Danielle Rae Tomlison (Louis Tomlison's Sister) COMPLETED!!!!!!!!!!!

Danielle just turned 19 and hasn't see her older brother sense 2010 and sense Louis went to the Xfactor and Danielle finally sees him after three years without him. The boys from one direction finally ask about Louis' sisters and he said all of them and the Boys never heard of Danielle an finally meets her.


5. Let's Just Be Friends

Harry's POV


"U know what louis i just want to be their friends!" i said wipping make up off of my face.


"I know Harry, I know." said louie back to me.


"Well we will have too take them some where to have them like us." said liam.


"Lets take them somewhere!!!!!!" said niall."maybe a restorant?"


"No  NIALL!!!!!" everyone yelled.


'how bout take them on tour?" asked liam on twitter.



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