You were mine for the summer

Five best mates. Laila, Cara, Lauren, Kenzie and Suzanna. Who would have known that a simple camping trip could land them meeting the one, the only, One Direction. Xx


3. Two weeks to go...

The next day we started planning what we were going to take. Tent, clothes, books, phones, sports gear, guitar and food… heaps of food! Plus some other things as well.

“We should do a campfire, if the grounds let us that is,” Suzanna suggested.

“We can’t on the grounds, but there’s no one stopping us from having one on the beach.” Lauren informed,

“I’m so excited! Can’t we just leave now?? I don’t wanna wait till the end of term...” Cara chimed in, jumping up and down. Almost falling over all of our bags.

“Calm down!” I said, “There’s only two weeks left of this term, and then it’s over. No more homework.” I added, shooting a cheeky glance in Laurens direction. She hated homework, but she’s the only one of us who still does it anyway.

I must admit, I was pretty excited as well. I hadn’t gone camping since my dad died. He was diagnosed with skin cancer about two years ago. Mum and I haven’t been the same since. We loved him to bits, and when the doctor walked into the room and told us the news. Our whole world changed. Chemo didn’t work as well as we all hoped. He died two weeks later…


*****Heya guys:) Sorry the chapters are so short... Hope you like so far:)*****

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