The Kolarin Cycle, Book One: Wildfire

(Haven't edited yet, there may be a few mistakes)
I came up with the idea for Wildfire a while ago but i was busy at the time and i never got around to it, but now i've finally started so here it goes. Wildfire is about a boy named Castir who was abandoned by his mother when he was little, she had given him into the care of a travelling circus of thieves, he quickly learns the skills of an acrobat and starts being sent on more dangerous missions, but the death of a loved one followed by the biggest heist of his life could ruin his.


16. Chapter 15 Separated

Castir fell out of the door, landing on the ground with a thud.

The grass was soft and the smell of oak wood filled the air. Castir looked up too see he was in a huge oaken forest. The branches stretched over their heads protectively. Wait, Castir was the only one there. Not a single sign of anybody else being anywhere near him. The door closed and the key fell to the ground without a sound.

Castir stood up, retrieved his key and set off to find the others.

* * *

Emelra wandered through the forest looking for her companions,  Glacieus walking slightly behind her. The trees were placed randomly, sometimes so close together that they almost touched each other. Sometimes so far apart that even the branches didn't meet. For the branches formed a sort of roof, the light shining in between leaves. Creating a irregular pattern along the grassy floor. Exposed roots provided a new thing for curious animals to hide behind. Rabbits looked up from behind roots and peered around bushes to catch a glimpse of the two lost people. Then they would run off in the direction the two were walking.

Emelra weaved between the trees, tracing her hands along the bark of the old oaks. Making a cut across the bark every now and then with her spear, as a landmark.

The oaken smell of the forest was suddenly replaced by the smell of smoke, and freshly baked bread. Following her nose, Emelra ran toward the wonderful smell, Glacieus running behind her.

They stumbled into a clearing, where a small cottage stood, smoke puffed from a chimney and the thatched roof was patched in places. The house was odd, as in the sides weren't deadly straight and the stone slabs was placed in no pattern at all and a thin layer of cement kept the slabs together, so it didn't fall down. The inhabitants had clearly built it themselves.

* * *

Little rabbits bounded along between the trees, playing with each other. Oak swept through the same trees, listening to the directions they passed to him. Rosemary followed behind him and Thyme skipped along behind her.

Rosemary held up her lance to mark the bark.

'Stop, don't hurt them.' He ordered, holding out his hand.

'How are we supposed to know if we're going in circles.' Rosemary argued back.

'They won't lead us astray. I trust them.' Oak countered before setting back off   along the track. They wandered along, not seeming to have a path at all.

'The trees say we're near one of our friends.' Oak explained after taking his ear off one of the trees.

'Who is it?' Thyme asks.

'They don't have eyes, they can feel them touching the bark.' Oak explained.

Thyme stepped on a stick, making a loud snap.

'They've jumped into one of the trees, whoever it is must have heard you.' Oak whispered.

'We don't know who it is yet, it could be anybody.' Rosemary whispered back.

'Rosemary?' A voice asked.

A figure with spiky red hair leapt down from one of the trees.

* * *

Emelra rapped on the front door of the house. Someone inside groaned in frustration, then the sound of wooden floorboards creaking reached Emelra and Glacieus's ears.

The door opened and an old women stood in the door frame. Her grey hair was tied back in a tight bun and her face was covered in wrinkles, giving the appearance she had her eyes closed.

'What do you want?' She asked rudely.

'I'm sorry to bother you at the moment but it appears we're lost.' Emelra explained, as gently as possible. Glacieus stood a bit behind Emelra, his arms crossed and looking at the ground.

'Oi, chin up there boy.' She ordered. Glacieus looked up and frowned, the woman squinted at him, or what seemed like a squint, then stepped out of the doorway.

'Come in, I'll see if I have any food.' She finished.

* * *

Thyme wandered along behind Rosemary, Oak and Castir. They were arguing about which way they went and whose fault it was. Thyme rolled her eyes and looked around the huge oak forest.

'We are clearly in Chun-ik, the trees are to short to be from the Great Buran Forest.' Rosemary explained.

'Silence, I will ask the trees, just stop bickering.' Oak yelled.

He closed his eyes and his body seemed to slowly rise. When he opened his eyes his body stopped rising and went back to Oak's regular tall stature.

'Bura, we are close to Calor.' Oak said finally.

Castir grinned in a matter-of-fact way, then jumped into one of the trees and leapt from tree to tree, scouting ahead.

They continued walking for a bit longer when Thyme tripped over a tree root. She rubbed her face and eyes with her fists and opened her eyes only to see the most beautiful flower Thyme had ever seen stood proudly in front of her.

Thyme picked it and looked around, spotting another flower Thyme walked off, picking the flowers, that seemed to be in a sort of trail.

* * *

Wela walked in a shallow brook, she followed the current, hoping to find someone drinking from the stream.

She walked along for a bit longer when she felt a disturbance in the current. Wela melted into the water, moving with the current, slowing herself down when she sensed herself getting closer to the person's mouth.

She reformed herself and tackled the person to the ground. Wela looked down at her victim, it was Thyme.

'What are you doing here?' Wela asked, shocked.

'I got separated from Rosemary, Oak and Castir.' Thyme replied.

Wela saw the bundle of flowers sitting on the side of the bank.

'You didn't?' Wela asked, Thyme nodded slowly as she bit her bottom lip.

Wela sighed and rolled off of Thyme, helping each other to their feet.

'Let's see if we can find our way, and don't wander off this time.' Wela said as she walked off. Thyme running to catch up.

The two walked for a while, when Thyme noticed the growing size and number of the spider webs in the area. Once she even thought she saw the glowing red eyes of a creatures in one of the bushes next to her, but when she blinked it disappeared. She paused, peering into the bush, but then noticed that Wela had continued walking, she ran to catch up to her. Narrowly avoiding a long stream of web, aimed at her face.

* * *

Sage looked out into the forest, the town of Calor was in the exact centre of The Great Buran Forest. The town was a massive array of tree houses connected by long rope bridges. She sighed and turned around to head back to the huge oak tree in the centre of the town, where the Rebels had built their headquarters. She was the only one that had shown up to Calor, the others weren't there. Castir had said the words incorrectly, but Sage hadn't noticed until she was already walking through the portal. She had hoped that they had only been teleported to a spot not far away from here.

She had no idea why she was the only one that hadn't gotten lost. Search parties had been sent out into the forest by the Rebels, so far no success, but they had found tracks of two people walking away from the city, they were following those tracks now, just in case they were two of Sage's friends.

She secretly hoped that one of them was Naran.

She cursed herself for her disloyalty to her other companions, it could just as easily be Glacieus, Rosemary or even Wela. But there was little hope.

* * *

Naran trudged through the huge forest of wherever he was. He had found human footprints earlier and was following them, hoping to catch either the travellers, or end up in the city they were traveling too. So far he had seen neither but he was remaining vigilant and walked on.

The woods were getting denser, the light that seeped through the leaves was fast reducing. Wait, the light wasn't reducing, it was fading. Night time was almost upon him.

The creatures of the night would be prowling. Naran wasn't scared, he had excellent night vision. He needed to be able to see what he was stealing without a lot of light, so he preferred the night. He grinned and loosened the sword in his scabbard. He was going to have fun tonight.

Or at least that's what he thought before he found himself facing a huge expanse of tree houses, and one giant tree with platforms jutting out.

The huge oak towered over the other trees, leaves the size of ships and branches as big as a house. The trunk so thick, that several castle's could fit inside of it.

Naran walked forward toward the huge tree, staring intently at a familiar figure standing at the huge gates that stood between even bigger roots.

* * *

Castir didn't notice that Thyme was missing, neither did Rosemary or Oak. Castir continued to jump through the trees, scouting out ahead. Oak listened to the directions the trees were giving him, sending Castir signals with his pollen, making patterns so Castir knew which way to go. Fortunately they didn't run into any trouble and the trio soon found themselves stumbling into the light of lanterns hung outside tree houses.

'Wait a minute, where's Thyme?' Oak asked as he thanked the trees for their guidance.

All the colour drained from Rosemary's face.

'Uh-oh.' She whispered, then she ran towards the tree, banging her fists on the huge door.

'Rosie, it's too late nobody will open it, we'll have to wait until tomorrow.' Oak explained trying to calm her down.

'We can't wait that long, we need search parties, NOW!' She yelled pointing the lance that had just materialized in her hand.

'IGNEUS FRAGOR!' She yelled and a huge explosion obliterated the gates. Rosemary stomped through the wreckage, her eyes set intent upon the next door, when blue pollen began clouding her vision, her eyes drooped and in one final effort, she collapsed to the ground, asleep.

'I'm sorry, but we will have to find her tomorrow.' Oak whispered.

* * *

Thyme was getting scared, the webs were getting bigger, the silken strands becoming coils. But Wela still strode on fearlessly, her steps wide and fast, leaving Thyme to have to run to keep up.

'Wela, can you slow down-'Thyme began, but was cut off by Wela turning around bringing her index finger to her lips.

'Move slowly, avoid jerky movements, it could provoke it. If I say stop, you stop.' Wela whispered.

She started moving slowly forward. Treading carefully and precisely. That was when Thyme saw it, a huge web reaching between two trees, and Wela was walking right into it.

'WELA STOP!' She yelled, Wela spun around, her arms flailed out the side, one hand catching on the web.

Wela looked down at the web, she frowned and tugged on it. She touched it with her other arm, which instantly became stuck.

Suddenly the web shook, and it caught all of Wela's body. She struggled in the web, She melted her body into water, but the water still clung to the web desperately. She reformed herself and looked at Thyme. Who ran forward and was about to touch the web when a stream of water shot out from Wela's face, pushing her away.

'Don't touch it, we can work this out.' She muttered. The web shook again and long spindly legs emerged from the shadows. The giant spider crawled down the web, down toward Wela. The spider began to wrap Wela in more web, until she was in a single cocoon.

Thyme looked on in horror as the spider continued to wrap her. One of the spiders eyes locked with Thyme's, whose own eyes widened in fear and terror. The spider scrawled down from the web and began advancing on Thyme. Who stood in fear.

'THYME RUN!' Wela yelled from inside the cocoon, only one eye remained visible of the Elementalist. Thyme stood frozen in fear. The jet black spider continued to advance on Thyme, all eight of it's red eyes locked on Thyme's quivering body.

A sliver of darkness started to leak from Thyme's body, dripping down to the ground, more darkness pored out of her body, like water in a stream. The darkness began to engulf Thyme, she got taller and huge leathery wings sprouted from her back. The darkness disappeared, revealing a transformed Thyme. Her long black hair now stood up, like she was upside down. Her clothes had become a kind of armour, tall shoulder spikes sat on either side of her head, the fingers pointed. The rest of her clothes were tight, dark purple with thick wedges at her heel. Making her seem even taller.

She now was a little bit smaller then the spider, which began backing away.

Thyme leaped forward, her wings spread out to keep her elevated longer. She tackled the spider to the ground. The spider threw her off it, Thyme sailed into the air, her wings stopping her decent, she floated in the air. Webs shot out of the spiders spinnerets. Thyme dodged around them, spinning and tumbling through the air.

'MALUM FLORERE!' Thyme shouted. A small orb of black energy appeared in between the palms of Thyme's hand. The orb enlarged slightly then shrank, a beam of black energy shot out of Thyme's hands, her wrists pressed together.

The spider leapt out of the road, perching on the side of a tree.

The beam collided with the ground, causing a huge explosion. A few trees got caught in the explosion and when the explosion died down, nothing remained.

The unharmed spider leapt at Thyme, who swooped under the spider, a whip materialized in her hand, which Thyme brought up, wrapping it around the spider's body.

Wela watched on through the sliver of space left in her cocoon. She watched the epic fight in awe.

Thyme swung the arm holding the whip towards the ground, bringing the spider with it. The latter smashed into the ground, leaving a huge crack in the earth. The spider got up to it's eight hairy legs, preparing to jump again.

'Veterascet ad tenebrae!' Thyme whispered and she opened her eyes at the last word. With her arms above her head, a huge ball of black and purple energy formed, expanding to a gigantic size.

'DEATH WILL ENGULF YOUR SOUL!' She screamed as she threw the sphere down at the terrified spider. A huge explosion rocked the forest, birds flew off in fright and smaller spiders ran away in fear. Nothing remained of the spider, though this time the forest seemed unharmed, instead it seemed to be slowly healing, returning back to it's former glory. The webs fell down and the spiders that remained dissolved into shadows. The only web that remained was the one Wela was stuck in.

Thyme descended to the ground, her eyes locked with Wela's, the latter showing fear for what was to come. Could Thyme control the form she was in? Or would Wela meet the same end as the Spider?

Thyme slowly spun around to face Wela, she lunged forward, the claws on her arms extended.

Wela squeezed her eyes shut, she didn't feel the pain of claws scraping through her flesh or blood seeping out of her body.

Thyme sliced through the webs, catching Wela in her arms, she flew up into the air.

Wela slowly opened her eyes, seeing she was in the arms of her friend she relaxed a little. Though Thyme's eyes seemed distant and unfriendly. Wela could see a huge tree in the distance, she remembered that the town of Calor centred around the tree, she pointed at the tree, and Thyme flapped her wings once, then sped off like an arrow in the direction of the tree.

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