn, tied to a chair. Thyme and Emelra stood watch. Sage had been hired as one of Aine's assistants three days ago. She had discovered that Aine was kind and caring to her servants, letting them live some where else if they wanted or live in the slaves quarters in her house, if they had nowhere to go. She was one of Aine's administrators.

The room they walked into was huge and surprisingly bare. A few tapestries hung on stone walls, and a red carpet extended from the door to a desk a woman who was probably Aine sat. A smaller desk stood off to the side, where Sage sat scribbling away on a piece of paper.

Aine looked bored and was twiddling a quill in her hand.

'Levan and Duro, here for the thing.' Naran said nervously. Aine leaped up and yelled in joy.

'Finally, I thought you would never come, your younger then the last ones.' Aine observed. Naran stuttered and was about to say something when Aine added;

'Which is good, I was getting sick of the older guys. This should be fun for both me and you.' Naran stuttered again, but Aine silenced him with a wave of her hand and pointed towards a second door, to the left.

'Go in there, I'll be there in a tick.' Aine ordered. They obeyed and Castir held the door open for just a second longer so Rosemary could sneak through.

A few minutes later, Aine walked in wearing clothes even more revealing then what they boys wore.

Castir had a plan, but it would involve some serious acting. He put his best sexy face on and motioned for Aine to come closer. She grinned, kissed Castir passionately for a second and laid herself on the bed. Castir tied her hands to the bed post, moving slowly and seductively, if he could, so she didn't realise. Naran finished tying her feet to the end bed post when rosemary pulled the hood off. An expression of sudden realisation spread across her face, she yelled at the top of her lungs.

'Who are you and what do you want?' She asked.

'You'll find out when we get to where were taking you.' Rosemary explained. Aine growled and screamed again. Sage rushed into the room in answer.

'Leah, finally get the guards.' Aine ordered. Sage ignored her and crossed the room to where Rosemary stood.

'That was easy enough, now lets get her out of here.' She said.

'Y-your with them?' Aine stammered.

'Of course, why would I work for a traitor like you.' Sage answered.

'Th-this is about the rebels?' She asked.

'Yes and why you betrayed them, and the thing you stole.' Rosemary spat.

'I didn't mean to, h-he w-would've k-killed me.' She stammered.

'Then you should have died, rather then betray your friends.' Naran growled.

'Quies.' Sage whispered and Aine's mouth disappeared. Aine seemed to be struggling to speak her mind, but thankfully, she couldn't.

'I think it would be easier if we just knocked her unconscious.' Naran observed.

'Good idea.' Rosemary answered and walked over to Aine, she lifted her hand up and a magic circle glowed on her palm, her lance appeared in her hand and she slammed the butt into the side of Aine's head. Her head slumped and Sage gave back her mouth. She then dipped her hand into a sack, she had brought and pulled out two sets of plain clothes.

'Put these on, what your wearing now is not suitable for travelling.' She said as she tossed them the clothes.

Nara immediately pulled off the ridiculous outfit and pulled on the other clothes. He didn't seem to care if people saw his downstairs. Sage spun around her pale face suddenly scarlet. Rosemary didn't seem to care, she just stood there waiting.

Castir however was a bit more self conscious, he insisted that Rosemary and Naran turned around, so he could get changed.

Castir pulled out some knives Rosemary had brought and his bow and arrows. Naran already had his twin short swords strapped to his back.

'Ready now?' Rosemary asked.

'Now I am.' Castir replied as he unstrung his bow.

'Volito.'  Sage whispered and Aine's unconscious form slowly started to float up, struggling against the bonds that kept her to the bed. Naran cut them free in one swift motion, and Aine floated up to Sage's head height. She then grabbed onto one of the ropes still tied to her legs and pulled her out the door.

'but first you two get changed into this.' She added.

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