That bad boy is mine ( Completed )

How did he turn out to be her cousin
She is just so lucky she knows Arabic or else her life couldn't have ever changed
And she finds out that he is really rough but yet sweet want to know more continue reading and you'll see the dark side he has in him
And in the end it turns out that he isn't the only one in love with her


21. The bling


                                                 Haley's p.o.v

       Louis broke the kiss and ran out of the room, WTF!!! why does everyone walk out immediately??  I just raised my hand to cover my mouth and think about what just happened, as I gathered myself Zayn came in the room and told me that he wanted me to go downstairs because he and Perrie had a big announcement to make.

        I went downstairs and sat next to Liam, as we all waited patiently for Zayn and Perrie to say something, and suddenly the both blurted out the words I never thought I could hear and it broke my heart into little pieces " WE'RE ENGAGED " was all I heard before I blurted " ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? " and I covered my mouth as fast as I could just to think of what I just said, everyone was shocked by my reaction but I just looked at Zayn straight in the eyes with mine full of disappointment and sadness and he gave me a sympathetic look, but I just covered my mistake by saying " well I meant it in a good way I'm just excited and happy for you guys I wish you best of luck " and gave them a fake smile, hugged them and went upstairs.

       My mind was going back to what happened yesterday, why did Zayn do that?


    Me and Zayn were goofing around and watching some T.V we both were happy and comfortable around each other but then I mentioned Perrie and Zayn went blank, I asked him what's wrong he just looked me in the eyes and said " can I trust you with something? " I nodded indicating for him to carry on speaking " the thing is I want to break up with her, she is becoming more clingy and " he paused " quite frankly I like someone else " my heart beat faster and my palms got sweaty and I couldn't breath, oh shit he already likes someone else, I guess I just have to fake smile all over again " oh, I'm sorry to hear about the Perrie thing, but another girl huh? who is she? is she famous? does she like you back? what's her name? " I kept on asking and he chuckled and said " well, she is funny, nice, bubbly, great, she takes my breath every time I look at her, she has the most amazing eyes anyone can wish for, and the way she talks makes me want to listen to every single word she wants to say, and her lips I just want to kiss them all day long, she always lights up my mood, and she turned me into a complete different person in a short amount of time, and she is simply the perfect girl and, you'll get to meet her tomorrow " " YAY!! " I fake cared, seriously, god is not giving me a break here, what more can I do, or say to make it more clear.

                         I LOVE YOU ZAYN MALIK, I FUCKING LOVE YOU.

     But he just described the most perfect girl in the world, who wouldn't want to be with her, I was shattered when I heard his words, I don't know what has gotten into me but he just makes me weak, like I just want him to lift me up and tell me I'm his and he's mine, but that will never happen, at least I wish he is happier with the mysterious girl, I guess I just have to suck it up for the rest of the summer.

                                            END OF FLASHBACK

      I kept on thinking about what he said, how the hell could he get engaged to Perrie what about the other girl? was he just fooling around? or was he describing Perrie, but seriously something is wrong with Perrie she isn't the same, it's like a different Perrie.


                                                     Zayn's p.o.v

     I can't believe what I just did, I could see the hurt in Haley's eyes but I had no choice, I just really don't have a choice, I wish I can tell Haley what's going on but I can't and it breaks me to know that she is sad and upset I know her smiles are fake smiles, but at least she's trying her best to hide everything.

      I looked at Perrie, her smile was so wide, and she was sitting with Harry, Louis, and Janny, Liam and Niall came to congratulate me. I just smiled and thanked them they were truly the greatest lads anyone can have ( A/N we're the three best friend that anyone can have, hahahahaha the hangover, sorry I just had to write it. ok back to the story )

        I wished that I could go comfort her but again I can't I'm just stuck and I'm in big trouble, I can't live like this I hope she forgives me.





        A/N I know I write a lot of author's notes but I'm soooo sorry I didn't do what I said I would do, but BOOM I got surprised by exams uuggghhh I hate exams, and I'll try to update 1 or 2 chapters today because I can't update for a whole week maybe even more cuz on Sunday I've got an Arabic exam, and something for charity, and on Monday I've got physics and biology exam, and on Tuesday I've got a chemistry exam, and on Wednesday I've got a computer exam, and on Thursday I've got an English exam so I'm just soooooo fucking screwed, ohhhhhh and congratulations to me I've got a 19/20 in my math exam hahahah I didn't even know this mark existed hahahahaahahahaha. Sorry again that I write the author's notes long and a lot but if you read this please comment ' Zayley ' and thanks for reading

      Xoxo Hanady


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