That bad boy is mine ( Completed )

How did he turn out to be her cousin
She is just so lucky she knows Arabic or else her life couldn't have ever changed
And she finds out that he is really rough but yet sweet want to know more continue reading and you'll see the dark side he has in him
And in the end it turns out that he isn't the only one in love with her


30. Save one



                                                        Janny's p.o.v

       Everyone had done their tasks but there still was Zayn and Niall, and I'm pretty sure they are having the worst, I know Joe he is pure evil, he will never stop no matter what, you've heard about him getting out of jail a lot of times, so he is like not scared of anything.

       We all heard a door open but we weren't sure which door, so we tried opening one and it opened, it revealed a big cage, and a timer? on the ground, we were all puzzled we didn't know what was going on, we kept on looking for the note and Harry found it on the cage and read ' THIS ONE IS FOR ZAYN AND NIALL : YOU BOTH HAVE TO GET IN THIS CAGE WHERE THERE IS A SNAKE THAT WOULD SMOTHER YOU TO DEATH, WHEN THE TIMER HITS 0:00 YOU WILL BE DEAD, YOU JUST HAVE TO HOPE FOR HALEY TO SAVE ONE OF YOU, YOUR LIVES ARE IN HER HANDS '.

       They have to do what?! no please Joe don't be that cruel they never did anything to deserve this, you have to be a little more sympathetic you just have to, just imagine yourself in their shoes you would be begging for mercy, who the fuck am I talking to, he is not fucking listening to me. We all stood there speechless as they both walked in the cage while we started the timer, it was exactly 10 minutes.


                                                         Haley's p.o.v

       Oh no I really can't choose, I just can't their lives are literally in my hands and I can't choose one it's not my life to give to one and let the other one die, they just have to live and I would be a terrible person if I choose, but then again if I don't choose both of them are dying.

      " Why did you do this?, I can't choose, isn't there anything else I could do?, I will stay here with you, you just let them all go, please " I said facing Joe " no, I don't care if you stay, I just like to see you hurt, and there is something you can do to save them both, but I guess you won't do it " " tell me, what can I do?, I'll do anything " " you sure about that? " I nodded.

      " The things is, you have to tell the world " I was confused what? " and by that you mean? " I said not knowing what he was talking about " you know, you have to tell everyone you're Ashley Simmons " oh crap, I've been hiding it for like a lifetime, but I have to I really have to I can't leave them to die, but it is hard, before I had the time to think I blurted " I'll do it just please let them go " " you have to do it before I let them go " " it would take time and they will be gone by the time I tell everyone " " no they won't I've got a camera and ready to shoot, so get ready cuz you're telling everyone, and I got you your stuff, the wig, contacts, clothes, and everything you need " I can't believe I'm doing this, as soon as he finished I ran to the suitcase that held all of my things, and ran to the bathroom that was in the same room to get changed, I finished as soon as I can in just matter of minutes.

     The cameras were all set and ready to film, as soon as the flash went on I said " hey everyone, as you all know I'm Ashley Simmons, and I'm here today to tell you something " before I continued I noticed that this was also shown to the rest of the boys and the girls " and it is hard for me to say, and it's something I've been hiding since the day you all knew me, but I'm telling you guys now is because something bad is going to happen if I don't, so here it goes " and then I removed my wig, contacts my fake eyebrows and everything that made me Ashley, but kept the clothes of course " this is the real me, my name is Haley Harris, and I've been hiding the real me cuz I just wanted to live a normal life, but I had to tell you guys sooner or later, but if you don't believe me I guess I'll have to sing " before I started singing I looked over to Joe who was pointing at his watch indicating for me to hurry " I'm going to sing a tiny part from a new song which I wrote kind of a while ago, it's called jar of hearts.  

        And who do you think you are
        Running around leaving scars
        Collecting your jar of hearts
         And tearing love apart,
         You're gonna catch a cold
        From the ice inside your soul
        So don't come back for me.
        Who do you think you are?

   I hope you all believe me " and with that the cameras were off, and Joe looked at me his eyes full of satisfaction, I was a bit re leaved, but I got really scared and tense once I saw that there were mere seconds till the timer stops, and the snake was coming close, and then I ran to the door, it was opened. Wow that was a shocker and I tried every door till one opened and I saw them all but I opened the cage as soon as I could and pulled the two of them out, woah that was close.

    All of the stared at me with shocked faces, but they all went and hugged me, well more like killed me while they were hugging me, I looked at everyone's scars and gave them sympathetic looks, they all just shrugged.

    I knew that once I was in this room that Joe would run, and the door would re close, and so did everyone, so we tried to look for something that we could open the door with, all we could find was a tiny piece of metal, you know the one that opens locks and stuff, Harry grabbed it and opened the door, and as they all walked out, I stood at the door, looked at Harry and slapped the shit out of him, they all looked at me, " why the fuck in the world did you do that " said Janny as she knelt down to Harry " oh really would you mind telling them Harry?, or should I? " I asked as he looked scared as hell, he stayed silent with shame filling his face " so I guess I'll be telling them, oh yeah you know the first time Joe took me, yeah it was Harry who lead him to me, well actually he is the one who handed me to Joe, so all of this shit is because of him " they all looked at him with hate, specially Janny " you know what we are over, yeah so over, you fucking pig " said Janny, they all cursed at him as he stayed silent, and guilty, he knew what he did was really bad, I knelt to his height and whispered " I know you did it because he had your mother, and I do forgive you, but you did deserve that slap, I don't hate you, I would have done the same thing, and sorry for you know breaking you and Janny up " his eyes filled with hope as he said " I do deserve all of this, and it is actually better for Janny to stay away from me I'm not a good person, but I'm glad your here and safe again, but we have to get Joe to the police " I nodded and followed the rest.

     " Hey guys we should call the police, I know where Joe is, he is such an idiot he told me where he would be once we all get out of here, I guess he isn't that much of a smart ass " they all chuckled, we called the police, and they came to the house, got us back to our place and arrested Joe again, but this time he's not coming out, because they found a dead body in that house and he had his fingerprints all over her, so I guess it's back to the normal life. But yet again I was wrong as the big question popped again, Zayn and Niall stood in front of me and said " so who do you choose? " " wel I-I-I choose---- "





         Sooooo cliffhanger right???? hahah yeah there will be maybe 1 or 2 chapters left but mostly 1, I hope you guys liked it, and I will try my best to update it today, and please like, favorite, and comment, and thank you all for reading.

      Xoxo Hanady


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