The Kolarin Cycle, Book One: Wildfire

(Haven't edited yet, there may be a few mistakes)
I came up with the idea for Wildfire a while ago but i was busy at the time and i never got around to it, but now i've finally started so here it goes. Wildfire is about a boy named Castir who was abandoned by his mother when he was little, she had given him into the care of a travelling circus of thieves, he quickly learns the skills of an acrobat and starts being sent on more dangerous missions, but the death of a loved one followed by the biggest heist of his life could ruin his.


7. Chapter 6 Fire!

Author's Note: Apologies for the long wait.


Four hooded figures walked along the streets or TaMor, it would be incredibly easy to find her house and kill her. She was just an old woman and the demon had snuck off to follow her sister's. The people didn't know why the master wanted this woman dead nor did they care, this was just a minor mission when the real one was to find them, all 14 of them and kill them before they united together. One has already swapped to our side. No doubt to save his own life, but he will die in the end as well. All of them would die, even the petty knife thrower, spear holder and sword wielder. They would die as well. It would be fun.

The four stopped at the gate of a house which sat atop a hill. Wendol pushed open the gate.

'After you Seah, and may I add you are remarkably beautiful today.' Wendol gestured for her to walk through the gate first.

'No talking, I don't see the need to alert her to our presence.' Seah replied, as she walked through the rusty gate.

The garden was well kept, obviously this woman knew her stuff, it would have been nice to talk to her about her garden but the Master ordered her dead. Birce sighed.

'Pity she has too die.' Birce said aloud.

'I said no talking.' Seah whispered. The four people walked up the garden path slowly and silently.

'Nyt, use the darkness to hide us.' Seah whispered.

'Sure, but you said no talking.' He replied, Seah glared at him but he obeyed her and whispered;

'Stola ténebris.' The magic took effect instantly, a blanket of darkness surrounded them, now nobody could see them. The group walked in single file up to the side of the house, they walked past a window and Birce could see an old woman sitting on a rocking chair in front of a lit fireplace, she was stroking a few cute kittens. A shame they had to die as well.

The group stopped outside of the strawberry patch. The plan was simple, Seah would light the house on fire, Wendol would put it out once they were sure the oman was dead. Birce was only there in case of a fight. Nyt would hide them in the shadows during their escape. 'Ignem.' Seah whispered and a bright pink flame appeared in the palm of her hand. She tossed it onto the roof of the stone house and it immeadiately caught alight.

'Pink flames, can burn through anything.' Seah whispered to herself.

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