You were mine for the summer

Five best mates. Laila, Cara, Lauren, Kenzie and Suzanna. Who would have known that a simple camping trip could land them meeting the one, the only, One Direction. Xx


2. School time...

It was the end of 4th period, beginning of lunch. We all decided to meet up where we normally hung, Seagar block. Kenzie and Suzanna had just finished human bio. They started talking about how they had dissected a sheep heart and how when the boys next to then squeezed it, all this blood sprayed everywhere.. and then they decided to play catch with it. I was already feeling sick, I didn’t need this conversation to make it worse. So I decided to hopefully change the topic.

“Hey guys, don’t you reckon we should go camping sometime?? Term’s nearly over, summer holidays. A whole two months to just relax. Just the five of us??” I piped up, desperate for a response.

“Yes!” Lauren almost screamed. “I’ve heard of this great place, Waipu Cove. It’s about a two hour drive from here, it’s a huge camp ground with a beach not far away. Just over the sand dunes.”
“Deal,” Cara agreed. “I’ll have to ask my parents, but I’m pretty sure I’d be able to.”

“Same here, I’d love to go with!” Kenzie joined in.

“Me five,” Suzanna added, smile spreading from one ear to the other.


*****Heya guys:) Hope you like it so far:) Don't forget I welcome tips and feedback with open arms:) ThanXx for reading this far! *****

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