The Kolarin Cycle, Book One: Wildfire

(Haven't edited yet, there may be a few mistakes)
I came up with the idea for Wildfire a while ago but i was busy at the time and i never got around to it, but now i've finally started so here it goes. Wildfire is about a boy named Castir who was abandoned by his mother when he was little, she had given him into the care of a travelling circus of thieves, he quickly learns the skills of an acrobat and starts being sent on more dangerous missions, but the death of a loved one followed by the biggest heist of his life could ruin his.


6. Chapter 5 Truths Be Told

Castir did find out what that ring did the next day. Sage was awake first and was sitting by a newly lit fire, three books were floating before her, her hand was raised and pointing at the fire,

'Virede,' she whispered. The flames changed colour to green. Sage had yet to notice Castir's presence.

'Caerul.' She said, and the flames turned blue, she smiled to herself and flipped through the pages of her books, without touching them.

'How are you doing that.' Castir asked causing Sage to jump and her books dropped to the ground, the fire changing to its regular red-orange colour.

'How long have you been there?' She asked.

'I saw you change the fire green then blue.' Castir replied, he sat down on the ground next to her, he peered at the pages the books had fell open too, trying to make sense of the symbols hand-written neatly across the page.

'I might as well tell you but I'll wait till Emelra and Naran are awake.' Sage replied, sighing.

Castir stood up and calmly walked into Naran's tent and shook him violently.

'WAKE UP, SAGE HAS SOMETHING TO TELL US AND I WANT TO KNOW NOW.' Castir screamed. A fist came up and smashed Castir right between the eyes, making him to tumble back into the side of the tent, ultimately causing the tent to collapse.

'Never wake me up ever again.' Naran grumbled from somewhere inside the folds of the tent. Castir crawled out from under the tent, straight into the frowning face of Emelra. 'What's all this noise about.' Emelra asked, her eyebrow raised.

'Castir rudely awoke me.' Naran growled as he followed Castir out of the tent. 'He punched me in the face though.' Castir quickly added.

'I don’t want to hear it.' Emelra chided, then she turned and sat next to Rosemary who had also just gotten up. Castir slumped onto the ground and Naran sat opposite him.

'Ok if were going to be fighting together then we will need to know what each others abilities are.' Sage began.

'Naran's pretty handy with a sword and Castir never misses whether its with a bow or his throwing knives.' Emelra explained quickly.

'And you’re the best with a spear Emelra.' Castir added making Emelra blush.

'What about you two I know about Rosemary and her lance but what about you Sage?' Naran asked.

'Well, you see, I can use magic.' Sage replied. Naran and Emelra's eyes widened in shock.

'M-Magic.' Emelra stammered, her face changed to an expression of disbelief. 'Rosemary is the magma Elementalist.' Sage quickly tried to move the attention to Rosemary, but the attention was divided evenly.

'Do you mean all those times we fought it wasn't to your full strength?' Naran asked.

'Not even close.' Rosemary replied, smiling at Naran's look of disappointment. 'What's an Elementalist?' Castir asked. 'An Elementalist is a person that has total control over their element, for example Rosemary is the magma Elementalist, which means she can create and manipulate magma and lava.' Sage explained.

'How many elementalists are there?' Emelra asked. 'fourteen, unless one us have died during the past six months, but I doubt that because I would've felt it.' Rosemary explained.

'What are they like?' Castir asked. 'I have no idea, because I've never met them.' She replied.

'Then how do you know they're real?' Castir questioned. Rosemary rolled her eyes then said; 'because Lavender told me.'


'No more questions.' Rosemary cut off.

The bush behind Emelra made a rustling sound.

* * *

'Did you send them?' He asked. 'Yes, they are stealing the mask and bringing back the traitor, Aine.' Lavender replied.

'Good, good and the Halfling?' he asked.

'Her name is Thyme and she is not a Halfling, but if you must know she is following them, because I wouldn't let her go, she snuck off.' Lavender replied. 'I need to get back to TaMor, I left dinner on the stove.'  then she disappeared in a swirl of flickering white lights.

* * *

The rustling sound turned out to be Thyme.


'I didn't want to be left behind.' Thyme replied feebly.

'I would have half a mind to send you back.' Rosemary said.

 'But, you might come in useful in a fight, so you may stay as long as you don't complain or whine.' Rosemary explained.

'I promise.' Thyme replied. 'You can come on out, Snuffy.' Thyme whispered into the bush. Snuffy, Thymes cat bounded out of the bush.

'You brought, the cat.' Sage said. Rosemary sighed and shook her head then grabbed her lance and walked away. Thyme sat on a log playing with the cat.

'I hope you brought a bed roll.' Naran . Thyme froze, 'I didn't.' She said. 'Don't worry, you're small enough to fit into mine with me.' Emelra offered.

'Thank you.' Thyme answered.

* * *

Naturally, Castir got the sucky job of going around the town of ChuRian, searching for information about Drow. It was an average sized town with nothing particularly special about it. Castir asked around the market place all day, until one man, a sober one, at a tavern informed Castir that Drow is a big time illegal weapons dealer.

'He sells weapons to bandits.' The man explained.

'Do you know where I could find him?' Castir asked.

'Not a clue, but young Meko might, he is Drow's only daughter, though Meko hates her father she always makes it her business to know what he's up too, she would be asleep now but head on around to the spice shop tomorrow, that's were she works.'  The man explained.

'Where is the spice shop?' Castir asked.

'You turn left when you leave the door, the turn left again at the first turn off, it is the second door on the right side, you can't miss it.' He explained. Castir thanked the man for his assistance then got up and left. The sun was setting outside, so Castir decided to climb the building and move his way along the roof tops back to the inn. The inn was the only building with more then two storey's, so it wasn't difficult to find. Castir dived through the opened window and rolled on the floor. Rosemary jumped and nearly hit the roof.

'Jeez, Castir you scared me.' She chided. 'Get used to it.' Naran said from the corner, he was sitting on a stool sharpening his sword with a whetstone, smiling at Thyme, who was playing with Snuffy on the floor.

'What did you find out?' Sage asked. Castir told them about what the man in the tavern had told him.

'Well, I suppose we should find this Meko girl tomorrow and ask her about her father.' Sage decided. 'Now off to bed with the lot of you.' Rosemary shooed them off too there beds.

'She just wants to steal something for the very first time.' Thyme whispered to Castir. A book flew through the air and hit Thyme in the back of the head. Thyme just giggled and dodged another book, before ducking into the room she shared with Sage. Snuffy bolted after her.

Sleep was scarce that night, all Castir could think about was whether Meko would help them.


Meko turned out to be more then willing to help, she even gave them information about the people he was selling too.

'The Imperials are planning to buy all of his weapons, they think that a war is on its way, is that true?' She had asked.

'We don't know yet.' Rosemary had replied shortly. That was when they had taken there leave back too the inn.

The next few days were spent carefully planning how they were going to pull this off. Using the map that Meko had given Sage, the group were able to figure out a fool-proof plan to rob the mask from Drow, without being caught. Everything from who was doing the stealing to what clothes and weapons they would take. They decided against sending Castir in with his cloak to steal it, because if Castir was touched at all, then the heist would fail. Besides Emelra was the person who needed to steal as was the agreement with Lavender. There were some arguments about this, Emelra didn't think she was good enough, and thought Castir should do it, but eventually she was convinced to steal the Mask.

Castir, Emelra and Naran were going to be teleported inside the house by Castir. He had checked out the place the day before and was familiar with where he was teleporting. He took Naran and Emelra by the hand and whispered; Hevari. They disappeared and re-appeared inside a small storage closet.

Sage watched the three thieves disappear with a swirl of blue mist. Now it was up too them. Lavender had said not too get involved unless Castir, Naran and Emelra got caught, and judging by there past records, the three sisters were going to have an easy night.

Emelra had memorised the way to the room were the mask was kept. The hallways were deserted, but the room was guarded by six soldiers. Two for each of them. Emelra pulled her spear off her back, she heard the almost silent scrape as Naran drew one of his swords, and Castir disappeared from her peripheral vision.

'On my mark.' She whispered. 'Three...two….one, go.' She counted. The three of them jumped out from around the corner and one guard slumped to his knees, the hilt of a knife sticking out of his chest.

 Emelra readied her spear and charged. Naran and the invisible Castir by her side, well at least she thought Castir was beside her. Emelra spun her spear over her head and blocked the guards sword with the shaft. She went for a jab but the guard deflected it with his shield. Emelra feinted to the left and stabbed the guard through the chest. He slid off the end and landed with a thud.

Emelra turned too face a second one to find him staring wide eyed at a now visible Castir, a knife ready in his hand. Naran had killed both of his guards and was squatting over one cleaning his sword. The last guard turned to run away but found his path blocked by Emelra. Castir pulled up his hood. The guard turned to run in a different way, but he stopped, then fell forward with a thump. Castir pulled his hood off, he clutched a bloody knife in his hand.

'Let's get the mask and get out of here, I hate killing people who block our path.' Castir whispered. Naran picked the lock on the door the guards were protecting and stepped inside. Emelra followed after him, Castir stood guard outside, invisible.

The room was fairly small and shelves with weapons sitting on them lined the walls. At the end of the room on the middle shelf sat the mask, it's shape was very peculiar, one half was sharp and pointed the other was curved and rounded. Emelra picked it up off the shelf and tucked it away into a sack she had brought.

'Let's go,' Naran whispered. They stepped out the door and Emelra felt someone grab her arm, it was a guard, two guards were holding onto an unconscious Castir. Naran was wrestling with another two guards, unsuccessfully. Emelra screamed at the top of her lungs  hopefully Rosemary and the others heard her.

A high pitched scream came from inside the building Rosemary, Sage and Thyme were waiting outside of. They had a sack containing the things from the inn, including food, spare clothes and the files Lavender had given them concerning Drow and Aine.

Rosemary dropped the sack into a nearby bush and dashed through the front door, Sage and Thyme close behind. They ran though another door and found themselves in a huge room, Emelra and Naran were kneeling on the floor their hands tied behind there backs with ropes. Castir was laying on the floor in a corner, unconscious.

A man, who Rosemary assumed to be a guard was holding a spear, two swords, Castir's cloak and throwing knives and a sack which must have the mask inside it. Rosemary twirled her lance over her head. Preparing to use Magma magic when,

'Stop this at once!' A man yelled. A short fat little man wobbled through a door, he had small watery eyes and a black beard, his head had a massive bald spot in the centre with a large amount of black hair surrounding that spot.

'What is the meaning of this?' He asked. 'Who do you people think you are? Waking me from sleep? Me, the powerful Drow?' He yelled.

'We caught these three stealing your mask from the vault.' The guard explained gesturing too Castir, Emelra and Naran. 'The boy over there was invisible. We think he was using this hood. Also they killed six of our best guards.' He added.

'If he was invisible how did you see him?' Drow asked. Rosemary was quite curious as well.

'Well, we came around the corner, me and my team and we saw one man trying to shove himself into a broom closet. We had just got back from climbing and Bulle had some left over chalk, so we threw it and it covered the boy showing us were he was, I knocked him unconscious with the pommel of my sword, when these two came out of the weapon room. We captured them and brought them here.' The guard explained.

'I see and what of these three?' Drow gestured towards Rosemary.

'They just barged in here just then, very rude I might add.' The guard finished. 'Kill those three girls but leave these three to me.' Drow pointed at Naran, Emelra and Castir. Guards came out of the doors on either side of the room, they had swords drawn and were looking mean.

'Have any of you heard of an Elementalist?' Rosemary asked them. They all nodded, confused.

'Well have you heard of the one that lives up in Tanania?' She asked. It was well known that the Rosemary, the magma Elementalist lived in Tanania. They nodded again.

'Well, she isn't in Tanania any more. She spun her lance and whispered 'igneus aestus.' and pointed her lance at the men. A huge torrent of Magma shot out of the tip and wrapped itself around two of the men. They screamed loudly and writhed on the floor. Rosemary moved the tip of her lance and the lava followed it. She spun her lance around her head and shot the super hot substance at the next one. Thyme stood back and watched, but Sage stepped forward, she yelled.

'Terae Turris!' A huge spire of rock shot out of the ground crashing into the guards. The guards melted into mud. Mudmen!

'These are mudmen not real people, you can only kill them with iron!' Rosemary shout. The mudmen that were already dead started to reform, only they were splitting into four. Drow laughed.

'My mudmen are special, when they are killed, when they reform they split into four new ones!' He shouted. Sage suddenly ran in front of Rosemary and shouted at the top of her lungs.

'FEVOR!' The mudmen froze, then started becoming lighter in colour until cracks started to appear along the surface. Sage collapsed.

'Sage are you ok?' Rosemary asked as she rushed over to her side. Rosemary swung Sage over her shoulders and screamed,

'THYME UNTIE NARAN AND EMELRA, and wake up that stupid idiot over there.' She gestured with her lance towards Castir, who was mumbling something about giraffes. Thyme untied Emelra and Naran then was preparing to slap Castir when Naran ran over.

'Let me do it.' He asked. Thyme frowned but let him do it. Naran gently took Castir by the shoulders, then shook him violently.

'I'm awake, I'M AWAKE!' Castir shouted. 'I know, it was just pay back from before.' Naran said.

'This is no time to be fooling around, we need to leave.' Rosemary shouted.

'Oh you won't be going anywhere, those men guarding the mask you tried to steal, they were human because you can only rely on mudmen to kill, not defend, so naturally, the rest of the building is crawling with mudmen, who want your blood. You'll never leave, alive.' Drow yelled. He laughed uncontrollably as Castir retrieved his weapons, and cloak, thankfully they hadn't seen the key. Emelra grabbed her spear and the sack containing the mask. Naran retrieved his swords just in time, before dozens of mudmen started to stream into the room.

'We need to get out of here, he isn't an ordinary man.' Rosemary bellowed. With a weak Sage swung over her shoulder and Thyme, Emelra, Naran and Castir following close behind, they bolted down the hallway and into the courtyard out the front of the building. It was still night time, stars dusted the navy sky. Naran picked up the sack full of their belongings and swung himself up onto his horse. Thyme still didn't have a horse so she rode Sage's and Sage sat in front of Rosemary. Emelra made sure the sack was secure before swinging herself onto the horse. Castir had just leapt onto his horse when Thyme screamed out.

'SNUFFY!' The cat came sprinting out of a nearby tree and up onto the neck of Thyme's horse. The party galloped along the dirt road. 'It's no use, these mudmen will catch us in an instant, their faster then horses that's for sure.' Emelra observed. Thyme jumped down from her horse and stood between the mudmen and the group.

'Thyme, what the hell are you...?' Naran shouted.

'Just watch.' Rosemary interrupted. Thyme stood straight, but her head was bent down, her face was scrunched up in concentration. A rumble shook the ground, followed by another, then another. Cracks appeared in the earth, and from those cracks, emerged hands. Skeletal hands, which were followed by arms, then bodies. Skeletal soldiers emerged from the ground, clutching a sword or bow in their decayed hands. The monsters charged the mudmen, and slaughtered them.

'They must leave at sunrise so we have to go.' Thyme whispered. 'Are you ok?' Emelra asked.

'I'll be fine, we just need to go.' She replied. The group galloped out of ChuRian towards TaRin, where Aine awaited capture.

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