The Kolarin Cycle, Book One: Wildfire

(Haven't edited yet, there may be a few mistakes)
I came up with the idea for Wildfire a while ago but i was busy at the time and i never got around to it, but now i've finally started so here it goes. Wildfire is about a boy named Castir who was abandoned by his mother when he was little, she had given him into the care of a travelling circus of thieves, he quickly learns the skills of an acrobat and starts being sent on more dangerous missions, but the death of a loved one followed by the biggest heist of his life could ruin his.


19. Chapter 18 Beacon of Light

Peace. A cool breeze tussled her long white hair. Clara stood atop a cliff gazing across the plains below her.

'Sanctum Alas.' She whispered stretching her arms out to the side and quickly drawing the simple magic circle, she felt the weight on her back increase as huge angelic wings unfolded.

The familiar weight was soothing, she felt naked without her wings. Without them she couldn't leap into the air to once again feel the wind.

Clara smoothed out her long white robe, then dived off the cliff with her wings tucked in at her sides.

She laughed at the rush she felt, nearing her death at the ground, she spread her wings and caught the updraft she had felt before she dived.

Her huge wings flapped once and propelled her into the air. Soaring high above the cliff and just below the clouds.

She dived again and pulled up just before she hit the ground, gliding smoothly along the plain.

Her feet planted on the ground after her short flight, and she laughed again.

Her wings dissolved into light and she sat beneath the shade of a tree, watching the clouds move across the sky.

Clara closed her eyes for a moment and when she opened them, the clouds had darkened and threatened rain.

Except these weren't natural storm clouds, they were created, by a human.

Her wings appeared again after a quick spell, and she launched herself into the air, flapping her heavy wings to gain altitude.

She circled high above the ground, but not so high as she entered the storm, she searched for the creator.

Eventually she found her target and settled down in front of him. He lay on a hill, twirling his finger in the air. When he dropped his hand the storm died down and the clouds went back to being white and fluffy.

'Can I help you Clara?' He asked, Wead was a lanky man, with greasy black hair and pasty white skin. His dull brown eyes looked lazily into Clara's shining blue ones.

'Yes I believe you can, why are you here?' She queried. Wead got up off the ground slowly and stood with his back straight, his long arms placed together behind him.

'I am here because my Master has ordered me to kill the king of Lor. Naturally you will resist?' He replied.

Clara held up her index finger and a single ball of light sparked to life.

'Of course!' She said.

'Let the fun begin.' said Wead before he spiralled up into the air.

Clara drew the magic circle that makes her wings appear before she took to the skies behind Wead. The clouds darkened once again and a fork of lightning sparked towards Clara.

'Shattering Light!' She yelled, holding her hands towards the clouds. An orb of light flickered to life, then a beam shot towards the fork which shattered like glass.

More lightning struck at Clara, all fell to the ground singeing the grass in pieces.

Wead whipped up a tornado, a massive funnel of wind and debris whirling in a circle. Tearing up grass, uprooting trees and collecting stones.

Clara flew up, tucked in her wings and dived straight into the heart. It was calm and peaceful inside. A wall of wind separated Clara from the carnage outside.

'Dazzling explosion!' She said , she drew the magic circle in front of her and small bubbles of light blossomed and floated up to the clear sky above.

Clara swiped her hand through the runes they disappeared like smoke and the bubbles exploded, dispersing the tornado.

Enough defence,' said Clara once the wind calmed.

Wead floated slightly below her with his mouth wide open. Once again Clara raised her hands high. A ring of light appeared above her finger tips. Her hands snapped closed and the ring of light expanded.

'BINDING LIGHT!' She shouted before grabbing hold of the ring and tossing it at Wead.

Wead flinched away from it but found himself still floating in sky, unhurt from the attack.

He laughed then tried to raise his arms but found he couldn't move. He struggled against the gold ring surrounding him, holding his limbs in place.

'Now that you can't move.' Said Clara. Her feathery wings strained against the effort of pulling Clara higher.

'HOLY STORM!' She screeched. An orb formed in between the palms of her hand.

'PURIFY!' She screamed, finishing the spell.

The orb melted into thousands of light missiles sped towards Wead's immobile body.

Wead was knocked unconscious from the energy being propelled towards him.  Clara smiled then released the spell binding Wead in the air.

The gold band vanished and Wead fell to the ground. He stopped falling just before he hit the ground. A ghostly smile crept across Wead's pasty face.

He floated back up in line with Clara.

'Do you think it would be that easy to beat me?' He asked before a bolt of lightning spread from his fingers and zapped a startled Clara.

She fell to the ground, her eye sight beginning to fail, and the cold grip of death envelop her. A small area of the grey clouds above her parted like curtains. Shining light beaming down on Clara's face.

'Not yet.' A voice said in her head before she blacked out.

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