Danielle Rae Tomlison (Louis Tomlison's Sister) COMPLETED!!!!!!!!!!!

Danielle just turned 19 and hasn't see her older brother sense 2010 and sense Louis went to the Xfactor and Danielle finally sees him after three years without him. The boys from one direction finally ask about Louis' sisters and he said all of them and the Boys never heard of Danielle an finally meets her.


6. The Big Surprize

Danielle's POV


"Hey, Danielle and Lottie is the trap ready?" asked my little sister Dasiy.


"yep So better that u dont come in." I said while finishing up tieing the rope.


Then Lottie and I ran to the couch and opened up my favorite app called movellas and read for about 20 or 30 minuets then there was a knock at the door.


"Who is it?" yelled Lottie.


"Louie and the boys!" Louie yelled.


"COME IN PLZ O PLZ COME IN BOYZ!!!" we yelled at the top of our lungs and the little sisters ran to our room.



            STRING SNAPS



"What the Heck!!" yelled Liam.


"What is this stuff?!?!?!?" asked Zayn and Harry.


"MMMMmmmmMMMMmmm tastes like CHOCOLATE!!" yelled Niall.


"Does it taste Choclastey?" asked Liam.


"UMMM DUH!!" said Niall.


"Well, we were coming in to say u win!" said Louie.


"Win what?" I asked.


"This little game!" said Harry.


"O OK! thanx sooooooooo much!" yelled Felicite.

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