That bad boy is mine ( Completed )

How did he turn out to be her cousin
She is just so lucky she knows Arabic or else her life couldn't have ever changed
And she finds out that he is really rough but yet sweet want to know more continue reading and you'll see the dark side he has in him
And in the end it turns out that he isn't the only one in love with her


20. Harry's problem


                                                    Haley's p.o.v

     Jennifer told me what happened last night and I almost flipped it was so exciting and so interesting, I really hope the best for her and Liam.

    And it has been 2 weeks after the park and I am sitting in my room, waiting for anyone to talk to me or even message me, I am so bored at this moment, but I heard a knock on my door and I instantly knew it was Zayn so I just told him to come in, but to my surprise it wasn't him it was Harry?!

     I motioned for him to sit down beside me he looked kinda pale, so I asked him what's wrong he said " I messed up badly " in a barley heard-able tone, I asked him again trying to lighten up the mood " well what did you do mister smarty pants? " he chuckled a bit showing off his dimples and ruffled his hair a bit and answered " can I trust you with a secret? " I nodded and indicated for him to carry on " well it's about Janny " he paused for a while and continued " I'm using her, well I mean not in the way you're thinking I mean I used to use her I mean it's just I didn't know that she is this way and I like her now but how can I tell her about the using thing without her getting hurt? " I was confused yet shocked yet sad yet angry yet I wanted  to kill that son of a bitch, but wait, what was he using her for? " what the hell were you or still using her for? " " I I I -- I mmm, well let me tell you the whole story and then you can see that it wasn't my fault or still isn't, ok? but please let me finish first and then I really do need your help, because you give good advice, please? " he looked like a lost puppy I felt sad for him so I let him tell me the story.

    But before he can start I asked him " and from where have you heard that I give good advises? " " well, Louis and Niall " wait what!! how the hell did-- oh right when Louis came over, but Niall? when did I give him an advice? well never mind, back to Harry's story.

    He started " lets just say I'm in deep shit, and no one knows about what I'm going to tell you so please don't freak out and please don't tell anyone, ok so before I was in One Direction I used to be in a gang, I know bad boy and shit but I was really forced to join this gang,there was a leader called Joe he is a real douche, but when I joined the X Factor I got out I wanted nothing to do with them, and one day after I became in One Direction and stuff I was being pulled into a dark place, and then my eyes met his evil ones, it was Joe I was scared to death I didn't even know how he got through security, well moving on he told me that he has a mission for me and I tried to get out of it but I couldn't he told me if I don't go through with the plan he will.... " and then he paused.

     " Harry he will what? " I tried to get the answer out of his mouth and I looped my arm around his shoulder and back and started soothing him a bit till he continued " he will kill my mother " and then he started sobbing on my shoulder and I just held him close, wow this boy band is drama haha just kidding but seriously it's like none stop I always used to think they have it all and stuff but they suffer even more than we do, ok so back to Harry again, " ok I heard what he will do if you don't do what he told you to do, but what exactly did he tell you to do? " I asked confused " yeah that's the point where I screwed up.... well he wants Janny " and there was a moment of silence I was so shocked my jaw was going to come out of my mouth.

     Oh my god wait " Harry is his name Joe Summers? " " well umm yeah, how did you know? " oh shit " well he used to be Janny's abusive ex fucking boyfriend " I wasn't liking where this thing is going, and by the look on Harry's face he wasn't glad about it too.

    Joe was Janny's ex boyfriend if you haven't noticed and he was a terrible boy not just towards Janny he always acted like a bad boy well he is but he had gone way too far with the bad boy attitude, and finally one day she had the courage to dump him and he was so angry he said to her ' one day you'll regret it ' and I guess the day is coming sooner than we all thought, I explained the whole story to Harry and he said " I'm so sorry Haley but I don't know what to do, and I really really like Janny, but still my mother is at stake too and she is my everything, so please help me figure out what I should do " he kept on pleading with puppy dog eyes, until I finally answered " I'll be more than glad to help but the problem is I don't know how, but just a question how did he find out that you are going to meet Janny? since you said that you dated her because of him " " well he found out that you were here and you would totally make your friends visit so yeah " I just nodded.

    And my song I knew you were trouble was practically about him ( well lets just imagine that Haley is the one who wrote that song not Taylor Swift).

     We kept on thinking for like an hour or so until out of the blew Harry said " you know you're an incredible girl? " I turned a light shade of pink and said " why thank you mister Harry styles, but I am not that much of a girl " he chuckled and said " well yes you are and I wondered why Niall loves you it's just now I get it " and then he immediately put his hand up to his mouth, seriously what is up with all of them talking about Niall and shit, I mean like ok we dated for a week but it didn't work so are they trying to like set us up? " seriously Harry what is up with Niall, why is everyone saying that's why Niall likes and loves you? it's just weird like we dated but we're over so please stop everything " he looked deep into my eyes his eyes were filled with amusement and got so close to me that our faces were inches apart I honestly don't know why but he answered " because that's real he does like you, and you are matching people with each other because you know they are cute and they are perfect for each other but you don't see that clearly Niall is still into you? "

    I just shook my head in disbelief, but the Harry said " oh and please don't tell him I told you that " and then the door swung open it was NIALL!!! dun dun dun dun, he was happy at first but as soon as he saw me and Harry that close his face dropped and his eyes filled with water, but he said " umm Harry they want you downstairs " and then he waited for Harry by the door Harry gave me a goodbye cheek kiss and went out the door, Niall stood there for a couple of seconds, and as he was about to leave I stopped him by saying " Niall I missed talking to you, we barley talk actually we don't talk it's just we see each other but without even saying hello, can we at least talk? " he came closer to me and his watery eyes turned from innocent to angry eyes and he said " what were you doing with Harry? " " well nothing we were just talking, and besides I would never do anything to hurt Janny she really does like Harry and he is not my type anyways " his eyes soothed down a bit and turned back to their sea blue color he looked so innocent and cute, but I just can't believe Harry it's just not normal for a guy to still like a girl who practically kissed his best friend while they were dating.

   Then Niall got out and then Louis barged into my room, I mean seriously is everyone going to take turns while coming in my room I honestly don't understand these boys, but before I could say hi Louis crashed his lips to mine, I was shocked at first but I didn't pull back well to my surprise I  was actually kissing him back, he begged for entrance, and of course I gave it to him and our tongs danced with each other, and I really can't keep my distance from these boys they are like a drug to me I kissed 3 boys in like one month, it has been a busy month and everything has changed this past month.




A/N    heyyyy guys, well I think I'm going to say there will be good news and yaaayyyy there is going to be DRAMA!!! oh and the good news is that I will try to update every 2 days or something like that and I may update 2 chapters or 1 if I get the inspiration and I hope you liked this chapter, I know it's short but I wanted to leave you guys at a cliffhanger even though I haven't done that much of a job but that's the best I could do, and please comment, like, and favorite this story, and thank you guys for reading

    xoxo Hanady 

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