spies (one direction)

two sisters Alex and Desi are taken to an agency that trains people to become spies. they nab them after they are shot by Alex's ex boyfriend. the bad thing is their first mission is to kill the boys they love.


4. slapped, than snapped

(Alex's P.O.V)

"WHAT!?!?!" me and Desi screamed.  Jacob covered his eyes. "I'm sorry I know you have a strong relationship with the boys." he said I must have looked confused because he further explained. "I know you were dating some of the members. Niall, and Zayn." hearing his name made me wince. "NO!!!! no, i will not kill my boy friend or hers or ny of them!!!!! not in a million years." I said walking to MY dorm. "what the hell our first mission is to kill our boyfriends, no........" I heard Desi scream. yet it was cut off by the sound of skin to skin contact. Jacob had never slapped me or Desi.

(Desi's P.O.V)

I was complaining about having to kill our boyfriends, when Jacob raised his hand and slapped me. he had never done that before. I lashed out. I grabbed his arm and twisted it till I heard the snap. I broke his arm . afterwards I ran to my dorm. I closed the door than started sobbing. I heard a knock on the door. "Desi are you ok?" I heard Alex ask me. "no." I said "he..he..h..he slapped me." I stuttered.

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