Danielle Rae Tomlison (Louis Tomlison's Sister) COMPLETED!!!!!!!!!!!

Danielle just turned 19 and hasn't see her older brother sense 2010 and sense Louis went to the Xfactor and Danielle finally sees him after three years without him. The boys from one direction finally ask about Louis' sisters and he said all of them and the Boys never heard of Danielle an finally meets her.


9. Delta Colorada

Danielle's POV


So we finally arrive at Delta, CO and go to Aleah's and my house. "Hello Anybody home!?!?!?!?!?!?" I yell through the bigg awesome house.


Aleah's POV


Today i decided to work on some stuff for Danielle and my busnese and so i sat on the couch and all of a sudden i hear some one yell," HELLO ANYBOBY HOME!!!!" and first thing thaat came in to my mind was DANIELLE'S HOME!!!!!!!!!!!


So i walk towards the door and see 7 pairs of shoes and walk into the kitchen and i see Danielle and her little siter and 5 other guys that i didnt know so i quickly ran up stairs and grabed Danielle's softball bat and run back downstairs.

Danielle's POV


"get out u five now!!!" aleah yelled.


"Run she's got a bat!!" zayn yelled.


Then Harry screams and throws a bag of potato chips. Aleah hits the bag of potato chips and hits zayn in the back of the head. All of this happens then Louie yells "HOME RUN!!!!!!!!!!!"



"Wait...Danielle,..... what is one direction doing in our house?!" Aleah whispered in to my ear.


"Well im Louie'S sister aparently i forgot all about it after he went to XFactor." i whispereed back."And they did asked us if we would go on tour with them after we did the pranks you told us to do."

"O um welcome to our colorful house." Said aleah.




I hope that you guys like this book and if u do plz keep reading thankz so much for reading this!!!!!!!!

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