That bad boy is mine ( Completed )

How did he turn out to be her cousin
She is just so lucky she knows Arabic or else her life couldn't have ever changed
And she finds out that he is really rough but yet sweet want to know more continue reading and you'll see the dark side he has in him
And in the end it turns out that he isn't the only one in love with her


19. Liam


                                                Haley's p.o.v

   Wow yesterday was so great, we had lots of fun and never stopped laughing, and I played match maker with Harry and Janny now it's time to play match maker with Jennifer, mowahahaha I know I'm evil but I am doing this for a good cause and I think that Jennifer would look sooooooo cute with Liam because they are just adorable and I learned that Liam is a gentleman and would totally treat Jennifer as good as her brother would, but I'm not that sure of the idea cuz Liam just got other a break up which was bad because the were like dating for three years maybe, but I don't care I'm just gonna go for it, but the problem is I don't have a plan.

                                            Liam's p.o.v

     Oh my god that Jennifer girl was off the hook she was just incredible I can't believe it, but I'm still a bit heart broken but I don't mind Jennifer is a really nice girl I have actually talked to her yesterday, and I am soooooo gonna ask her out today we all agreed that we would hang out together tonight in the park, so I cant wait to see Jennifer again and I think I'm gonna steel her for the rest of the evening while everyone is drunk or something like that, and so that we could be alone and get to know each other more.

     I can't believe how much feelings I have inside my brain at this moment my mind is going to explode, have you ever heard of love at first sight? well yeah I can totally assure you that this is what happened to me, only if you saw the way she laughed, walked, talked, and simply breathed you would have fallen in love with her the way I have fallen.

   Oh and have you seen the way Niall kept on looking at Haley?   well is was weird I can't describe it is was just I really don't know I guess it was just nothing, I mean I know they gone out together a couple of times but he wasn't starring at her with awkwardness or anything it was kind of a nostalgic look.

                                             Haley's p.o.v

     Yaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyy I just remembered that we are all going to the park today wooohooo, but I still haven't thought of a plan uuggghhhhh come on Haley think, think god damn it.

     Oh I just heard the doorbell ring, I ran down the stairs to open the door and I found Louis standing there his eyes were burning red and his nose was also red and he was crying that is what I thought, after he managed to catch his breath from all the sniffing he managed to say " is Zayn home? " and I simply answered with a no, but he couldn't take it he just collapsed on my shoulder and cried his eyes out, I just embraced him in a hug and tried my best to calm him down, we stood on the door for what seemed like ages until I told him to go sit on the couch while I go make him some tea, he just nodded and did what I told him to.

      I closed the door and went to the kitchen to make him some tea, after I finished I walked up to him on the couch and handed it to him he just placed it on the table as I sat next to him, I began to say " so umm Louis why ar-- " but he cut me off by crying on my shoulder once again, I just shushed my self and stroked his hair and kept on telling him everything is going to be okay, even though I knew nothing and I sure don't know why the hell he is crying but it seemed to help he seemed to calm down a bit.

     After he stopped crying he lifted his head up and said " my girlfriend dumped me, and not just that she was cheating on me " and then he took a sip of his tea, my lips turned into an O shape and I was speechless, but then I managed to say " well it's her lose, don't get too worried up about it you can have any girl you want and she was just not the one " he just gave me a small smile and said " thank you, you know I only met you yesterday and it feels like I've known you my whole life, and you sure hell gave me a better advise than any of the lads could have gave me, I do understand why Niall loves you " and then he quickly covered his mouth with his free hand, I just laughed at his stupid comment and said " you are definitely not thinking straight, this girl really did some damage " and then we both laughed and he spent the rest of the day other until we had to go to the park, Zayn and Perrie were already there and we were going to meet up with everyone else there.

                                               Louis' p.o.v

     Ohhhhhhhh shit I just told her that Niall loves her, he is soooooooo going to kill me but thank god she didn't take it too seriously cuz I would have totally been dead, but I really do get why he loves he she is anything a boy could want she is just amazing in every single way.

                                            Liam's p.o.v

     We finally arrived at the park and I instantly recognized Jennifer's purple hair and a smile grew on my face, I was smiling like and idiot and waving for her and Janny to come to where we were, it was me, Niall, Harry, Zayn, and Perrie, and I wonder where Louis and Haley are but I'm sure they'll be here any minute.

     As they both said their hellos I grabbed Jennifer's hand and dragged her around the park away from the others and she just giggled and followed me without saying a word, it was night time and the sky could have never been more beautiful, we kept on walking hand in hand without saying a word just starring at the stars.

    She finally broke the silence and said " you know I like you too, you don't have to be all mysterious about it " and then giggled at the end of her sentence, I just smiled and said " well I thought girls like the mystery guy " she just smiled and said " we do, but you weren't mysterious you were actually kinda retarded " I just gave her a frown, she squeezed my arm a bit stronger and said " hahah I was kidding, but honestly you were just quiet, but that is one of the things I like about you " and while saying that she looked me straight in the eyes, I just blushed and continued walking and talking.

     She now has officially made me hers I am so overwhelmed by her she is just, I have no words for her, and then she said " oh and I forgot to tell you, when I first heard your voice I was totally in love " and then she blushed and looked away, and then I lifted her chin so she was starring at me and said " babe, you totally had me at hello " and then moved closer to her as our lips locked, is was magical, it was like Disneyland, it felt like it lasted for ages, and then I totally begged for entrance and she smiled threw the kiss and gladly let me in, it was the best kiss I have ever had, and the night was even more magical.

                                              Haley's p.o.v

    As we got there I was eyeing everyone looking for Liam and Jennifer but I couldn't find them anywhere so I opened my mouth and said " hey has anyone seen Liam and Jennifer? " and then Harry answered " as soon as Jennifer came, Liam dragged her somewhere in the park " I just nodded and hoped for the best.









  Hey guys sorry for not updating but school started a week ago and we practically had exams and homework's for the past week, I know it sucks to have exams on the first week but well that's my school, and sorry for this crappy chapter, and I actually have a lot of drama coming up with Perrie, and Harry but not as together as separate dramas but I am actually kind of lazy, and sorry for writing a lot of authors notes, but I just don't know why I write them, I'm just weird haha, oh well I hope you liked this chapter and thank you guys soooo much for reading and supporting me.

    xoxo Hanady

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