That bad boy is mine ( Completed )

How did he turn out to be her cousin
She is just so lucky she knows Arabic or else her life couldn't have ever changed
And she finds out that he is really rough but yet sweet want to know more continue reading and you'll see the dark side he has in him
And in the end it turns out that he isn't the only one in love with her


29. More tasks


                                                              A BIG +18

                                                              Zayn's p.o.v

      We are now in the second room which was the bathroom?, it's just weird how we all had to do tasks and everything, and as we walked in the door closed and got locked. We kept on looking for an other note, finally Niall found it, it was in the sink, and it read ' THIS ONE IS FOR JENNIFER : YOU HAVE TO SHAVE YOUR HEAD, THE MACHINE IS IN THE CUP ON THE SINK ' and then Niall stared blankly at Jennifer, we all did it was really hard loosing your hair, and specially a girls hair I mean they spend years making it long and taking care of it, I just would die if it was my task.

      She kept on pacing, not knowing what to do she really did want to open the door but her hair was just something that she can't just get rid of right away, she held the thing that she should shave her head with and stared at it for a while, we all stayed silent and just stared at her waiting for her to do what she's asked to do, she turned it on, her hand shaking as she slowly rose her hand closer to her head, but then she shaved the first half without hesitation so she couldn't feel the inner pain as she shaved it, and after a while her head was all shaved, she collapsed on the floor crying like never before, Liam came closer to her and tried to soothe her as she calmed down. We heard the door open and then an other one open, so we all went to the next room, and to the next mission.

     We found ourselves in the living room, it was all messy and a bit dark, it's like no one has lived in it or even passed by it, we again kept on looking for an other note, but there was nothing, we kept on looking and looking, we finally found a not under the couch, are you like kidding me? like why the hell would you put it there.


     Louis and Janny stared at each other while Harry was cursing stuff to himself, he was really jealous and didn't want anything to happen between his girlfriend and his best friend, I would definitely be like him if it came to Haley, I can barley touch her for someone to just come and finger her it's just not right, I really felt sorry for Harry I didn't want it to happen, not one of us wanted for it to happen but it had to it just had to.

    They all kept on starring for ages and didn't do anything, Janny was scared and shaking like crazy she didn't want any of this to happen, they gathered their selves and went to the bathroom scared as hell.


                                                      Louis' p.o.v

      I don't believe I'm going to do this, to my best mate and he can't do anything about it, I just hope we get out of this place as soon as possible.

      Both me and Janny walked to the bathroom, and she started to pull her pants down as soon as she can just to get this thing over with but before she took her underwear off there was an other note on the wall?, I grabbed it and it read ' TO LOUIS, SO YOU GOT YOUR TASK BUT THAT ISN'T THE WHOLE THING, YOU GUYS HAVE TO ALSO KISS AND MAKE THINGS HEAT UP, AND YOU CAN YOU KNOW GO FAR IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN ;) YOU HAVE TO GO FAR IT'S NOT A CHOICE ' uggh I can't believe there's more to the story I just can't come on why me?. And then the door closed again.

    She was shocked but then shook herself out of it and removed her top and stayed in her underwear and bra, she took my shirt off and my pants too, wow she really did want it to end fast, not that I didn't but it's just that Harry doesn't know that we're having sex for gods sake he just thinks that I'm fingering his girlfriend while I'm supposed to do more, I hope he forgives me.

    I first started to enter my hand in her underwear and then entered my 2 fingers in her, and she moaned I kept on taking them out and putting them back in, and then I threw her underwear on the floor as she kept on moaning, then I crashed our lips on to each other still my fingers in her, while we kissed the moans weren't stopping and then I entered my 3rd finger and she went nuts, she then grabbed my face and kissed me harder then she broke the kiss and said " I need you in me Louis please, I know it's wrong but I just can't, please " and as she said those words, she stripped down my boxers and then grabbed me by my waist and whispered " please just do it " and then I entered myself in her as she moaned even harder and kept on saying " harder, faster, oh god, yeah, do it, come on " and I kept on thrusting in and out harder and faster, as she kept screaming, and as she almost reached her climax she said " I'm close Louis just a bit faster " " hold it in for me just for a little longer " as she nodded and tried her best, but in a short brief of time she reached her climax and collapsed on the floor, as the liquid began to run out of her, and both of us were sweating, as I was going to remove myself from her she grabbed me and said " just keep it in a while " and then came close to my face and kissed me, locked her fingers in my hair, as we stayed cuddled up inside one another, after a couple of minutes we finally stepped away from each other and got dressed. The door opened. Thank god.



                                                       Haley's p.o.v

      WHAT THE FUCK DID JUST HAPPEN, " WHY THE HELL DID YOU MAKE THEM DO IT, DIDN'T YOU AT LEAST THINK OF HARRY, HE HAS FEELINGS TOO YOU KNOW, WHY IS THIS THING ALL A JOKE TO YOU? HUH? ANSWER ME GOD DAMN IT " I yelled in Joe's face, " well it's fun to watch " he said as calmly as anyone can be, I was furious but I wasn't going to say anything because that would make things even worse, I just have to suck up everything and hope for the best again.


                                                       Harry's p.o.v

     As they both walked out of the bathroom we heard an other door open, and when I saw Janny I went straight to her and hugged her, she hugged me even tighter like no one has ever before, I whispered in her ear that everything is going to be okay, while she cried a bit on my shoulder, everyone was starring at us but we didn't really care.

     We carried on with out journey, we finished the first floor and went up to the second one, we tried all 4 doors but only one opened, it was an empty room with only 3 buckets in it, and there was a note on the middle one, Zayn grabbed it and it read ' TO HARRY : HERE GOES THE FUN PART, YOU HAVE TO DIG YOUR HANDS IN ALL OF THESE THREE BUCKETS TO FIND A KEY TO OPEN THE DOOR, AND THEY ARE ALL FILLED WITH NEEDLES ' I have to do WHAT? no I can't do that it's fucking needles for crying out loud.

      And there they go with the starring, I hesitated for a while but eventually dig my hand in the first bucket and tried to move to look for the key, and it hurt like nothing ever before, I wanted to remove my hand and just get out but I couldn't, well there's nothing in the first one so I checked the second one, nothing again, and then the third, but there was nothing, so I re checked them and oh well it turned out to be in the second one, I just can't believe I did that, and my hand is now all bloody, Liam ripped of his shirt and put it around my hand I mouthed thank you and he just nodded.


                                                       Haley's p.o.v

     " wasn't it enough to let Louis have sex with Janny?, why the fuck did you let him do that? " I yelled at Joe " you're getting on my nerves you know that? " he said " well, he isn't the one that you know I care about, I mean not love, so why are you making him suffer that much? " " oh really wanna know why? " I nodded " it's because he's the fucking reason why you're here in the first place " huh? what does Harry have to do with anything?, Joe must have seen the puzzled look on my face cuz he started explaining everything. At the end of the story, Harry is the one who got me to Joe, he is the one who made me go through hell, he's a dead man, my face got filled with anger, and I was at my breaking point I wanted to hit something really badly, but I couldn't. And now back to the boys, there's only Zayn and Niall who are left to to the tasks, it's just going to be really bad, I'll die if anything happens to them.




          Sooooooo?????? what do you think? and what do you think will happen next? and please like, favorite and comment, and this story is kinda ending soon, so please tell me what you think, and thank you so much for reading.

       Xoxo Hanady

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