spies (one direction)

two sisters Alex and Desi are taken to an agency that trains people to become spies. they nab them after they are shot by Alex's ex boyfriend. the bad thing is their first mission is to kill the boys they love.


2. waking up fine!?!?!

Desi's P.O.V

Desi woke up. she was in a dark room. she turned her head to see Alex. Alex woke up and looked at her stomach. "what the hell!?! I had a huge bullet wound there." she pointed to her stomach. the lights turned on. "you girls are very special." said a man standing in the door way. "what how?" desi asked her voice cracking. "you both healed up very well." said the man. "I'm Jacob. you girls are very special. you both have been chosen for the S.A.S.A program. you will be taught how to face troubles others can't face. you will be taught how to assinate people, sneak around, fighting, etc. you will take missions..." what did you do to us?" Desi interrupted. "I mean how did you heal us?" Desi asked. "well ummm ok I will explain." Jacob said. "we found you guys bleeding on the sidewalk. so we nabbed you up and brought you here. we have doctors here that put the chips that will bring the skills naturally to you guys in. he also healed you." Jacob explained scratching his head of blonde hair.


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