You were mine for the summer

Five best mates. Laila, Cara, Lauren, Kenzie and Suzanna. Who would have known that a simple camping trip could land them meeting the one, the only, One Direction. Xx


1. Intro

Lailas the name. Laila Rodgers. I'm 16. I used to live in Whangarei, New Zealand. However, I wasn't exactly well known at my school. Well... I was, just not for the right reasons. My ex, Leo Jordaine... Let's just say he’s an idiot and I have no idea why I liked him in the first place. It's all because of him I wanted to move, and after talking to my mum for what felt like forever, she finally agreed and we started planning. A new place, a new home, new friends... a new life.
We've been living in our new house for a month now. Pakuranga, a place in Auckland which is also in New Zealand. I've started at a new school, best one I've ever been to. There’s so many awesome people there who love me for the way I am. No need to completely change. There's this one girl I clicked with instantly, Cara Smart. She's so amazingly talented with her music. Guitar, singing and piano. She's always creating new originals and writing her own poems. We both adore music, specially a boy band that consists of five members. One Direction. We also love Little Mix, Ruby Frost, Demi Lovato and Mumford and Sons.
Kenzie Hardesty. She's awesome, crazy... but we still love her. She loves writing, always coming up with new ideas for her next story. She loves to draw as well, always doodling on her notepad. I reckon she should become an artist one day, or an author, either one. She has a funny personality, always cracking jokes around us girls. Our teachers always tell us off for laughing too much... I don't understand why they don't just give up, I mean.. we're never gonna change.
Lauren Garcia. We always have a good time with her no matter where we are. She's very outgoing, always wanting to go somewhere. Movies, the shops or the city. She's also very loud, sometimes we get embarrassed hanging with her, but it's who she is and we love her anyway. She's extremely nice, always complimenting us no matter how depressed we are. We could be about to collapse from pain or stress, but she will always help us see the light."
 We're all very energetic, but the one with the most energy... Suzanna Berger. She's very active. Plays rugby, netball and table tennis. She loves going to the gym, basically every day. I'm surprised she still has enough energy and time to do other stuff with us girls. She loves food, mainly pasta and chocolate. She's a very bubbly person, always wanting us to do stuff with her when we just want to sleep.
*****Heya guys:) So this is my first Movella...ever. So this first chapter is just an intro to some of the main characters. I'm pretty sure I don't need to introduce the boys =P. So the next chapter will be the start of the story. ThanXx so much for reading it this far:) If you want to leave any feedback or tips you can either comment or email me at ThanXx again:) Luvies Me, Sarah B Xx *****

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