The Kolarin Cycle, Book One: Wildfire

(Haven't edited yet, there may be a few mistakes)
I came up with the idea for Wildfire a while ago but i was busy at the time and i never got around to it, but now i've finally started so here it goes. Wildfire is about a boy named Castir who was abandoned by his mother when he was little, she had given him into the care of a travelling circus of thieves, he quickly learns the skills of an acrobat and starts being sent on more dangerous missions, but the death of a loved one followed by the biggest heist of his life could ruin his.


11. Chapter 10 The Eternal Garden

The flowers in Wela's Garden were the most beautiful, in all of TaRin. All the  women, wished for there beauty and she was well known to have be the best  gardener in all of TaRin. Her boyfriend Oak, was also an amazing florist. There  little cottage at the top of the tallest hill, in all of TaRin was surrounded by  these gorgeous sights. Roses, tulips, daisy's and lavender. They complimented  each other and the smell was intoxicating.

Wela walked around the spectacle watering them, keeping them ripe with  colour and beauty. The water gushed out of her fingertips falling gently on the  soil, for the flowers roots to drink.

Oak sat down on a wooden bench surrounded by his flowers, drinking in there  beauty. He played with the flowers, opening and closing the petals, he swirled  his hand and the flowers followed the movement imitating his hand. Wela  sprinkled some water over his flowers.

Wela sat down next to him on the bench and lay her head in his neck.

'Oak, we have the most beautiful flowers in all of TaRin.' She whispered softly.

'We do, nobody could hope to match there beauty.' He whispered back. Wela  silently agreed then closed her eyes. The sun was setting slowly on the  horizon. Judging by the slowing of Oak's breathing, he was asleep, Wela soon  followed suit. Leaving the flowers to alert them of danger.

* * *

The guard stood before his lord shaking, still recovering from his experience with the swords.

'Now, tell me, what happened?' The king asked, he had already heard the story before, but he wanted to here it from him.

'Well, ya see, two swords just suddenly picked themselves up and started to attack each other, ya know?' He explained, his Varmalan accent thick on his words. The king rolled his eyes, it appeared the situation was correct.

His mind wandered to the time he had caught that woman with water pouring out of her hands. It could be her, but it was more likely her boyfriend, who had been seeing to control the flowers movements. Yes it was probably those two. He recalled their house was atop the tallest hill in TaRin, a fairly easy place to find and, capture the two sorcerers. They would be held trial for practicing there abilities in front of the public, it had been agreed that they could live in TaRin, as long as they didn't reveal their identity. Sadly they would have to die for their crimes.

'Arrest, Wela and Oak.' He said calmly.

'As you wish my lord, his most trusted advisor answered.

'Soldier, take twenty men to arrest Wela and Oak, bring five spellcaster's with you.' The advisor yelled, at the quivering man before him.

The soldier ran off to collect the people he would need.

The king looked around his throne room. The stone walls were cold and unwelcoming, the red carpet firm and uncomfortable, his chair was hard and overly large. The torches lighting the room provided no warmth at all, all they did was make it easy to see. He wished he couldn't see the most daunting room in the castle.

* * *

Wela was awoken to the sounds of sirens. She looked around, she was in her  room. She smiled out at the flowers, they had brought her and Oak into the  house.  Oak lay sleeping next to her, he could sleep through a hurricane.

'What's going on?' He asked after Wela had shook him awake.

'Sirens, something's wrong, lets have a look.' She whispered to him. He got up  and dressed himself, Wela followed suit. Oak was wearing his usual attire,  consisting of long green pants which covered his bare feet, brown triangles on  the edge. He never wore a shirt, substituting that for two brown belts that  crossed his chest diagonally. Wela was wearing her pink dress which reached  her knees. The sleeves reached her wrists and was fluffy on the ends of the  sleeves and hem. Her thick, lace up combat boots ended just under her knee. She never liked Oak's attire, but apparently nothing else was  comfortable. He just wanted to show off his muscular torso. When she voiced  her opinion he replied with his normal response.

'This is the only comfortable thing.'

'Don't you ever get cold?' Wela questioned.

'Not really, I never feel the cold.' He answered, mysteriously.

The two walked out of the cottage and peered through the darkness, she  could make out three people running through the streets, a forth was floating  along behind them. A young boy perhaps 17 was running across rooftops,  towards the most repulsive coloured building. He slipped through the window  and shortly reappeared and was followed by two other people, girls, one  around his age, the other very young.

Wela considered pointing them out to Oak, but dismissed the thought.

'WELA AND OAK, YOU ARE UNDER ARREST BY ORDER OF THE KING OF  TANANIA!'  Someone called out. Wela looked down from where the voice was  coming from, about 25 men and women were running up the hill towards Oak  and Wela.

They stopped about ten metres away from the couple.

'What are the charges?' Oak asked politely.

'You have betrayed an oath you made to the king.' A medium height soldier  answered. Wela rolled her eyes.

'Will you come quietly?' The soldier asked, he stepped forward a little and held  out some rope.

'Of course not, you fool.' Wela shouted back, she stepped forward and held  out her hands in preparation for the oncoming attack. Oak followed her lead.

'Then we shall use force, SHOOT!' He ordered. Arrows came flying out of the  recurve bows held by ten of the twenty men.

Vines appeared around Oak's body protecting him from the deadly onslaught.  Wela just stood there and did nothing as the arrows passed through her body.

'My body is made out of water, physical attacks can't harm me.' Wela said  shortly.

Next came the sword and spear men, they weren't very experienced with their  weapons.

'AQUA SLICER!' Wela yelled and a large amount of water ran through the  body's of the advancing foot soldiers. They crumpled to the ground,  unconscious.

'SPELL CASTERS!' The soldier yelled, he yelled as he ran back to a boy holding a  horn. He whispered a quick word and the boy blew his horn as loud as he  could, in three short bursts.

The advancing spellcaster's jumped over the body's of their unconscious allies  and started throwing orbs of coloured light. Again the attack just went through  Wela's body and Oak blocked them with the thick vines he used.

'Somnus.' Oak muttered and held out his palms, a magic circle appeared on  both his palms and blue pollen scattered out of them, encircling the attacking  spellcaster's. The need to breathe eventually overcame there want to avoid  the sleep inducing pollen. They all fell down, either asleep from the pollen or  had fainted from holding their breath to long.

Another horn blast accompanied there stamping of feet running along cobblestone. More soldiers are coming.

'Whatever your stupid king thinks we did, we didn't, so goodbye my friends.' Oak shouted down to the oncoming re-enforcements as he stepped forward and shouted a spell that caused vines to erupt from the base of the hill and block anybody's attempt to get to them.

'We need to leave, I can't hold these vines forever.' Oak explained.

'I'll get everything ready.' Wela replied.

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