That bad boy is mine ( Completed )

How did he turn out to be her cousin
She is just so lucky she knows Arabic or else her life couldn't have ever changed
And she finds out that he is really rough but yet sweet want to know more continue reading and you'll see the dark side he has in him
And in the end it turns out that he isn't the only one in love with her


26. Escape + Date



                                                   Haley's p.o.v

        It was just another day at this hell hole, Joe came in barging through the door and slammed himself at me he kissed me roughly with much more passion that he has ever done, and I had to kiss him back, but this time he was tugging on my shirt, oh no please no I don't want this to happen it just can't happen, he took my shirt off and stared at my bare chest for a while and with that famous smirk on his face, I'm just glad I still had my bra on, and then he kissed my neck and sucked on it very hard, I knew where this thing was going to lead to, I just needed to stop it I tried but I couldn't he is way stronger than me.

       He was about to take my pants off till the door opened and it was Niall?, then he pushed Joe off of me and started to beat the shit out of him, " Haley grab my phone it's in my pocket and dial the police and go to the car it's parked outside " I grabbed his phone and dialed the police they said they would be here in 10 minutes, I wanted to run to the car but I couldn't just leave Niall, Joe is still stronger than him and they both had bloody faces, I tried to get Niall off of Joe but there was no use, so I just went to the car.

       Minutes later the police came out with Joe all cuffed up and Niall with his bloody face, Niall went straight to the car, " how are you doing? " " never been better " his face lit up instantly, " so um Niall how did you find me? " " well the story is--- "


                                                            Niall's p.o.v


     It was night time and I was thirsty so I had to get up and get water, I saw Harry holding Haley on his shoulder? he was looking from left to right, so I hid under the counter, he went outside to his car and I followed behind him closely, until he stopped at a far away house, got out and held Haley and talked to a strange man with weird tattoo's he was about to give him Haley but before he did he kissed her, really? like seriously why does everyone have to love her, and I just can never have a chance.

     Then after he gave him Haley that man gave Harry his mom, oh shit so he did that just to get his mom, why the hell did that guy even want Haley?.

     Harry went home, so did I as soon as I opened the door I ran up to my room and opened my laptop, and Googled that guys address, yes I memorized it, and I found that it is owned by a guy named Joe Summers huh? weird, it said that he is a gang master and has been arrested for a lot of things but always got bailed out, I scrolled down just to find something that can relate him to Haley, and yes I did find something, he used to go to school with her and Janny? but the problem is he was Janny's boyfriend.

     But I didn't tell her about the Harry part I just told her this " well the story is, it was before you were taken in a week there was a guy who used to stand in front of our house every single day, I have seen him before but I couldn't figure out where, and then after you were taken in a couple of days I found a newspaper that had his picture on it and read the name Joe Summers, so I Googled him, and thought that maybe he knew you from somewhere because he used to be in front of the house everyday so yeah I found something and that he was in the same high school as you, and then I traced where he lives and found you " she just nodded " but what are we going to tell the others? " she asked " well we could tell them that you were away to see your aunt, and your father, and there is a suitcase in the backseat " I said " oh, but I can't just like leave without telling them " " you'll say that you left a note but you guess they didn't see it " she nodded again, and the whole ride was silent.


                                                  Haley's p.o.v

     When I stepped into the house I was smudged with hugs but Zayn was the first and he was smothering me and taking my breath away but I didn't mind I'm just glad I'm back, and then everyone else hugged me and kissed me and asked about why I left without saying anything, " well I left a note, and I'm so sorry I didn't tell you guys face to face but I was in a hurry so um yeah " they all nodded understandingly.

     I was in my room until there was a knock on my door I said come in, it was Harry " hey how are you doing? " " I'm great why the question, it's not like I've been kidnapped or something? right hahahah " I tried to make it less awkward, but his face turned white as a sheet, why the hell he turned like that? " well I don't know I just said that, and uhm yeah dinner is ready " he said in a fast way and rushed out the door.



                                              THE DAY OF THE DATE

       Today I was going on the first official date with Zayn yaaaayyyy I'm so happy and excited and I've got Janny, and Jennifer to help me, once they were done I was speechless.








       As I walk down the stairs all eyes are on me and it is good kind of attention, not until Louis whistles hahaha he is such a child, when I'm finally down Zayn takes my hand and whispers in my ear " ready for the best night of your life? " I giggled as we said our goodbyes and went on with the date.

      We reached to a soccer field? what the hell?, well it's something like that I don't honestly know what field it is ( sorry I don't know how to separate between these things ) there laid a small blanket with a basket on it, and there was slow music but I don't know where that came from.

      Zayn tugged at my arm indicating for me to sit at the blanket, I was so amazed by it the view actually took my breath, we laid there both of us together looking up at the stars " the stars are very beautiful you know " I said looking at the sky and then at Zayn but he was already looking at me and smiling, " well you know there is something more beautiful than the stars " " oh really what? " " YOU " I turned bright red, and turned my face, " aww someone's blushing " Zayn teased i just playfully slapped his shoulder which made him laugh, oh god his laugh is so adorable.

        After a while I felt like an earthquake is going to happen the ground was shaking rapidly, what the fuck, I got up real quickly " what the fuck Zayn? come on get up we have to like hide under something it's a fucking earthquake " I screamed but Zayn laughed real hard and told me to sit down " how the hell could you be so calm? " still yelling, " the airplane is taking off it's not a fucking earthquake just look up " and pointed to the sky, and the plane just flew above us, god I'm an idiot, " oh, I never thought it could be a plane " Zayn laughed even harder " you're really cute when you're scared " I just frowned " and even cuter when you're made " and he got closer to me, and then closer, and closer, then BOOM he connected our lips together, I've been waiting for this moment since like forever, I know I have kissed him before, but this time it's different, it's special, it's unique, it's indescribable, it was just perfect.

       When we finally separated we both smiled and caught our breath " do you know why I brought you to this place? " asked Zayn " because you like soccer? " I tried to be a smarty pants, he chuckled of course but shook his head no " then why? " I got curious " because I used to come here with my dad every weekend to just clear our minds and get out of the real world for a few hours, we used to love the wind blowing and the sound of the planes taking off, and the EARTHQUAKES " he stared directly at me when he said earthquakes, I just rolled my eyes and he continued " and I wanted to share this place with you, because I love you Haley I know we haven't known each other for a long time, but you just put a spell on me " my smile grew bigger as those words came out of his mouth, and I kissed him again I just couldn't help it I had to.

   We were walking home, it wasn't that far from the house, and it was a cool night we were holding hands and he was singing to me, I put my head on his shoulder and let him sing " I love you too Zayn " I can see his smile while he's singing, I just do love him.

    We are back at the house we kissed each other goodnight before we entered the house, and then we said hello to everyone and then goodnight to everyone, I went in my room changed into my pajamas, and went straight to bed, today was just perfect.





       I hope you guys liked it, and sorry that I haven't updated much today but it's because I wrote this chapter and the my laptop got stuck and everything was erased so yeah I had to write it all over again and it took me ages, so yeah and please like, favorite, and comment, thank you guys for reading

    Xoxo Hanady 

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