That bad boy is mine ( Completed )

How did he turn out to be her cousin
She is just so lucky she knows Arabic or else her life couldn't have ever changed
And she finds out that he is really rough but yet sweet want to know more continue reading and you'll see the dark side he has in him
And in the end it turns out that he isn't the only one in love with her


1. Introducing me and on the way

       Authors note:

listen I'm sorry if this chapter sucks or is too short but I wrote it in 10 minutes and its 7 am and I still haven't slept but I assure you the next chapter will be better and it will have more action the first chapter is always the introducing part and the boring stuff, sorry again I promise I will write when I wake up if you like this chapter I will continue please comment I know it's only a tiny chapter but ill improve the story

xoxo hanady




Hey guys my name is (Haley) I'm 18 years old, i have blueish eyes the sometimes turn greenish and i have medium hazel wavy hair, and curled eyelashes and im kind of a short girl, and I'm an only child and my mom had died when she gave birth to me so i only had my father I have always lived in Amman Jordan, I know it's a place where no one has ever heard of but it's a cozy country and I love it, my dad told me that this weekend we were flying to London to meet his step brothers wife well lets just say ex wife, my father has a really close relationship with her and her kids he doesn't go along that well with his step brother she has a son and three daughters I have never met them before but I was going to visit them because I was supposed to teach one of my cousins Arabic, cuz if you're a Muslim you're supposed to know Arabic to know what is your religion talk about but enough with that I'm just excited to go to Britain I have never been there                 


                                                        * The Weekend * 

       Haley's p.o.v 

i woke up today feeling soooo excited I literally jumped out of bed, I went to the bathroom to wash my face and brush my teeth, and I got dressed so I could eat breakfast and we could head to the airport, I went downstairs to see my father sitting on the kitchen table and he smiled at me as I walked in and said "good morning, sleep tight?!" And I answered back "good morning, and yes I did I can't wait for our flight" I said with a really happy voice, and then my 

dad told me to eat breakfast fast so we won't be late, and I did as he told me to.



on the plane I sat next to the window I loved to see us fly in the air even though I was afraid of heights I loved and adventure I was a crazy outgoing girl and as the plane left off and the caption told us to put our seat belts on I imagined how my life would be in London, I imagined how it would be to meet a member family since i never met them in my life and my dad always talks about them, and in a blink of an eye I was awaken by my dad to tell me that we are here I can't believe I slept all the way, when I was fully up the plane has landed and we were ready to get out of the plane



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