Danielle Rae Tomlison (Louis Tomlison's Sister) COMPLETED!!!!!!!!!!!

Danielle just turned 19 and hasn't see her older brother sense 2010 and sense Louis went to the Xfactor and Danielle finally sees him after three years without him. The boys from one direction finally ask about Louis' sisters and he said all of them and the Boys never heard of Danielle an finally meets her.


4. Bad Plan for the Boy Comes a Great skeam For the Girls!

Danielle's POV


"You know what that was a bad plan cause they just fired up my steam!!" yelled Lottie.


"Now Lottie don't go and punch the boys in the face or something cause i have a better plan tonight just dont fall asleep." i told the girls.


So night grew upon us and the boys fell asleep in louies room. The girls and i hid shaving cream, a bucket full of hot water, honey, gooy stuff, and  make up. So we headed toward Louies room and put shaving cream on liams hair, honey on Niall, gooy stuff around louies bed, stuck Zayns hand in hot water and finally the best part... We did Harry's MAKE-UP!!!!!!!!!!!


Louis' POV


 this morning the boys and i woke up and all the boys were freaking out so i stood up and got stuck. Harry had make-up on his face, liam had shaving cream in his hair, niall has honey on him and Zayn wet the bed! the girls are in the doorway laughing and Danielle is VERY serious.


Danielle's POV


"You girls did this didnt you!" asked louie.


"Thats what u get for the breakfast insonent!!" Lottie Yelled.


"Oh your going to get it!" said louie trying to move but was stuck.


Louies POV


"SWEET REVENGE! SWEET SWEET REVENGE!!!" yelled the girls running down the hall.

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