That bad boy is mine ( Completed )

How did he turn out to be her cousin
She is just so lucky she knows Arabic or else her life couldn't have ever changed
And she finds out that he is really rough but yet sweet want to know more continue reading and you'll see the dark side he has in him
And in the end it turns out that he isn't the only one in love with her


17. Janny, and Jennifer


                                                    Zayn's p.o.v  

    Today I invited the boys today so they could meet Haley, since she has taken all my time and I don't get to hang out with them that much, I told Haley they are coming and she said it was fine and that she is inviting two of her friends since she and Perrie will be the only girls so she wanted to invite some more, I told Perrie and Haley to stay in the house and tidy it a bit while I go buy beers and food for Niall of course, even though Niall and Haley didn't have a good relationship they were ok with staying in the same room together and me and Niall went back to being friends we weren't going to make Haley get between us.

                                                    Haley's p.o.v

       OH MY GOD, one direction is coming over I know I'm totally fangirling but I do love them even though I met 2 of them but its always great to meet them all and Niall is going to come, great, but I don't think it woul be weird we just like went out for a week maybe so nothing serious and he could have any girl he wants so I bet he didn't even care about the break up.

      Zayn just left and me and Perrie stayed it was nice to have her as a friend she is super nice and sweet and caring and anything anyone would ever want in a girl Zayn is so lucky to have her , and its super sweet of her to forgive me even though it wasn't my fault but she doesn't know it and I plan on keeping it that way.

     Oh yeah and today my 2 best friends are coming YAAAAAYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, and let me tell you about them, first there is Jennifer she has those amazing deep sea blue eyes, gorgeous dimples, light purple at the top and dark purple at the end of her hair it is wavy but she always straightens it I don't know why but she likes it straight, but in my opinion wavy is prettier, she has a bubbly personality she's always happy and outgoing she's never shy she says everything that's on her mind, she wants to be a dancer and a singer which I always tell her to follow her dream but fortunately no one has discovered her she has an angelic voice but again no one has discovered her, but if anyone hurts her she beats the shit out of them, once she had a boyfriend who cheated on her she almost beated him to death, she kick boxes by the way.

     And my second friend is called Janny, she has chocolate brown eyes, straight blonde long hair, kind of a short girl, she is average but compared to me and Jennifer she is a bit short, she has a very friendly personality, she never gets pain anyone's buisness, unlike Jennifer she is kind of a quiet girl but she speaks her mind and what she always thinks but in a good way, when you get to know her better she goes all crazy around you that's why I love these girls they are truly the best friends ever, and Janny loves to sing too, actually she and Jennifer always sing together they are a pretty good team, I would love to help them with their carriers but I can't risk telling them I would love to tell them but they would make a big deal out of it and, they would want to tell everybody I do trust them but it is kind of my life in their hands, I can say Janny would understand but I don't think Jennifer would think twice about telling anyone. Me and Perrie finished everything and waited for Zayn and the boys and the girls to come, we talked for a bit until we heard the doorbell ring, I got up to open it and saw Janny and Jennifer and imbraced them into a big big big hug and squeezed the shit out of them, they just chuckled and walked in to face Perrie they just froze and I told them to breathe and explained how Zayn is my cousin and they are meeting one direction they just died and got back to life for a second, we haven't hadhmuch time to talk this past month we kept on talking and catching up on things, and they got to know Perrie a little more, then Zayn came in the door and Janny and Jennifer jumped up and down out of excitement and screamed " ZAYN" and ran to hug him oh god they are so embarrassing, Zayn just chuckled a bit and hugged them back and he came over to me and Perrie and said to me " you have some hyper friends I assume? " I just nodded embarrassed I'm sooooooo gonna kill them. Zayn went to put the stuff in the kitchen, and after half an hour the doorbell rang and Perrie went to open it when 4 hot boys came in the room, I know Niall's one of them but he is hot I'm not gonna deny it, and of course my friends had to welcome them in a huge and squishing hug oh god please kill me now, then they came over to say hello to me I shook their hands since I just met them I'm not that crazy like those two girls. and I actually hugged Niall it wasn't weird at all well for me it wasn't but I don't know about him, I actually missed him damn you Zayn FUCKING Malik, sorry I swear a lot but Zayn deserves it but things will never work out for me and Niall even if Zayn didn't mess things up, I never felt us as a couple maybe better off as friends I hope nothing goes wrong today I want a nice evening not a shitty one. but I can't help but see Harry eyeing Janny from head to toe and biting his bottom lip ohhhhhh I think someone might like someone which happens to be my friend and she always had a thing for Harry, this is perfect I can play cupid yaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!! and oh my god I have the perfect plan, I'm going to push Janny a bit so she could fall on Harry with a beer in her hand so she could mess his shirt and they have to be alone so she could clean it, how am I so sure?! Because she always helps people she can't not do it and the best part is that he will be shirtless oh god she sooo owes me hhahahahahahaha just kidding she's my best friend, and a really good one so I have to help her. A/N sorry guys I havebeen updating but I didn't know what to write and sorry for the crappy chapter it's all I got so far but I hope you like it anyways, and I hope Janny and Jennifer liked the way I described them and you will have a bigger part in the story just when I figure out what am I gonna to write next, love you all and thank you for reading. xoxo Hanady

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