spies (one direction)

two sisters Alex and Desi are taken to an agency that trains people to become spies. they nab them after they are shot by Alex's ex boyfriend. the bad thing is their first mission is to kill the boys they love.


3. first mission

(Desi's P.O.V)

I flipped Jacob and watched as he got up. I tied up I Black hair. "want to go again?" I asked. "NO!" Jacob said smiling clearly knowing that I would win again. "ok Desi go get Alex I need to tell you girls something." Jacob said. "ok" I said already in the hall on the way to Alex's dorm. "Alex come on Jacob need to tell us something." I said banging on the door. I heard crying on the other side. I opened the door and walked in to see my sister crying on the bed. she was holding a picture of me, Niall, Zayn, and her. "I miss them." Alex cried. "I miss them too." I said a tear falling. I wiped my sisters tears. "come on lets go before Jacob comes sees the picture and takes it away." we walked back to place Jacob was. we sat down across from him. "ok what." I said. "ok I think you girls are ready to go on your first mission." Jacob said. "WHAT?!?!" Alex asked exited. "wait." I said "what is it?'' I asked knowing our first mission would be challenging. " this is the part neither of you will like." Jacob said. "you have to kill one direction." he said scratching his head. we sat there mouths open.

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