That bad boy is mine ( Completed )

How did he turn out to be her cousin
She is just so lucky she knows Arabic or else her life couldn't have ever changed
And she finds out that he is really rough but yet sweet want to know more continue reading and you'll see the dark side he has in him
And in the end it turns out that he isn't the only one in love with her


16. Not again


                                                   Haley's p.o.v

     These couple of days have been great I can't ask for anything more than that we all were getting along, and Zayn is learning a bit. we were all talking and laughing but suddenly my phone rang so I excused myself so I can answer my phone, I checked the caller ID it was my dad I said hello and he answered " hey Haley listen I hate to break it down to you but your aunt isn't really feeling well at all and she needs supervising so me and everyone here is going to stay with her till the end of the summer, I hope you wouldn't mind since you told me you are getting along with everyone, and I decided we are staying all summer so please don't do anything that involves drama " I was going to say something but he interrupted me by saying " listen I have to go we'll talk later love you hal bear bye " and with that I was just speechless, and yes he called me hal bear, I must have been really shocked cuz Niall came over and told me " hey, are you okay? what's wrong? is everything fine? " I just nodded and went up to Zayn and told him " umm Zayn, can I  talk to you in private for a bit? " he nodded and we went to the kitchen, I didn't know why it was such an important thing to talk in private but I just didn't want to say it in front of Niall and Perrie.

      I started off by saying " Zayn, my dad just called and said aunt Susan isn't feeling well so they have to take care of her " I paused a bit and continued " for the whole summer and I am going to stay here because they can't leave her and she needs time to recover, so we are stuck with each other the whole summer, YAY!! " I said the last part with sarcasm, he just chuckled a bit and I did too and he said " this " while taking a step forward towards me " is " another step " the " another one "  best " another " news " another " iv'e heard " ANOTHER!! :O " so far " and by that we were inches away from each other our bodies stuck to each other and our faces inches apart, I just gave him a puzzled look, and said " why is it good news? " he answered " it means I get to spend some more time with you, ALONE " I just swallowed hard, he leaned closer to me as he crashed his lips on mine 

and kept deepening the kiss more and more, and I didn't try to push him just like last time, I think he has me hypnotized or something, I know this is wrong but it just feels so right, he then licked my bottom lip asking for permission and I easily gave it to him, then he lifted me on the counter and kept kissing the shit out of me and I enjoyed it it was getting pretty tense but I didn't care, then his hands slowly went up my shirt but I smacked them away, I wasn't ready for you know what, but he didn't listen he just kept getting his hands up my shirt and me smacking them down, and our lips moved in sync they matched perfectly together and the kiss was just amaZAYN I can't even describe it, then the door got opened reveling..... Niall's p.o.v I wonder what Haley wanted with Zayn it was weird of her to act the way she did I think she's hiding something but I don't think I want to know and besides I trust her and if she doesn't want to tell me it's ok but if she does then it would be great. "It's been a while since the both of them left I think I'm going to check up on them" I told Perrie she nodded and said " I'll go with you" , we went ti see what took them so long, but I wish I didn't because after me and Perrie opened the door we couldn't believe what we saw......... they were kissing again, I just ran off as fast as I can run I couldn't take it she told me she doesn't like him then why the hell are they f****** kissing and it was a deep one not just oh our lips touched, it was with tongue and shit. Haley's p.o.v I ran off after Niall, I just felt like a slut I told Niall that I liked him and all that crap and ended up kissing Zayn I can't believe what I just did, I finally caught Niall and ordered him to sit down he didn't want at first but I wouldn't take no for an answer, so he sat down on the couch and I began saying " I know I kissed him and it was bad, I'm not telling you to forgive me nor I'm sorry that will not work but I will apologize that I didn't treat you the way you should, you are a great guy any girl would be lucky to have you but I guess I had my chance and blew it not once but twice so I'm that much of an idiot, I do hope you find the right girl " and kissed him on the cheek. I then went back to the kitchen to save Zayn's relationship even though he ruined mine but I do like Perrie and he is changing around her so she has a good influence on him, I opened the door to see Perrie crying I just said " Perrie I'm so sorry I'm the one who kissed him and forced him to kiss me back I just wanted to see if he knows how to kiss, so please don't leave him or be angry at him, if it would make you feel better slap me, and I do promise I will never do anything like that ever again and if I do I will take the first flight back to my country and can we please get back to being friends if not then ok, but at least don't take it out on Zayn he did nothing wrong " they were both shocked by what I have just said and then Perrie said " thank you for your honesty, and I do forgive you and Zayn I do like you you know " she was just happy to know that Zayn didn't kiss me twice and they both hugged and kissed they were cute together I really do wish them best of luck. Niall went home of course and the three of us hung out for a while then Perrie excused herself to go to the bathroom, after she got in the bathroom Zayn said " why did you say all that to Perrie? you could have just told her that I kissed you and mess it up with me and her like I did with you and Niall " I answered " you two are cute together and she brings the best side of you, but if you do it again she deserves to know because I don't want to see her get hurt over you, I do like her and I want to be her friend and you can't just keep on kissing me out of the blew, just stop it Zayn " and after that Perrie got out of the bathroom and we continued our evening. A/N I know I got rid of Niall so fast but I just didn't know how else to do it and I hope you like this chapter and there is the &quote and stuff I'm so sorry about that but I'm on my phone and I wrote half on the computer and the other on my phone and now I'm on it so again sorry and I hope you enjoy reading this chapter xoxo Hanady
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