spies (one direction)

two sisters Alex and Desi are taken to an agency that trains people to become spies. they nab them after they are shot by Alex's ex boyfriend. the bad thing is their first mission is to kill the boys they love.


1. shot!!

Alex and Desi were on their way home from a party. Alex used to date a boy named Matthew. he was clearly drunk. they were walking alone... well with each other. Alex was on the phone with her recent boyfriend Zayn. "no you hang up first." Alex said with her kissy voice. Desi got sick of them fighting like that over who would hang up first, so she grabbed the phone out of Alex's hand and hung up "no i'll hang up." Desi said clearly annoyed. "you know you don't need to ruin my fun because Niall is out of town." Alex whined. next thing you know shots go off. Alex looks at Desi on the ground. she looks down and sees a huge bullet wound in her stomach. she falls to the ground and blacks out.


hey hey its me umm I want to thank the people that read my story. umm I will explain more about the characters in the next few chapters. btw desi is based of my sister (unbiolgical) kk thanks

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