That bad boy is mine ( Completed )

How did he turn out to be her cousin
She is just so lucky she knows Arabic or else her life couldn't have ever changed
And she finds out that he is really rough but yet sweet want to know more continue reading and you'll see the dark side he has in him
And in the end it turns out that he isn't the only one in love with her


15. Naley, Zerrie.


                                                    Niall's p.o.v

         I didn't know what to tell her so I just told her " I thought you said that you didn't care anymore and I thought you liked me!! " she answered " I do like you, and about Zayn it's just.. I don't...know what... it's like...I...... " I just said " it's fine Haley you like Zayn and I was just a distraction, I think I'll be leaving now " she said " NO, please Niall you weren't a distraction, I really do like you and with Zayn it's just complicated, I would have never kissed Zayn, but it happened and I didn't know what to do other than k.. " I just cut her off by saying " so you kissed him back, that's the only think you could have thought of???? " I said latterly yelling.

                                                Haley's p.o.v

       I didn't know how to answer him, he was right and I did feel ashamed but I really wasn't using him I did like him, ok why the hell am I saying this in my head I should tell him that before he leaves, god I'm such an idiot " I know Niall I am such an idiot, but I do like you again and that is exactly what Zayn wants he wants to control everything, I know I involve him in everything but it was his fault, I never meant to kiss him it just happened and please believe me, it's just like in the movies where something bad happens and no one believes the girl that is in the middle of everything, but again I say to you if I was you I would leave I am a mess and I would advise you to stay as far away from me as possible ".

      He just stood there without saying anything so I knew he wasn't going to talk to me, I swear to god I am never a drama person and I hate people who are like oh no please don't leave and I didn't meant to and shit but this time it's me I really do hate drama, I must have been thinking too much cuz Niall said " it's ok Haley I believe you, but the thought of him kissing you and you kissing him back is what is killing me, I like you Haley but the fact that you kissed Zayn " I opened my mouth to say something but he shushed me up by saying " I know he kissed you but you kissed him back so it doesn't make a difference, but you seem hurt that I didn't believe you so I'm sorry for not believing you and got all dramatic but that is me a sensitive guy ".

     I instantly hugged him because I knew he forgave me and I just felt sooo damn happy until the devil himself came AKA : ZAYN MALIK, holding hands with Perrie, I bet he lied to her saying I kissed him and shit.

                                                       Zayn's p.o.v 

       I followed Perrie, because I felt bad.......for her, so she was about to leave when I stood by the door letting myself explain " listen Perrie I know what I did was wrong and stupid, but please forgive me as I said stupid " Perrie said in displeasure " so you're going to say it's not my fault it was hers she kissed me?!! " I replied quickly " NO! I kissed her she had nothing to do with it, I made the move and it was.. I just.. my mind wasn't working straight I'm sorry please don't leave Perrie" I kept on pleading, she finally gave in and said " fine sure Zayn, and thanks for being honest that's the only reason I'm staying " I hugged her so tight she was almost out of breath, then Perrie said " Zayn I think you should go apologize to Niall or to Haley, they are having a fight you know " cuz we heard a bit screaming, I was afraid she was going to say that.

       So we got up hand in hand and saw Niall and Haley hugging WOW!!, I thought I needed to make a speech and shit but what the hell I'm not, as I was going to my room with Perrie, Perrie held me back and I gave her a ' what ' look she whispered " you should apologize that's why we got up here " I just gave up because I knew she was right, so I got closer to Niall and said " Niall I'm sorry you thought Haley had anything to do with it, and sorry for punching you yesterday something came over me I don't know I was overprotective over Haley? maybe I don't know, all that I know is you are a good man, and specially for Haley. I wish you two the best of luck " wait I wasn't overprotective I was jealous and well aware of that, but I couldn't tell him that, or anyone I just need to spend sometime with Perrie so I could forget about Haley.

       Perrie is just an amazing girl and I would be an idiot if I placed her with Haley, I don't even know Haley that much it's just I don't know how to describe things between me and Haley I never sat down with her and talked about anything but tutoring. So you can say everything went back to normal until Niall spun me around and punched me in the face, I actually deserved that so I didn't fight back.

                                    Haley's p.o.v

     " NIALL WHAT THE HELL, HE APOLOGIZED AND YOU PUNCHED HIM " I screamed in Niall's face, Zayn answered " well I punched him yesterday and gave him a black eye, so I guess I deserve it, and sorry about everything Niall again " wa wwwa wait did Zayn just say he deserved the punch and hes sorry??????!!!!!!!!! " oh god I don't get you boys, you think girls are complicated you are just weird, Zayn get up and Niall you say sorry " is all what I said after recovering from the whole new Zayn I think he's turning to a better person " Niall just said sorry and Zayn said it's ok and then I told Perrie loud enough for everyone to hear " great job Perrie I think you turned Mr. bad boy here to a nice boy, you are the master " she just giggled and then Zayn said something " I didn't change for her " but I barley heard it non of us did so we asked him what he said so he could say it again and he answered " I said, yeah she's a keeper " after he said that he kissed Perrie on the cheek, I really did like Perrie she was an amazing girl, and then Zayn and Perrie went to Zayn's bedroom, and me and Niall chilled in the living room while watching T.V and I guess things really went back to normal accept I have a boyfriend yaaaaay!! wait should I call him my boyfriend?!, oh what the hell I'm going to call him that anyway, not that I'm a freak or anything but I really did like Niall.



A/N I'm soooo sorry guys I haven't been updating but my dad has been home for a couple of days and I mean all the day so I couldn't go on the computer or on my phone for longer than maybe 15 minutes because of him, he says you can't use the laptop a lot and stuff he is just so controlling, uuuggghhhhh I just hate that about him but I will update as soon as possible and sorry again for keeping you guys waiting, and if you are wondering how I updated it's because it's 3:10 in the morning and he is asleep I got out of my bedroom and wrote this if he sees me up he will give me a lecture but I just wanted to write but he won't get up he just loves sleeping, and I will try to write a chapter at this moment if I get any ideas, thanks for reading I love you all

    xoxo Hanady  


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